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Sat. Nov.27 to Fri. Dec. 3- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a busy day. We met up with the other Posse members at the Sundial Recreation Center, for the yearly Craft Fair. In the past, during the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, between 6,000 and 10,000 people go through this fair. It covers 2 large buildings and the walkway between the two buildings. It was not held last year, of course. We wore our masks the entire time. We were on walking patrol from 8 to 11:30.

At 11, we were asked to keep people from walking in front of the video cameras. The video department was recording the Ukulele concert. That was a fun concert! We knew several people in the band. There are a lot of stupid people who really wanted to walk in front of the cameras! There are 150 members of the band, not all were here today.

The players
Santa and Mrs. Clause dancing to the music

We ate lunch there from the food trucks. We were given $10 coupons, which paid for each of our lunches.

 At 4:30, we had a Zoom with Mary, Jackie, and Dr. Bob. This was the first time in months!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. Fry’s was less busy this morning as was Walmart. I continued with laundry and Bob worked on building his work bench.

Monday- I attended my morning Diamond Painting workshop.  We had Parker and Son electric company come to give us an estimate on how much it cost to install our new light over our dining room table.

In the afternoon, I attended my advanced card making class. I was not interested in making the project, so I just finished up some cards that I have been making.

We had a quiet evening. We are currently on Season 7 of The Good Witch. It is the last season of the show.

Tuesday- A worker from Mr. Electric came and gave us an estimate on the light. It was $100 less expensive and he could do it right then, so we had him install the light.

The new light and Christmas decorations

I worked on some cards. Bob is still working on his workbench.

I had my hair appointment at 10. Then I had a “simplified calligraphy class” at 1 pm. It was so much easier!

At 3:45 I had an appointment with the Doctor. He changed my medication and I am on the list for the Neurogenics treatment, but they are waiting for a chair to arrive. Its possibly floating around the ocean off of Los Angeles harbor, sigh. I now have the neuropathy in both feet. I had always thought I would have arthritis in both feet, not the neuropathy!

At 6, we had the first meeting of the Sun City RV Club. There were about 50 people attending( we wore our masks). It was interesting. They introduced all the new members, us included. It ended around 7.

Wednesday-It was bug spray day. I stayed home waiting for the bug guy.  Bob went to Lowes to pick up wood and other supplies. Desert Rose Epoxy Company arrived, just as Bob returned home. They gave us our second Epoxy estimate. It was over $100 more than the other company.

At 12:10 I had my Card Embroidery class Christmas party. We had a great time. One gal brought wine. There was a lot of laughing and teasing.

At 3, I had my nail appointment. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- Our Posse morning. We only had 12 vacation watches. Only one couple were home. We had a quiet morning.

At 1, I played Ponytail Canasta. My partner, Debbie, and I lost by 100 points. We had been 2,000 points behind, so we almost caught up.  Bob is still working on his work bench. He painted the wall where it is going.

We finished Season 7 of The Good Witch and finished the last season of Goliath on Amazon Prime.

Friday- Bob ran some errands, then he took Koda to her training class. There are 2 more sessions, then she should move to Manners 3. Once she passes Manners 3, she can go into training to be an emotional support dog, at hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living.

I was supposed to have my last HBO session at 1, but Jose called. He is home sick; he thinks he may have Covid, so he was cancelling my session. Hopefully he will test negative and I can have my next treatment next week.  I did not have a treatment last week, so I should not be infected.

At 3, Barbara and I went to IR to submit a Petition for them to do something about our next door neighbor. That was a run around. They are really not interested, but I insisted on submitting the petition. They asked if she has a gun and had threatened herself or us. No, she just set a fire! Sigh…I am sure the petition will be denied. I tried calling at the 3 hours they told me to call, but I could only leave a message.

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