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Sat. Nov. 20 to Fri. Nov. 26- Sun City

Saturday- Bob continues to do really well since his surgery. He says it hurts less than before surgery. At 11, we met up with Mike, Linda, Allen, Donna, MaryAnne and Ray at the Lakeside Grill, sitting outside on the patio.

We had a great time catching up with our friends after such a long time! The food was good. The only downside was that it was sunny on the patio.

We stopped at Sprouts for brats and lamb chops on the way home. I worked on cards to day. Bob did some work around the condo. We both fell asleep on the recliners. We watched Goliath on Netflix. It’s the final season.

Sunday- We left really early to arrive at 7:40 at Frys. It was still super busy! We bought our few items and raced to Walmart, which actually was not as busy as Fry’s. We picked up the rest of the items we needed and returned home.

We moved the turkey from the freezer to the refrigerator to get it to defrost before we cook it on Thursday.  We had a quiet rest of the day, both falling asleep on the recliners again.

Monday- I had my diamond painting workshop. The teacher did a class last week, and unfortunately I missed it. I ran home afterwards, ate lunch and returned. Good thing I went early, as everyone else was ready to leave, but the monitor cannot be left alone in the craft rooms. It’s a Sun City rule, that there cannot be only one person in a shop.

Only 5 people showed up for the afternoon class. I guess it is the holiday week. I had to leave early as I had my next HBO treatment at 3. I was taken right in and was home by 4:15.

We are watching season 5 of the Good Witch on Netflix.

Tuesday- We had Posse this morning. We had 35 vacation watches, but there was a training session for a new person, so they took 8 of them. We found several folks had returned home and not let the Posse know, and several that we think are home, that we called to let them know we need to know if they are back in Sun City. We immediately had a medical call, but someone else took it for us. Good thing, as it might have taken quite a while. The person did not wake up this morning…..so the Posse person had to wait until the Sheriff’s office arrived and released the Posse members. The Sheriff always has to check at a death to make sure there wasn’t any issues with the death.

I took the car and went to my last Calligraphy class. Since I had paid for this class, I wanted to get everything out of it I could.

Bob was picked up by Uber, paid for by La Mesa RV, as they wanted our rig off the lot. We could not find a time that we could both be available. They had not called until after 11, that the rig was ready. So off Bob went.

Bob said that the Uber driver was doing 80 mph on I-101, and he was being passed like he was standing still. They arrived 10 minutes early. Whew, I was not happy to hear about the excess speed!  

My class ran later than usual, as we had missed last week’s class, because the teacher’s husband was in the hospital and not doing well. He was discharged this week and we were able to meet.

I met Bob outside the RV storage and gave him his ID card to get into the storage. We returned home, ate dinner, read and watched more of the Good Witch.

Wednesday- Whew a busy day for us. I monitored the Bell Craft room. This is my 4th time for the year, so I meet that criteria. I worked on diamond painting while I was monitoring.  I still need to monitor the Calligraphy room.

Bob did a lot of running around. He went to Costco, then to Kneaders to pick up rolls for tomorrow. His final stop was to pick up the pies for tomorrow. He returned home and ate lunch. I did not return home between monitoring and my 12:20 class. I finally finished the hard embroidery card that I have been doing.  It doesn’t look as hard as it was to do… it took me three weeks in class to get it finished.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! We put the turkey into the oven at 12:10 for the four hours it was supposed to cook. It was ready in 2.5 hours. Oh well, we kept it warm.

MaryAnne, Ray, Linda and Mike all arrived just before 4. We had a great time eating dinner. This was the first time we used the dining room table. It was only the second time we used the oven in the stove. We usually use the Breville.  

Friday- We had Posse again today. We did Division 2. We had 22 vacation watches and we had 3 medical calls.

We went to Total Beverage for Bob to purchase some beers that he wanted. The beers had just arrived. He dropped me off at Macy’s for the sale. The line was pretty long, but the prices were good.

We returned home to find that Koda had used Bob’s chair to get up on the kitchen counter. She ate the ½ of the pecan pie that was left. She started on the Dutch Apple, but she doesn’t like fruit. We know that she is going to be sick overnight!

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  1. Happy Holiday season to you


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