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Sat. Nov. 13 to Fri. Nov.19- Sun City

Saturday- We dropped off the RV at La Mesa RV, at 9AM, for the painting repair. We stopped in at the Sundial Rec. Center to check on some of the classes. Then I dropped Bob off at home. I went to one of the instructors houses for a card making supply sale. A woman from way out I-10, in Tonopah which is where Koda came from,  wanted to sell some of her supplies. She must have been a sales person for one of the craft companies, as she had a lot of sets of items. I purchased some dye cuts, cards, and envelopes. Her other items were very expensive.

I returned home and we had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual shopping and Sunday tasks. We had a quiet day.

Monday- We had Posse this morning. We had 18 Vacation Watches. Other than that it was very quiet until right as our shift was ending. We received a call to go to the Fairway Center for a person who fell. By the time we arrived, the Medic unit was there, as was the Fire Engine/Paramedic unit.

The next shift was sent to relieve us, but the call was over before they arrived.

We returned home, arriving just before 12. I ate a quick lunch and took off for my Greeting Card class. The actual teacher, who lives in Canada, had arrived back and we made two different cards. The room was much more busy than usually for this class.

At 3, I had my HBO treatment. I arrived back at 4:15, and we went to the Condo Happy Hour.

We ate a quick dinner, then we picked up Mary Ann and went to the Next Gen meeting. Note to self, skip this meeting every year! It was voting and a review of the Rules and Regulations. BORING! It ended at 7:30.

We returned home and went to bed.

Tuesday– We had the Posse Operations Meeting at 9. We returned home and I dropped off Bob. I had a gel manicure at 10:30, as my thin nails are peelling. My Calligraphy class was cancelled, as the instructor’s husband is in the hospital.

We went to the Best Friends Dog Club meeting. Again, it was elections. It went really quickly. Mary Ann ran for Vice President and she won.

At 2:55 Mary Ann picked us up and we went to a Next Gen social time at State 48 Brewery. There were 56 people signed up. We met up in the parking lot with Diane and Jim. We sat at a picnic table. Paul and Melinda joined us. We did not know them and it was nice meeting new people. They were glad to meet us also. We had a wonderful time. I had two Malibu Sunsets, my go-to drink when they do not have a wine I like. Bob had a flight of beer. So did Diane and Jim. Mary Ann had a rum and Pepsi. We all had dinner there. We arrived back at home to hysterical dogs, at 6:15. They thought we had forgotten them and they had not been fed.

Wednesday- I went to my HBO treatment at 9. When I returned, I shaved Bob’s hair. We both did tasks around the condo. We ate lunch and I left to go to my Card Embroidery class. I am doing a very hard card. Its turning out nicely, but I still need a lot of teaching to complete it.

I returned and the APS Investigator walked past the front window. She went around to the back to talk to our next door neighbor. I went over to Mary Ann’s patio to hear what was happening. It did not go well, just as we expected it would. So, I chased the gal down to her car. I spoke with her and asked for her business card.

In AZ, APS is not allowed to enter the home if not invited. Bob and Mary Ann showed up. Lorena Lewis, the APS Investigator stated that she cannot do anything, if the person refuses help. Their role seems to be the same as the Area Aging Agency, just to provide services.

She gave us the name and phone number of the company, which in Arizona, can do something about this type of situation. It is Recovery Innovation. So our next step in this process is to call them. We go to them and sign a form, giving the documentation that we have. The form will then be notarized. They then take the information to the court. The court will then decide what action to take, which can be nothing, or sending the RI folks to the home with the Sheriff. Lorena was pleased that our neighbor had caring people who are willing to follow through with this case.

Bob and I then left to go to Panera to meet up with the Volunteer Coordinator for Mission For Arizona. Then we returned home, got the dogs, and went to the Happy Hour on the Green. There were only 4 of us there. It was cool, so we left and returned home to eat dinner.

Thursday- This is Bob’s surgery day, so he cannot eat or drink until after surgery. I have to drop him off at noon. His surgery is at 1.

I have my Calligraphy Club meeting at 9. Bob dropped me off and went to Costco during the senior hours. I had to text him to pick me up a little bit later, as they did an orientation for the 3 of us new folks who were there.

He picked me up at 10:30 and we went to April’s house to check out her pies. I had ordered 2 pies, apple crumb and pecan. They are 9” deep dish pies for $8. April is the teacher for the simplified Calligraphy which is the next class I am taking on Nov. 30.

We returned home and I ate lunch. I dropped Bob off at 12:00 for his surgery. They would not let me stay. So I went to my 1 PM Ponytail Canasta, apologizing in advance to them as I may have to leave early. We played 1 game and by then I had received a text that Bob was in recovery, so the gals at the table started to play with 3 people. I was called and told the post-op directions for Bob. I picked him up at 2.

The surgeon found several small fatty tumors, in addition to the golf ball size one which was causing Bob all the pain. She said she took them all out. They gave him no pain medication. He has a dressing that he can removed in 24 hours and then can shower. There are steri strips over the incision line. They stay on until they fall off.

Bob was doing really well all evening. I picked up dinner from Chompie’s, as he wanted mac and cheese for dinner.

Friday- I had my HBO treatment scheduled for 8 AM. At 7:30 they called to cancel, as Jose, the tech, had called in sick. So we re-scheduled. I also made a follow up appointment with the Doc. I am going to switch to him, as I am very unhappy with my Nurse Practitioner. She had sent an order to decrease my thyroid medication. She never told me that she was sending it. She sent a 30 day supply to Caremark. We only do 90 day prescriptions through Caremark, as I would pay the same for 90 days. Thyroid is a very slow acting medication. If you make changes to the medication, it takes 60 to 90 days before you draw blood again. So giving me 30 days does not make sense. Also, I do not make changes to my Synthroid without talking to my Endocrinologist, as I had thyroid cancer, with surgery, so I do not have a thyroid. I found out about the decrease in the medication, from Caremark. I have still not seen my lab values. This is not the only issue I have had with her, so I am going to change doctors.

Bob is doing very well. He took Koda for her training class at 10:30. The trainer has suggested that once Koda finishes this class, she go into the class to be a hospital visiting dog, as she is so well behaved and so friendly. I had thought about this before, as she was an emotional support dog for her previous owner. She is a bit of a wild child, but she is very well behaved when out in public.

Bob took a nap in the afternoon.

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