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Sat. Oct. 30 to Fri. Nov. 5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I did the laundry. Bob worked on the patio scraping up glue. I went over and sat talking to Todd for about an hour. She had removed the old paint on 3 of the items we had gotten at Estate Sales, a long time ago. They had been just sitting in the dirt. She repainted. One she could not get very well. Here they are…

We picked up lunch from Good Cents and we fell asleep on the couch. We read our books in the afternoon. We fed and walked the dogs early, then we went to the Wood Shop Halloween Party. There were only 1 or 2 people who dressed for Halloween. The dinner was pizza from Pizza Hut. I has been a long time since we have had Pizza Hut pizza. The one back in Maryland was awful, so we had stopped ordering from then, as they either never delivered or they put so little on the pizza. These pizzas were really good, with lots of toppings! I had a slice of ham and pineapple and a slice of Supreme. Bob had a meat piece and a cheese piece. They had chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

Then we played Miniature Golf. You signed up for the golf rounds; they gave you a number, and that was the hole that you went to. Just as we arrived, they ran out of numbers, and had to get some more. I picked hole 5 and Bob picked hole 14. You then go and get in line to pick up your club and a ball. There were 5 in my group. All the women had colored balls, yellow, orange and mine was pink. The two men in our group both had white and brought their own putters. This was a great way to meet new people!

The course is in really good shape and was very difficult. One of the guys in our group had a hole in 1. He got some sort of prize for that. François and Bonnie also got a hole in 1. I think some people cheated and just went to holes with their friends, as there were some groups with 6 to 8 people, instead of the 5. That really did hold up the lines. Other than that, it was really fun! We did not keep score, so I don’t know who won. Bob’s group also did not keep score.

Sunday- We did our usual trips to Fry’s and Walmart. We also stopped at Target to see if we could get a small, rolling cooler for the concerts. Tonight is the last concert, except for the Veterans’ Day concert next week, which we are not attending. Bob will be working the concert with the Posse.

We were able to get a rolling cooler at Walmart, on sale!

We went to the Posse picnic. There were less people there than I would have expected. We sat with Mary Ann, Rocky and Meg (who is running for the RSCS Board). Guess I am voting for her.

They served hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and cookies. They had various games on the table. They also did throwing darts at balloons. Bob won the three times he played. He won three gift cards, $5 to McDonalds, $5 to Popeye’s which we will give away (Bob’s bell pepper allergy), and $5 to Safeway.

We returned home, relaxed reading for a while. Then we were off to the concert. We met up with our Next Gen friends. MaryAnne and Ray joined us. There was a mix up with the original band, who is very popular, and they were not there. There was a fill in band, The Summer of Love. They sang songs from the summer of 1967. We were not impressed. It was hard to dance to them. That was the last official concert of the summer. Next Sunday at 4, they have the Veterans Day concert, which is not a dance band. It is the military band and singers.

We had a very busy weekend!

Monday- Bob dropped me off at the Bell Center for my Diamond Painting class. Then he went and picked up the RV, leaving the car in the storage area, and driving to La Mesa RV in the western side of Phoenix.

We had noted on the driver’s side of the rig, that the paint was gone on some of the areas. We had taken the rig down to La Mesa last spring, but the gal who waited on us, was no longer there. She had never completed the paperwork to get the work done under warranty. The guy at La Mesa said this is an issue that is not covered under warranty. The repair is going to be $1300. They are going to replace the areas that have the issue with clear coat. We will drop off the RV on the 13th for the repair. They charged us $95 for the estimate. I think that is a rip off!

I worked on 3 cards that I still needed to complete. Bob was back and he picked me up at 11:20. I skipped my afternoon class and set up to start a large picture Diamond Painting. Bob worked on the patio.

At 4, we had the Condo, bi-weekly happy hour out in the parking lot. This one was the first one of the season. Some of the Canadians are back. These were the ones who flew in, who leave cars in their garages here. Of course, after 2 years, the cars would not run, they had leaking seals on their washing machines and dishwashers, and other issues. So they had a tough time getting started.

Tuesday- at 8 AM we dropped off the rig at the Mercedes dealer, about ½ a mile from the condo, but several miles from the storage area. This is for a recall.

At 9, we had the General Meeting for the Posse. We went directly from the Posse to my doctor’s appointment, which was very quick. We returned home and ate lunch.

At 1, I had my first Calligraphy class with Debbie. There were 4 people in the class. They were very glad that all of us joined the Calligraphy Club, as they have to have 50 members to keep the Calligraphy room. It was very hard, and we have homework! What I did find is that I was improving as I moved along with the letters. We had a quiet rest of the day.

Wednesday- the rug/tile/furniture cleaners arrived at 7. We are still using Jeff for our carpet cleaning, he is the guy who used to clean the Alfa at Paradise RV Park.

I left at 7:40 to go to my HBO treatment. I returned and since they were putting something on the tiles, we went across to Todd’s to hang out, taking the dogs with us. We chatted with Todd, Bonnie, Carol and Steve.

Todd and Steve were leaving for the metal shop, so we sat in our garage with the dogs. When I had returned from the HBO treatment, I just parked the car in the back parking lot. I read my book on my phone and Bob was on his phone. The dogs were of course in our laps.

I stuck my head in the door from the garage and looked at the stuff they put on the tile. I should have taken a picture. This is the first time it has been done. I could see the dirt coming up. Wow! We had no idea the tile was so dirty, even with being mopped!

They put something on the tiles, which should keep them clean. We had to be careful not to get any water on it for an hour or two. The tile looks brand new and is at least 3 shades whiter!

I had embroidery class with Linda in the afternoon. At 3, MaryAnne, Ray, Paula and Charlie arrived for a social time on our patio. That lasted until a little after 6.

Thursday- Posse day. We had 26 Vacation Watches. The DO was asked on the radio to call Base. Evidently, a daughter of a woman who was talking on the phone with her daughter, who is out of state. The daughter called the Posse. Dick, the DO, went to the home. He could not get an answer at the door, so he called 911. They arrived, and the Fire Department got the key out of the key box.

Most homes in Sun City have a key box that only the Fire Department can open. They install them (we had one on our condo when we moved in) and put the key into the box. As soon as we changed the keys, we had the fire department come and put the new key into the box. This is a free service.

Evidently this lady had never changed her key. They had to break in the front door, which they did so that it could be re-closed and locked, but would still need repair.

The woman was unconscious on the floor. She was transported to the hospital. Posse does not enter the homes. If we do, we do it with another person, and that is the DO, as we did a couple of weeks ago for the open garage door.

We completed our duty, returned home and changed out of our uniforms. I had Next Gen Ponytail Canasta with the ladies from 1-3. When I was leaving, I noted that Todd had a big box at her door, so I texted Bob to get it, as I thought that she was at the Metal Room. I stopped in there, as it is near the card room, but she was not there this afternoon. She was not home. Bob texted her and let her know it was in our garage.

I returned and picked up Bob. We went to the Mercedes dealer to pick up the rig. They actually did two recalls! Bob did not know about the second recall. All free, but we need new front tires, which we are obviously not going to purchase from the Mercedes dealer. We have a tire place that we use that does trucks.

Diane and Jim picked me up to go to the Democratic Club Meeting. Bob’s Astronomy Club meeting was moved from Tuesday to tonight, due to the elections on Tuesday. We did not have to vote, as they were for the schools, and we have not schools in Sun City, which means we do not pay taxes on schools!

Bob enjoyed his meeting on Zoom. It was something about light, and as an Engineer, he understood what they were talking about.

The speaker at the Democratic Club was very good. She spoke about Re-Districting. She explained about the committee who are making the changes, how the committee was formed and about the LBJ Voting Rights Act which the committee is supposed to follow.

Friday- We were off to the Vet with Roxie for her 9:30 appointment. She is doing great. Vet was happy with her weight and teeth. They drew her senior blood panel and gave her shots. We were out of there by 10. Bob dropped Roxie and me off at the condo and took Koda to her first training class at the Fairway Rec. Center. They have a covered area on one end of the building, with grass for the dog training. Bob said she was one of the better behaved dogs in the class. I complimented her on how good she was when she arrived home! Bob practiced “lay down” with her in the evening. She looked at him like he was crazy! She would just not lay down! Obviously she needs more training.

We left at a little past 5 to go to the Oakmont Rec. Center for the Next Gen Welcome Back Snowbirds party. They served hot dogs, buns, salad, potato salad, chips and cookies. The event was free. We had a great time sitting with Diane, Jim, Chuck, Jan and two new people whose names I cannot remember. They were Jan and Chuck’s guests and ended up joining the club. The party was held outdoors.

Chuck and Bob had the astronomy app going on their phones. They went out on the grass and watched the space station pass over. The guy who has been hesitant to join the Astronomy club (he’s an introvert), was there and joined them. Bob had seen him on Zoom last night. The guy said he might actually attend the meeting next month. I forgot my phone, so I did not get pictures.

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