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Sat. Nov. 6 to Fri. Nov. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I went for a massage at 9 AM. There was a mix up, and I only had a ½ hour massage. Oh well, it definitely helped my neck and back. We had a quiet day at home with me doing laundry and Bob doing tasks around the condo.

Sunday- We did our usual shopping in the morning, then our usual Sunday morning tasks. At 2, Bob did traffic for the Veterans Concert at the Sun Bowl with the Posse. They gave him pizza for dinner. I ate at home, after spending the afternoon watching Virgin River on Netflix. 

Monday- I had the Nurses Breakfast, which was very interesting. Since they lost their Tuesday morning spot at the restaurant, they lost a lot of members. But the added a lot of new faces.

The speakers were from the Nurses Honor Guard, who attend viewings and funerals for Nurses who pass away. One was a young male nurse, who had a Covid patient cough into his face. He died of the Covid. The staff at Banner Estrella Hospital were devastated, so the Nurse Honor Guard was called in to do a memorial service for the young nurse.

The Honor Guard uses a Florence Nightingale lamp during the service, and they give a lamp to the family. In this case, the lamp went to the hospital floor where the nurse had worked.

After I left, I stopped by the Diamond Painting class just to say hello. After lunch, I went to the Calligraphy center and one of the teachers gave a demonstration. She also bakes pies, so I have ordered two pies from her for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday- Barbara came to clean the condo. Mary Ann came over and Barbara, Bob, and I met to discuss what we could do about our next door neighbor who accidently set a fire on October 31. Barbara had pictures of the inside of her house. Mary Ann had been keeping a list of problems, and we started a list to send to Adult Protective Services. We are meeting again in the morning.

I went to Calligraphy at 1. At 6, Bob and I both attended a Zoom for data entry for Mission for Arizona which supports Democrats running for office.

Wednesday- Barbara and Mary Ann came over at 8:30. We finalize a document and I submitted the referral to Adult Protective Services. All three of us are listed. We are waiting for them to follow-up with us. The neighbor is not taking care of herself, she is a danger to herself and to the rest of us. She lives between Mary Ann and us.

Bob had monitoring to do at the Wood Shop. I had card embroidery class. At 5, we had the happy hour on the green. 

Thursday- Veterans Day– thank you to all of our Veterans! We had Posse this morning. We only had 11 Vacation Watches. We ended up taking medical calls for the poor guy doing Vacation Watches on Division 2, as he had 44 of them. The folks in Division 3 did some of his calls and the Duty Officer helped him also.

Bob dropped me off at Mahjongg in the afternoon and we played until 4. I caught at ride home with Jan and Diane.

Friday- We had our Delmaris HOA Meeting at the Posse building at 9:30. I rode with Mary Ann, as Bob was taking Koda to her class at 10:30.

Our Condo fee is going up $10 a month, which was not un-expected as everything is going up. No one complained, as we think many people thought it would be going up more. All of the discussion was about the landscaping. We have a new temporary landscaping chair person, as the last one resigned. Dave will be elected to the Board, at the January meeting.

I presented and am organizing, to have water recycling pumps placed on people’s water heaters. Our master bathrooms are all the way across the condo, and it takes at least 5 minutes of running our water to get hot water to the master bath. We had put in a pump after we fist moved in. Our water bill is joint and included in our HOA fee. But with the price of water going up, and Sun City lost a lawsuit against placing us with all the new homes, saving water is in our best interest, with the severe water shortage in our area.

The cost is $325, and I needed at least 5 condos to sign up. I had 10!

Mary Ann dropped me off, and in the afternoon I had labs drawn. As you can tell, we had a busy week!

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