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Sat. Oct. 23 to Fri. Oct. 29- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to Joanne’s to get ink for the Calligraphy pen that the instructor is going to give me. They did not have them, but I purchased a few other items. I was going to use my coupons, but everything was 50% off, so no need for the coupons.

Next we tried Hobby Lobby. They did not carry the correct ink either. We finally stopped at Staples and they had the right ink cartridges.

We returned home. Bob walked the dogs and I looked up some Estate Sales. We stopped by 5 of them and picked up a few items. Our floor lamp in the office area had broken and Bob found one at the last sale. Since it was ½ price day, we bought the new lamp for $3. It’s pretty cheap, but that is okay, it works.

Since we were south by this time, we continued south to the new Crepes Café. It was not in the shopping center we thought it was in, it was in the West Gate center, where we have never been before. The crepes were very good.

We returned home and took a short nap. I had a zoom at 2 PM.

Bob’s prescriptions were ready, so he ran to Walgreens to pick them up. I stayed home and started cooking the Jicama. I made Jicama baked fries. We thought they turned out very well. It was very easy to do. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Bob grilled some chicken. We had a quiet evening watching recorded shows.

Sunday- We ran to Fry’s and Walmart this morning. Prices are crazy, but the shelves are stocked. We returned and did our usual Sunday tasks. We had a lunch of leftovers and did tasks around the condo. At 4:45 we left for the concert at the Sun Bowl. We arrived and set up our chairs, keeping room for MaryAnne, Ray, her daughter Suzanne and son-in-law Steve, as our guests. They arrived a little bit later.

Seating was full this week, as the Canadians and more Snowbirds are back. We had some ice cream and ate our sandwiches for dinner. The band this week was Chad Freeman and the Redliners. Chad Freeman played with the Village People, so we expected some rock, but it was all country. We danced three times this week and it did not seem to bother my feet.

Monday- I went to my morning Diamond Painting class. Bob took up the carpeting on the patio. He found some damage to the concrete joints. We had received the estimate from Nicolas, so Bob emailed him letting him know about the damage to the joints, asking if he wanted to take a look at them to possibly make changes to the estimate.

I returned at 11:15 and we ate lunch at 11:30. Then we had to leave as Bob was monitoring at the Wood Shop. This was an issue, as I had my HBO treatment at 3 PM. I left and went to the office for the HBO treatment and Bob walked home from the Wood Shop, as his shift ended at 4, when the shop closes. I left my card making class early. We made a Teepee card.

I arrived home at about 4:30 and picked up Bob along the way. He was almost home. Bob had made the casserole for dinner, so we just popped it into the Breville oven. It was ready at a little past 6.

Tuesday- Bob had the Wood Shop monthly meeting at 8. I had a hair appointment at 9, so Bob left a little bit early and I met him at the garage door. I ran to Surprise, where I get my hair cut, arriving just on time. Kathy thought she had called me to let me know to be 15 minutes late, but she had left the message on someone else’s phone, as she never called me. Oh well!

I returned home and at 12:30 we both had Ophthalmologist appointments. Bob was taken back 1st, but I saw the Doctor first. The tech took pictures, then she took me to the second waiting room. Then she came and got me and took more pictures. That really worried me!

When I saw the Doc, he said everything was fine. Whew! I went and made our appointments for next year when Bob was being seen. He had no issues either. Both of us were dilated, so we drove straight home, very carefully! It took until dinner time for our eyes to get back to normal.

Wednesday- It was my monitoring morning at the Craft Room. This will be my third time. I have to do 4 times. I had spoken with the VP of the club to let her know I would not be able to make my 2 meetings, as they are held on Thursdays and that is my Posse day starting in November. She said she would put it on file, but she wanted to make sure that I make the Christmas party. I should be able to get there, as I can change tops at the Posse and have Bob drop me off.

Because I monitor until 12, and I had to be back at 12:10 for my card embroidery class, I took my lunch with me. Bob picked me up at 2:00, on the way to his appointment at the Neurologist. The Neurologist decided Bob no longer need to see him. We had to return home and drop Bob off.  I had my appointment with the Orthopedic Doc at 4:15. Basically, he said he has no idea what to do for my foot. Oh well.

Thursday- I had my HBO treatment at 8, so I hit the road early. During the treatment I could feel a warmth in my left lower leg and foot. I am hoping that was a positive sign!

I returned home and we went to the Dentist at 10. Neither of us had any issues.

Both of us have heard from the Dermatologist office and all biopsies were okay. We ran to Costco, for a few items and gas. Gas was $3.39/gal. Costco was mobbed. I really prefer going on the Senior Tues and Thurs, at 9 AM.

We returned home, ate lunch, and Diane picked me up to go to Mahjongg. I had a great time, winning 2 x. Meanwhile, Bob went to the RV to find out heavy bike locks. We had looked all over for them.

Friday- We had Posse patrol this morning. We had 22 vacation watches. I walked many of them, and regretted it later. My right foot hurt, a lot, all evening. There was a homeless man who was outside a Sun City apartment building. The people at the building kept calling 911, as he did look pretty pitiful. But it is not illegal to be homeless. It is illegal to trespass, which he was doing. The fire and EMT’s told him to move along. We checked on him again. Then we had to go again, as someone else had called about him. He had refused water from 911 personnel and from us. The next time we passed him, we again, asked if he was okay, and if he wanted a bottle of water. This time he did take the water.

At 1, we were at Albertsons for our Pfizer booster shots. Bob had made the appointments for 1:00 and 1:15. We were both out of there before 1:15.

Bob dropped me back at home, while he went to the wood shop to change his next date for monitoring. We took a nap and had a quiet evening. We ordered shrimp tacos from Senior Taco, which Bob picked up. That is their Friday night special.

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