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Sat. Oct. 16 to Fri. Oct. 22- Sun city AZ

Saturday- We put on our uniforms and left to be at the Posse a little after 8 AM. It was an open house for the Posse, with the Fire Department joining. MCSO (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) was supposed to join us, with their helicopter, but one of the officers was killed, so they did not attend. The Fire Truck had to leave early because of so many calls. Some people went through, but it was not the crowds they were anticipating. A number of people who came through put in applications to become volunteers. That is a positive thing!

We had a lunch afterwards with sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, potato salad and cookies, all from Fry’s. At the lunch table, Gene who is the uniform store guy and his wife Pricilla sat with us.  Pricilla asked Bob about his BAHA. Of course she had never heard of a BAHA. It turns out, that her brother was born without an ear, and Bob was the first other person she had ever met who had the same congenital defect. Bob told her all about the BAHA and the surgery. She was going home and calling her brother, as she does not think he is aware of the BAHA. She is also going to tell Gene’s brother about it, as he is profoundly deaf.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon at home. After dinner, Bob went to an astronomy event for International Observe the Moon Day. He took pictures with his cell phone, then took pictures using someone’s 10” diameter telescope.

There were over 100 people attending this desert event.

Sunday- We did our usual run to Fry’s and Walmart, really early today. We returned home, did our financial stuff, and cleaned up a bit. I put out last week’s blog. We ate lunch.

At 1, MaryAnne and Ray arrived. Then Paula and Charlie. We had some snacks, then a birthday cake and ice cream for Charlie’s birthday this week. His kids are coming next weekend, so we won’t see them then.

We solved the world problems, then Paula and Charlie toured the condo, which they had not seen. They left about 4:45. We did not go to the concert tonight as we were tired.

Monday- I had my Diamond Painting workshop this morning. Bob dropped me off and went to the motor home, in the storage area, to try out a board that he is inserting to keep the mattress in place on the Murphy bed. It worked, so he brought it home to sand it and to apply varnish.

He picked me up at 11:15, and we ate lunch. Bob dropped me back off, and ran some errands. I had my afternoon card making class. We learned a new card. I made these two.

Bob picked me up at 2:30 and we returned home. I unpacked my card items and Bob went back to finish sanding. We ate dinner, then went to the Next Gen meeting. We forgot to make reservations, so they reminded us. Reservations, online, are requested because they need the numbers attending for RSCS (Recreation Sun City Services). We really need to remember to check the website every week. Had we done so, we would have known to bring nickels so we could have played the nickels game they had scheduled after the meeting.

Tuesday- Bob had Posse patrol this morning. I dropped him off and returned home. I returned for the 9 AM Operations meeting. I returned home and worked on a few projects. I returned at 11:15 to pick up Bob. We came home, ate lunch and waited for the next guy who was coming to give us an estimate, at 12:30. He arrived at 12:55. 1 point against him right there! Then he said he could not do the entire job, so we sent him rapidly on his way. We still do not have written estimates from the 2 other companies. So now we have to start on another list.

We left at 1:10 to go to the Best Friends Dog Club meeting at the Fairway Rec. Ctr. We arrived and explained that we had to leave early because I had a Doctor appointment. We were able to sign Koda up for a Level 2 Manners class. We wanted the agility class, but they are on Thursday, and that is our Posse day starting in November.

We left and now had some time to kill, so we walked into the Library. We both found a book. Then we went to my appointment with the Doctor for the Neuragenex evaluation. We arrived early and were taken into a room, by about 2:20 for my 2:30 appointment. Then we waited until 3:20 for the Doc. He came in apologizing, for keeping us waiting.

He did a quick physical and checked my meds and allergies. Then we discussed the treatment. I had given him a copy of the EMG from last year, as he is not in the same local medical group. I really liked the Doc.

He talked about the Neuragenex treatments, and said that he had been skeptical when they first were told about the machine. He says that they have seen results and he has been impressed. He also wants me to do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO), first. The Neuragenex is covered by the insurance, but the HBO is not covered. The price was reasonable, so I am going to do 10, 1 hour, treatments. The Doc also took us over to the machine and showed it to us. I am claustrophobic, but I think I will be able to do this treatment. It is not as confining as an MRI machine.

We came home, ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- We both had Dermatology appointments at 9:50. Bob went first and had two biopsies and a lot of spraying. I had one biopsy, and only 1 spray. We went to Lowe’s and purchased two lights.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my afternoon embroidery card class.

I was able to finish the teaching circle that Linda had me working on to learn how to do certain stiches. Because I had embroidered for years, I only needed to learn how to do a circle.

At 5:30, we went to the happy hour on the green here at the condo. There were 12 people there. The dogs enjoyed seeing their canine buddies! We enjoyed seeing folks we have not seen so far this fall also!

Thursday- Bob had Posse traffic this morning. He was helping with the traffic at the Pickle Ball Tournament. Sun City has the most Pickle Ball courts in the country! The tournament was held at the Marionette Recreation Center, which is north of us. I dropped Bob off, returned home, and at 7:40, left for my HBO treatment.

I did fine with the treatment. There is plenty of room in the machine, so my claustrophobia did not kick in. I cleaned out pictures in my phone, listened to an audio book and basically relaxed for the hour. The hardest part is getting in and out of the machine.

I ran to Costco and was actually able to get a package of paper towels. That should last us at least a year, as that is only the second package we have purchased while living in the condo. I also picked up navel oranges, apples, and Propel.

I stopped in at the Sundial Recreation Center, as the Calligraphy group was having an open house. Linda was there. I joined the group and am going to take a 4 session Calligraphy class.

Then I stopped at the weekly Farmers Market. I only purchased some Jicama (the crisp, white-fleshed, edible tuber of a Central American climbing plant of the pea family (Pachyrhizus erosus, family Leguminosae ), cultivated since pre-Columbian times and used especially in Mexican cooking.) Dad used to bring them home when he traveled to Texas in the winter.

From there I went to Walmart to pick up Bob’s prescription and two tomatoes for our lunch sandwiches.

I returned home and put away everything. I finished just in time to go pick Bob up at the Marionette Center. I returned home and we ate lunch.

I went to the Bell Center to play Ponytail Canasta with the Next Gen ladies. There were 4 tables of players. I had a great time with lots of laughter. Patty was my partner and we lost by 50 points. Not bad, as we are both new to the game. I had played in Colorado, years ago. I had tried playing at Paradise, but they were cut throat, and it was not fun.

I returned home and we had a quiet evening. We BBQ’d some ribs for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Friday- We had another person come to do an estimate on the patio. We freaked when he gave us a top of his head estimate. It was very high. We were impressed with him, so we are working with him on the price. He is supposed to send a written estimate this weekend. We will see…

We ran to Floor and Décor to look at tiles. I found one that we think would work, but I want to look around some more. The tiles are for against the building.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my next HBO treatment. I took along my iPad and read a book. I fell asleep in the machine! The tech had to wake me up when the session ended.

I picked Bob up and we stopped at Dairy Queen for two small chocolate cones. Mine was free, as I had a free one on the app. We ran to Lowes to get another light, but this Lowes did not have any. Then we were off to Walgreens. They had denied Bob’s Vitamin B 12 prescription. He had called them, but this time he went in to the store. The Doc had sent a new prescription to them, but for some reason they had not sent the correct prescription request to Caremark. So Caremark had denied the medicine. Bob said there were a lot of people in line for booster shots. He did get the issue corrected, and we can pick up the prescription tomorrow.

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

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