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Sat. Oct. 9 to Fri. Oct. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I had a massage scheduled for 9AM at the Bell Center, which is the closest recreation center to us. There is a new gal doing the massages, as there were two ladies and one had quit. So this is my birthday massage from September. It felt so good, and she really stretched me out.

That was the highlight of the day. We did nothing interesting the rest of the day. I did half the laundry.

Sunday- We were off early to Fry’s then Walmart for groceries. Do I need to tell you we are paying a lot more for groceries? About half again what we were paying just a few years ago. I only had one coupon also!

The door to into the garage broke. So Bob went to look for parts at Ace Hardware. They did not have what he wanted. When he returned, I was in the garage, taking laundry from washer to dryer, when the car lit up. Hmmm, that was odd, so I went and got Bob. He read the manual and played with the car, and could not find anything wrong, other than a red light was on, in the dash. Finally, he found that the light was supposed to be one. We have no idea, what was going on….

We left at 4:40 to go to the Sun Bowl for this week’s concert. We sat with the Next Gen folks. The band was Faded Jeans. Evidently they are a Sun City favorite. We actually liked the band last week better, but these guys were good also. Bob and I slow danced one dance, and then went into a fast dance. My feet did not bother me, but I did not want to overdo…I have been wearing the boot at home, and the wrap when I go out.

Faded Jeans at Sunbowl

Monday- Bob dropped me off at the Craft Room and he went to the Garden Club to see about getting a spot to garden.  He found that it would cost about $150. Not worth the money. He also stopped and picked up a few items. He was not having a good day, as he did not sleep well last night, so he returned home, picked me up at 11:25, ate lunch and took a nap.

My morning class was a diamond painting class. We made a few cards, which were really fun to make, using up left over diamonds.

After lunch my class was just regular card making, and there was not an actual class today. I had taken some partially finished cards with me and I finished them up. 

I arrived home early, so we went to JoAnne’s and Costco. JoAnne’s was a mad house. I had to wait in a pretty long line, but I bought everything I was looking for…Costco was much better, and we buzzed right through. We did stop on the way in to get gas, $3.15/gal.

We returned home and had a quiet evening. We are now going to bed at 9 pm, so that we are always on Posse time.

Tuesday- Bob had Posse this morning so we were up early. I dropped him off and returned. I read the local Sun City newspaper and saw that the Retired Nurses Breakfast was listed as the second Monday. I was dressed and ready to go there today. Hmmm, so I texted the gal who is assigned to get my RSVP. She called me. Yes, the breakfast is moved to Monday. She assumed that I knew that the day had changed. OOPS; they had lost the second Tuesday time slot to someone else, during the pandemic, and it is now the second Monday of the month. Oh well, there is always next month.

I picked Bob up at 11:45. We returned home and ate lunch. Bob went to the Wood Shop to sign up to monitor. Just as he was leaving, Barbara, the lady who cleans everyone’s condo arrived to clean ours. She is very inexpensive, so we are using her 1x a month.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Wednesday- I was monitoring at the Craft Room this morning; I had to be there at 8:45. Bob was cleaning and repainting the shelfs where the washer detergent is kept in the garage.

The gal who had signed up to orient me had erased all of her Wednesdays. I did not get the story, but evidently something upset her. Linda, who teaches the card embroidery class, came in and oriented me. 

She also had a task she needed to complete. So after she showed me how to open up the room, we proceeded to spend until 10:30 sorting fliers for the Fall Craft Show which is on for this year. It is always the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and is a huge undertaking. I have attended every year we have been here, except for last year when it was cancelled. I am really looking forward to it this year. No, I will not be selling there this year, but hopefully next year. The craft room found that they had to put a “membership in good standing for at least 6 months” into the rules, because people would join, just to sell and not to be active members. When I am monitoring, and someone wants to buy something in the craft room, I have to check the money for counterfeit bills. Seriously!

Once we completed the sorting task, I was able to start working on a craft I brought with me. I can work on small projects at the desk, as monitoring is pretty boring.  I was relieved at 11:45, so I ran home, ate lunch, and Bob drove me back to the craft room for my afternoon, card embroidery class. I had chosen a project that looked simple, but turned out not to be. Linda had to help me with the project. I only finished one half of the project and I am going to wait until next week to complete the rest.

Bob picked me up and we returned home. At a little past 4, we left for the Fairway Recreation Center for the Best Friends Dog Club. We signed up for the year. Then we went to sign up Koda for a class. We had not known that we needed to have her rabies vaccination record there to sign her up. So we paid our membership, but have to return on Tuesday to sign her up for a class. The classes are $60 for 7 weeks.

We returned home, ate leftovers and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- Bob had an appointment with the surgeon for his arm at 9 AM. I have an 11:00 Craft Club meeting. This is the monthly meeting and I have to attend 2 a year.  Bob wanted me to go to the surgeon appointment with him. We arrived and they made me stay in the waiting room. Bob went in and it took a while for the Doc to find his lump; then she did. Bob said she felt it all around and he was pretty sore afterwards. We are trying to schedule outpatient surgery for early November. We were going to Lake Havasu, AZ, with the Roadrunners, but we may have to cancel that. That leaves that week open for his surgery. We are hoping to schedule next week.

I ran to the meeting. They introduced me, as I was a new member. The club president is stuck in Canada, so the VP ran the meeting. It lasted until 11:50. I raced home and picked up Bob. Then we went to Chompies, at the mall, to meet up with Ray, MaryAnne, Paula and Charlie. (The other Gray’s). 

We met up with them in the outdoor seating. They had ordered, so we checked in and ordered also. We sat there talking until almost 2 pm. Paula and Charlie are staying at an RV park up I-17 for a month. The parks around us have gotten so expensive. They are visiting with us and other friends. We had a great time visiting!

We left and went to Total Beverage. Then home again. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- I was monitoring again in the morning. I have to monitor 4x in a year, so I am trying to get this year out of the way. Plus I was needed. Bob had to go to the Cardiologist, for him to clear Bob for surgery, before they will schedule his surgery. Bob picked me up at 11:45, and we ran home. I took off for the Posse Ladies Lunch at the Palmbrook County Club. We had a nice lunch at this very nice restaurant. I had a really good Honey Walnut Chicken Salad.

Bob meanwhile, cleaned the patio and did some other chores around the house.

I returned home and we had a quiet evening at home. BTW, the weather has been beautiful. We had a couple of cool mornings, then the weather went back into the 80’s.   

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