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Sat. Sept. 26 to Fri. Oct. 1- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the RV storage and washed the rig. That took us about an hour and a half. It was pretty dirty. It is going to rain, but we wanted to get the road dirt off the rig. Bob will go back some-time soon to wax the rig.

We returned and continued putting items away in the condo. We had also taken some of the items we washed back to the rig.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping at Walmart. We found that they were missing a number of items, the most important being low fat cheddar and pumpkin, for the dogs. So we went to Target for those. They carry the cheddar, but no pumpkin. So we went to Sprouts and found the pumpkin. There is going to be a pumpkin shortage for Thanksgiving, so we are trying to stock up for the dogs.

We returned and put the items into the refrigerator. Bob then ran to Safeway to pick up Marsala cooking wine. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday- I had a Diamond Painting class in the morning. Here is the card I made in class. There are several of these types of cards. I will be sending them to my elderly cousins, who are not on Facebook.

Bob did some tasks around the condo. In the afternoon, I had a Greeting Card class. Bob dropped me off and went to the Wood Shop to sign up for the orientation this Saturday. Then he went to the metal shop for a pole for our spinner. Here are the cards I made in the afternoon class.

He picked me up after class. The Sun Center is only about ¾ mile away, but it is a busy traffic area, so we do not ride our bikes over there.

Tuesday- I had an appointment in Scottsdale with a place that does neuropathy care. I am having a lot of pain for my left foot, secondary to my surgery on the left ankle January 2020. It turned out to be a Chiropractor office and it was definitely not going to help my issue. So I called another place and made an appointment where I think that insurance will cover the treatment.

Wednesday- It was an early morning. We went to the Posse to do Vacation Watches. We completed 40 of the Vacation Watches. Bob had downloaded a delivery route app. It was a learning experience. We had to work our way through learning how to use the app. So it took a little bit longer than we thought. That’s okay, we think it is going to work well. We found several people home, who had forgotten to notify us they were home.

I rushed home after duty, changed clothes, ate lunch and went to an Embroidery Card class. Since it was the 5th Wed. of the month, the teacher offered a class in what she called “paste cards”. I made four of them. Here they are…

Thursday- We had a quiet morning scheduled, so we did a lot of tasks around the condo, including calling landscapers to do our patio. We have two out of three scheduled to give us estimates.  Bob had an appointment to have our oil changed in the Highlander, so he went there after lunch.

Friday- Posse Vacation Watches again. We were at the Posse at 5:45 AM. On Wednesday, Bob had tried a delivery route app. It was a learning experience. We used it again today and it worked a lot better for us. We plan to continue to use it when doing Vacation Watches.

My right foot is really having an issue. This is not the foot that I had the surgery on in 2020. The right foot has a bone, at the bottom of the great toe, which is popping out of alignment. As you can imagine that is very painful. So Bob did all the walking. I drove and did the paperwork. I tried to get an appt. with the Doc, but could not get one. I have requested one and left a message for his assistant. I am taping the foot to try to keep the bone in align. I did not sleep well last night.

Once we arrived home I iced the foot and re-taped it. I also put on the “boot” I had from last November. That seemed to help some…

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