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Sat. Sept. 18 to Fri. Sept. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were exhausted and decided to just keep putting items away in the condo and doing laundry. We took a nap in the afternoon. We ordered Chinese for dinner. Nothing exciting.

Sunday- We were off to Frys and Walmart for groceries. Our refrigerator looked very empty! We returned home, put away the groceries and went to get the RV. We brought it over to the condo and cleaned the inside of the rig. That took just about an hour.

We ate lunch and returned the rig to storage, stopping on the way in to dump the tanks. We went to In n’ Out burger for National Cheeseburger day. We each had one of their great burgers. We returned home and waited for Ray and MaryAnne to arrive. They stopped by to pick up some grape juice that MaryAnne wanted from the Finger Lakes. This was their first time in the condo, as MaryAnne has an autoimmune disease and cannot get the vaccination. She came through double masked.

We took a nap and had leftovers for dinner.

Monday- I had a mani/pedi scheduled for 10 AM. I went to the salon. They apologized, but there had been a car accident that had tied up traffic and they were running behind. Could I return in an hour?

I left and went to the Bell Center to the craft room. Due to Covid, the room had been closed until after we had left last spring. I toured the facility and received the paperwork. I saw some items the ladies were working on which were really cool!

I returned and had my mani/pedi, then I back home. We ate lunch and went to the Posse to meet with Tina, at 12:30, for a refresher course. It was only 1 hour, but she went over the changes made during the summer. The biggest one was that they moved from 2 divisions to 3.  So we received new maps. They also stopped the Patrol volunteers from doing the Grand Avenue office, until November when most people are back, because they are short staffed.

We stopped at the batteries store and picked up some new batteries for the living room ceiling light and fan. We ran to the storage unit to get a couple of items out of the rig. Then we stopped at the PO to drop off some items to mail.

We stopped at Ace Hardware for Bob to pick up an item. We returned home and did some more putting stuff away. We had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- at 9 am, we had the Posse Operations Meeting. We were welcomed back. Our Division Lieutenant welcomed back the “birds’ flying south including the Gray birds. The way he said it was funny

At 1, I had a hair appointment. Finally, I was able to get my hair cut! Bob went with me, as I was going to drop him off at the Laundromat in the same shopping center. We arrived and the Laundromat had new owners and was having their grand opening on Thursday. So they were not open. So Bob dropped me off at the hair salon and he went to Harbor Freight, which is just a short way down the shopping center.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- I was out the door at 8:30, in uniform going to the Posse. I was scheduled to do the “Board” who meets with potential members to meet them and review their qualifications. It was fun and easy. There were 2 support service applicants and 2 patrol applicants. We were done by 11.

Bob had a doctor’s appointment at 1. He is changing doctors to the Doc at the Village Medical in the Walgreens just north of us. He is in the same practice, and the Doc that we both talked to when we had Covid. He like this Doc.

I have been working on some Ancestry again. I had a lot of hints, so there is a lot of catching up to do.

Thursday- I had my Doc appt. I am changing doctors also, as my doc moved to Scottsdale. I chose a FNP at the same location, so she is overseen by Bob’s Doctor. It was a good meeting.

I stopped at Bash’s grocery store to pick up a few items we had forgotten. We ate lunch. At 1, I had orientation at the Craft Room. To be a member, you have to monitor 4x a year, so I have 4x to get in, before December 1, so that I can attend the Christmas Party. This took about 1 ½ hours, as we talked a lot. The gal who was supposed to do the orientation, had to call 911 for her husband, so she had called a substitute. The sub had not done it for a while, so she had to go a little bit slower to try to remember everything. She had a list, but wanted to expand on items.

I picked Bob up and we went to Total Beverage and then to Costco. We ate dinner and watched some TV. The repaired item for the bed arrived, so Bob had to take apart the bed and put it back together again.

We went to bed at 9, instead of 10.

Friday- We were up early to head over to the Posse. We did just 20 Vacation Watches today. We wanted to take it slowly, as this was our first day back. Starting next week, we will do 40 each time.

We were done about 9 AM, so we returned to the condo. We saw Smitty’s bike in front of Mary Ann’s back door, so we walked over. Carol was also there. We chatted until about 10 AM, then returned home. We changed out of our uniforms and read until lunch.

Bob took the RV duvet to the Laundromat and I cooked some low calorie chocolate muffins. At 3:30, we went to happy hour over at Diane and Jim’s. Just the 4 of us. Bob gave Jim a beer, and Bob drank some of Jim’s beer. We had a great time visiting and returned home after 6, to the dismay of the dogs who like to have their dinner on time!

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