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Sat. Sept. 11 Granite City IL to Fri. Sept. 17- Sun City AZ

Saturday- moving day. We left around 8:45 and drove out to I-70. We drove thru St. Louis, taking I-44 west. We drove to Springfield Mo. We arrived at the Elks Lodge at about 2:30, to spend the night. We have 30 amp electric behind the Lodge. It was in the high 80’s with high humidity, so we stayed inside. There was nothing going on at the Lodge.

Sunday- moving day- We left Springfield and continued west taking I-44. We spent the night at a BW in Granite City, OK, just east of Oklahoma City.  We stayed in the driveway of a beautiful home in a very upscale neighborhood. The home had 50 amp service, as they had put in an outside socket to allow friends and BW members to stay overnight. We were their third BW. The home is located on 2 acres of land and it was very quiet. We could not get satellite, due to the house blocking us to the southwest. We could get over 60 “over-the-air stations”. We were able to run the dogs on their property.

Monday- moving day. We drove west towards OK City, turning south on I-35, then west on I-70. We will continued west on I-70 to Arizona. With the time change, we arrived in Amarillo and stayed at AOK RV Park. We have stayed at this park numerous times. I am happy to say that the park had been cleaned up a bit. It is an old KOA. We stayed for $14 under PA.  We were able to get satellite service, with FHU, in a flat site.

Tuesday- moving day. We continued west on I-70 to ABQ.  As we were driving west, we noticed strips of water on the road. They were intermittent. I was driving, and since I did not know what the liquid was, I tried not to drive over the spots. We eventually, caught up with a “Texas Friction” truck which was putting the water on the road, to determine the friction of the pavement. We had to look it up to discover what this was for…it’s to determine the friction of the concrete and to determine the quality of the pavement and its installation.

In ABQ, we stayed at Kirkland AFB. Again, the base was under strict admission. The MP had us turn around, he helped us, and sent us about 4 miles south to the Truman Gate Visitor Center, so that I could obtain a visitor pass. We arrived and went into the VC. Bob had to show his card and I had to show my driver’s license and put my Social Security number into their computer. They then gave us a pass for me, which has to sit in the windshield.

We drove 4 miles north, thru the base, to the RV park, which is just ¼ mile from the entrance where we were turned away. They no longer accept reservations, its 1st come, 1st serve, but the gal put us into a site near the office which had 30 amp. We could not get satellite in this site, so we asked to move. We traded sites with a pop-up camper who pulling in right behind us. They wanted the shade.

We pulled into the next site, and the electric did into work. So Bob went back and asked for another site. They moved us to another site, which had the sewer connection on one side and the electric on the other. This does not work for us. So Bob asked for different site. They finally sent us to the section of the park we had been in the last time we were here, after the Balloon Fiesta.  This was a good site. We settled in and it was hot, so we stayed inside. The sky became dark, and we anticipated rain but none arrived. The internet is not that great. We have 4 bars, but very slow service.

Wednesday– moving day.  Wow, we had a wind storm overnight with the motor home rocking. The gusts were allegedly 20 mph, but we think they were much higher than that. Neither of us slept well.

When we woke up, we checked the weather and the wind was going to calm down. Thank goodness, we were not going to travel with those gusts of wind!

We left just before 11, which is check out time. We continued west on I-40. We only traveled about 130 miles, to Red Rock City Park in Gallop NM. We have stayed there before. Bob had made a reservation for one site, but it was a terrible site. The park was much fuller, than the last time we were there because they have a lot of people living in the park. The office moved us to another site where we were able to get satellite. The park is 30 amp and water. They have upgraded with concrete pads under the picnic tables and new picnic tables. They also have put in two restroom/shower buildings. At about 8 pm, Bob’s phone rang. It was Kirland RV park staff, calling to check if we were staying overnight. Bob said no. The gal said that there was a cone in the site we left. Bob told her it was not there when we left and that we were long gone.

Thursday- moving day. Yes, we are getting tired of moving so much! We continued west on I-40 to Flagstaff where we turned south onto I-17. The winds on I-40 are always blowing, but they did not seem to be as bad this trip. We stopped in Flagstaff and bought diesel at Sams Club. The diesel was $2.97/gal. We left there and went to the truck stop to eat lunch in the rig. The diesel was $3.95/gal at the truck stop. Wow, it is so much easier and cheaper to purchase our diesel at a ‘gas station’ then at the truck stops we had to use with the larger rig.

We continued south on I-17 to Cottonwood, and turned into the Verde Valley TT. We had a struggle finding a site which was flat and where we could get satellite. We finally found a site and settled in for the evening. We were tired. We could have gone all the way to the condo, but we would have arrived in temperatures over 100 degrees, and we did not want to be unpacking the RV in that heat. We had a quiet evening.

Friday- moving day. We left at about 8:15, and drove south on I-17 to Hwy. 303, to side roads. We arrived around 10 AM and started unpacking before it became too hot. It was already in the low 90’s.

We were done by noon and after lunch we took the RV to the storage unit. dWhen we had arrived at the condo, the dogs were ecstatic! They raced around the condo, checking it out! Todd stopped by to say hello. Smitty said hi to us also. When we were trying to open up the condo, Bob found that the shower cartridges were frozen. He called our handiman, but he could not help us. Bob called Smitty, who has a plummer. Bob called the plummer. The plummer was out of town, but he called back and had one of his workers come over to fix the problem. Great, as we really needed showers after cleaning out the rig.

hWe took a nap, as we were both worn out. After our nap, we had to go to Costco, so when we arrived in the parking lot, we ordered dinner from Texas Rhode House. We shopped then stopped by to pick up our order. We ate, watched some TV and went to bed early.

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