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Sat. Sep. 4 Amesbury Mass to Fri. Sep. 10- Granite City IL( East St. Louis)

Saturday- We went to a craft beer store and Bob purchased some beers. He was not really happy with the selection, the store had, but he liked the beers he purchased. We went to Walmart, then back to the restaurant we had been at the other day. I had the baked scallops again, with rice and coleslaw. Bob had the clam basket again, which came with French Fries. So yummy! We were able to sit out on the deck again!

After lunch, we went and did laundry. It was just an okay laundromat. We stopped for ice cream at a stand. It was pretty good. We returned to the rig and we had planned on going to the pot luck, but it was actually bingo.

Sunday- We had a quiet morning, doing our bills and budget. At 1, we went over to the pot luck for a late lunch. We were the only ones who showed up! So we returned and decided the heck with them. We had sandwiches for lunch and we had the brownies I had for the pot luck.

Monday- we had to change sites. It was really stupid, as they should have put us in that site at the beginning. Now we could get satellite and it was flat. We were able to ride our bikes today, as the roads had dried out. We sat outside, until it started to rain again. Bob was able to get the bikes up on the rack and the chairs inside before the rain started.

Tuesday- moving day. The traffic was not as bad as expected, but we think more than usual. We traveled thru Massachusetts and New York. We stayed the night at a Walmart in Dickinson City PA, just north of Scranton.

Wednesday- moving day. We continued thru Pennsylvania and stayed at another Walmart in Youngstown PA. You’re probably thinking we are crazy for staying in a Walmart parking lot, but there are truckers and other RV’ers there, so we feel pretty safe.

This parking lot had a retention pond which was fenced in. Then there was some grass, and then the outside property fence. Between the two fences , the area was about 30 yards wide. So Bob stood at one end and I stood at the other, and got the dogs to run. All this driving is hard on them, and they needed to get some energy out. Especially, Koda, since she is only 4.

Thursday- moving day.We traveled thru PA to Ohio. We stayed in a PA park, out in the corn fields, north of I-70. This was a really nice park. One of the nicest we have stayed at, ever! We paid ½ price, which was $32 for the night, FHU, pull thru. We did some more laundry, as we are not sure we will be at a park with a laundry. We did 5 loads, but they only had 2 washers, but they had 4 dryers.

Friday- moving day. We stopped in the office and paid for the night. The park owner’s mother-in-law had passed yesterday, so he had asked us to pay this moring, before we left. We also purchased propane, dropped off trash, and left.

Again, we had a long day traveling. We continued west on I-70. We stopped in Indianapolis at one of our favorite restaurants, The Tamale Shop, for lunch. It was only 6 miles out of our way, mostly interstate. We purchased 4 tamales for $16, including tax. Good Tamales are 4 for $20 in Sun City! These tamales are really good. We had found this on Triple D a few years ago.

We continued driving west on I-70. We finally decided we would stay at an Elks Lodge we had stayed at before. Bob left two messages, but he never got a return phone call. We just showed up. There are only 2 sites,. Bob went in and checked in and I backed the rig into one of the sites. We cannot get satellite, as we are backed up to trees. But we have over 50, over the air TV stations, so we can get the news. We also changed time zones today; we are now in the Central Time zone now. This always confuses the dogs!

We went to the Lodge for dinner. Bob had fried cod and I had fried shrimp. That is all that they had. Both of us had mac -n-cheese. I had coleslaw and Bob had french fries. As guests, we had 1 round of free drinks. I had wine and Bob had a Killian beer.

There is a huge grassy area in the back of the Lodge, so we ran the dogs again. Roxie only ran a few feet, but Koda took off, circling then running back and forth between us. We wore her out again!

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