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Sat. Aug. 28 Bar Harbor ME to Fri. Sep. 3 Amesbury MA

Saturday- We did laundry this morning, hiking up to the laundry room. They have 4 working washing machines and 4 working dryers. Once we finished all the loads, we left and took the shuttle to the NP Visitor Center. We took the Jordan Pond shuttle to Jordan Pond. We got in line to sign up for lunch. It was a 90 minute wait. We got in line to go into the NP store. We finally wandered through the store, then we went down to the ‘pond’. We walked back up to the restaurant area. We checked the menu and decided it was a waste of time to just sit there.

Bubble Rock there are climbers on the rocks.
Joradn Pond with Bubble Rock in distance.
Jordan Pond view from overlook at restaurant.

We walked right out and boarded the shuttle. We took it back to the Visitor Center. We took the Village Green shuttle and went to lunch at the Side Street Café. By this time it was almost 3 pm. Bob had an appetizer and I had a piece of blueberry pie.

We took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground. We had a light late dinner.

My 50th High School reunion was cancelled. We had already decided that we were not attending. I think there were a lot of cancellations, and the organizing committee decided to cancel. It is rescheduled for June 11, 2022.

We had already cancelled several of our reservations and we are returning to Arizona after Labor Day.

Sunday- moving day.  We traveled to the nearest town, about 15 miles away, Ellsworth. We went to their new Walmart for groceries. From there we worked our way to I-95 south. We had light traffic for about 2 hours. Then the traffic steadily increased until it took us 2 hours to go 26 miles. We moved onto Rt. 1, then I-295. We drove thru Massachusetts to New Hampshire. The park is right on the border of Mass and NH. Technically, it is in NH, but the mailing address is Amherst MA. We drove off the side road in Mass, entering NH on the park road.

We arrived at 2:30. We parked in our site and set up. We had requested a site where we could get satellite. The gal, Susan, was very nice and moved us to a premium site. This park is included in our upgrade, so it is already paid for. We still could not get satellite, but we have FHU, with cable, and the site is relatively flat.

Monday- We left and went to Costco. We completed our shopping and went to Yard House for lunch. We drove back to the RV Park and settled back in for the evening. We BBQ’d our dinner. By the time we finished dinner, outside, the mosquitos were out, so we moved inside and watched some TV on cable. 

Tuesday- We left around 10, and drove north, back into New Hampshire. We stopped by a Goodwill where Bob picked up some shorts and I purchased two books. Then we went to another shopping center where Bob went to Home Depot and I went into Kohl’s. I needed a new white top, as the one I had somehow developed a large stain on the back. I was able to buy almost the same top, which was on sale (isn’t everything at Kohl’s on sale?) and I had $5 in Kohl’s cash, so the top only cost $4.99. Good deal. It was less than anything at Goodwill.

We continued north to Hampton Beach. We traveled thru the beach, south to Salisbury Beach. We found a nice restaurant, called Tuna Strike Pub for lunch. Bob had his fried clams and I had my broiled scallops. These were on our list for this summer. It’s really hard to find scallops, and almost impossible to find broiled, rather than fried! This was the first time we could find them! The broiled scallops were not on the menu. I told the waitress that that was what I actually wanted. She said no problem! We were sitting out on their covered porch.

Restaurant view
Bob had a non-alcohol beer which he really liked!

We continued south, then turned west returning to the RV park. It was less humid and really nice out. So Bob got the bikes down off the back of the RV. I was able to ride my bike. I rode around a short distance and there was a “Little Library”. I stopped my bike to check the books and realized that I had lost my phone off the back of the bike. EEEK!

So I grabbed two books and rode back to the rig. I got Bob and we rode my route several times looking for the phone. We did not find it. We returned to the rig, and Bob called my phone. The guy who answered said it was in the office. I rode over to the office. Sure enough, Jason, one of the rangers, had the phone. He said he was driving the golf cart around the park, and there it was in the road. He picked it up and took it back to his office. I thanked him profusely for getting it and taking it to the office.

I continued my bike ride around the park, which felt so good to ride around!  Although, the roads are dirt and fairly bumpy. Which is why I lost my phone!

We sat outside reading our books and enjoying the weather. We grilled dinner. After dinner, we went inside, as the mosquitos came out for their dinners! We are able to stream here, so we streamed some movies.

Wednesday- Everything outside was wet from a heavy dew, so we did not pack up anything, yet. We are expecting the remains of Ida to arrive later today. We left and went to Walmart grocery shopping. Then we stopped at Petsmart for Koda’s food. They were all out of her food. So we looked for another Petsmart. We had to drive west to another Petsmart. We stopped at a Lowes on the way. We were able to get the last bag of Koda’s food, in the right size. We stopped for diesel.

We ordered a carry-out lunch at Benedetti’s Deli. We were glad that we both ordered the small size! The small was huge!

We returned to the RV Park. We settled in, and packed up everything and put it into the rig. We ate half of our lunch, saving the rest for tomorrow. Bob emptied the gray and black tanks, and filled the fresh water tank. Bob walked the dogs and we were ready for Ida to arrive. The rain was slow arriving. The local TV stations had predicted it would arrive at around 12 -1, PM. It started at about 6 pm and rained hard all night.

Thursday- We were fine after Ida passed thru. The RV Park has a lot of puddles and it’s muddy, so we are not planning to go anywhere. We will just wait for it to dry out.

I worked on the blogs all morning as we actually have internet, which we paid for, so I am able to transfer the pictures. We ate lunch, then read our books in the afternoon.

We had a quiet evening at home, streaming some movies.

Friday- The puddles are still here. They are only a little bit smaller. The ground is so saturated. It is so humid our towels are not getting completely dry after our showers.

We had a quiet day at home. It was too cool to sit outside, so we read our books, I worked on the blog, Bob did some of his 1st of the month tasks.

We walked over to the office and picked up a copy of the activity schedule for the weekend. There are quite a few activities, mostly for kids, right through Monday. We worked on our travel plans. We plan to arrive back at our condo on September 17th. I called the gal who is going to clean the condo before we arrive, and she will be cleaning on the 16th. We ate dinner and watched some TV over the air.

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