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Sat. Aug. 21 Old Orchard Beach ME to Fri. Aug. 27- Bar Harbor ME

,Saturday- We drove north to purchase propane. What an issue that was! We went to a Tractor Supply, who had a propane for sale sign up and a big propane tank. They no longer fill RV’s. The employee told Bob to drive north to a Shell Station who sells propane to RV’s. We arrived and found that they only had one employee on duty, so that person could not go out and fill the tank. He sent us to a U-Haul. Bob called the U-Haul, and they said yes, they could fill the RV. So we traveled south to the U-Haul. They could not find their connector! We stopped to pick up Bob’s prescription at Walgreens. We arrived to find that the pharmacy is not open on the weekend. The recording had said that the pharmacy was not open on Sunday. It said nothing about Saturday! This was a major issue. We are leaving tomorrow. Our day was not going well….

 We decided to continue with our plans at that point. We drove north about 30 miles to Freeport for our visit to the LL Bean Factory Store. We had trouble finding the RV parking. We finally gave up and went to a regular parking lot that said no RV parking. We parked at the very back with the bikes hanging past the curb. This parking lot never filled up while we were there, as there were parking places closer to the buildings.

We went to the Café and had lunch. We were looking for shorts for Bob. We arrived to find that they had lots of shorts, just none in his size. They had sold out of his size yesterday. In addition, neither of us found anything in the sale area. Well, that was a waste of time!

We drove back south and stopped at Old Orchard Beach RV Park, near our park, which is another very large park. They also do not sell propane. We finally gave up and went to get some ice cream. We both purchased a small hot fudge sundaes. The small was the size of a large most places. I only at ½ of mine and took it back to the RV and put the rest in the freezer.

We parked and started doing the laundry. Fortunately, the laundry was almost right across the street from us. We did four loads.

We had dinner and sat outside enjoying the cool air, until it became too chilly. There was at 6 PM a happy hour, but it did not look like anyone attended.

Sunday- Moving day. We drove north on I-95 to Waterville, where we turned east onto Hwy 178 which we took to Rt. 1. We turned onto Rt. 3 and went to Bar Harbor. We turned into Mt. Desert Narrows RV Park. They put us into an uneven site where we could not get satellite. We were also next to a young large dog who barked every time our dogs went out. We settled in and had a noisy evening.

Monday- We went up to the office to ask for a different site. The gal was great. She moved us to another site. The site we moved to was flatter and we could get satellite. We were glad to be away from the dog who barked at every dog that went past. The owner was trying to train the dog not to bark.

Since we were moving, we went to the Post Office to pick up our mail. Then we stopped at a hardware store for some items. From there we went to Mt. Desert Narrows Too, the sister resort of where we are staying. We were able to purchase propane there, by showing our pass from where we are staying. The resort where we are staying also did not sell propane.

On the way back, we stopped at the Bar Harbor Visitor Center to obtain the schedule for the shuttle and brochures about things to do in town. We settled in at our new site. We ate lunch, then walked up to the office to catch the shuttle to the Acadia NP Visitor Center. This is where all the shuttles merge. We took the green shuttle into Bar Harbor.

Our first stop was at the Walgreens. Bob explained about his two medications. When we picked up the mail this morning, I found all of my medications had arrived. Bob’s had not. Bob had a confirmation of when his medications were sent, and he called our mail forwarding service and they did not have the medications.  So Bob got online with the Postal Service and put in a lost mail notice.

The Walgreens staff were great. They started working on the medications. By the time we finished wandering around town, they had texted Bob that they had one of the medications ready to be picked up.

While we were wandering we stopped for some ice cream, at Jordan Pond Ice Cream and Candy shop. Now knowing that small in Maine is large, we ordered one small that we split. It was delicious! Half each was perfect.

We returned to the Village Green to catch the shuttle back to the Acadia Visitor Center. The shuttle is interesting. It is also very confusing! Because of Covid, there are only four shuttles running, except when they are not! There is a campground shuttle which runs every ½ hour, except when it runs every hour. Of course, they don’t communicate any of the changes, and they don’t tell you that some of the buses close down for lunch. It would be hard to complain, as the shuttle is free, as it is sponsored by LL Bean. They started the summer with about 140 drivers. They are down to about 30. At this time of year, school bus drivers leave to return home. We have to take the campground shuttle to and from the Visitor Center at Acadia NP. We caught the return shuttle and walked back to our site.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

Tuesday- We went back downtown to Bar Harbor for lunch. We stopped at a breakfast place, because I wanted blueberry pancakes. They were closed because it was Tuesday. So we went to Bar Harbor Beer Works. We arrived a little bit early, as they open at noon, so we wandered the shops again.

Just before noon, we joined the line. We were taken upstairs. I asked how much a lobster roll was. $35!!!!!! We have been paying $22. Yes, $22 is outrageous, but the current going rate. Lobster prices have skyrocketed. I had a chicken salad sandwich and Bob had a Rubin. He also had a nice Porter.

Bob had gotten a text from Walgreens and we wandered back down to the store. Bob had to get a new prescription and authorization for the missing medication., which was crazy, since he just had the one mailed, which is missing He had spoken with Caremark, but he still had to do more. So he texted his Doctor and asked them for the authorization and another prescription. We did the shuttle ride back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground.

Wednesday- Since we were still dealing with the prescription, we went downtown again. We went back to the breakfast place for lunch. They were closed again today. So we went to another place, Jason’s Restaurant. Bob had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and I had my blueberry pancakes. I took ½ back with me.

We went next door to Hannaford’s and bought some groceries. Then we tried to catch the bus at the end of the street. That did not work, so we walked back to the Village Green and took the bus back to the Visitor Center. There was a car accident on the road, so the driver turned around in the Holiday Inn parking lot, and we took a different route back to the Visitor Center. We missed our shuttle to the campground, so we ended up waiting an hour (lunch break for drivers), and finally return to the campground.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice view and the warm breezes of the water. We BBQ’d chicken for dinner and ate outside on our picnic table. I took this picture of the sunset.

Sunset from Desert Narrows RV Park

Thursday- We took the 9:45 shuttle to the Visitor Center. We climbed up to the Visitor Center (52 steps) and I stamped a piece of paper to put into our NPS Passport Book. There was a line to go into the shop, but the stamp was on a table outside the door. The NPS employees had also set up a tent outside to answer questions and there was a long line for that. We had no questions so we moved right along.

We entered a long line for the #4 bus, which is the Loop Road shuttle thru Acadia NP. We knew to get a seat on the driver’s side, as that is the side the water is on. The road is one way, most of the way.

Just after we left, the driver’s radio went off with a message that there had been a shuttle bus accident on the Loop Road. Evidently some people who were driving the one way road, had turned the wrong way and run head on into a shuttle. No injuries, but the driver was reporting it to his supervisor.

The shuttle moved so quickly I could not get pictures on the way. One stop was at Sand Beach. People are so stupid. A car and an RV (which was not allowed in this parking lot), were fighting over a parking place. The shuttle could not get through. The driver honked. Then he got out and yelled at the RV driver. Boy, was he mad! The RV got the parking place.

We got off the shuttle at Thunder Hole. There was no ‘thunder’ today. The last time we were here, we were able to see/hear some thunder.

We hopped on the next shuttle and got off at Otter Cliff. That was a BIG mistake! We looked and took pictures. The shuttles run every 15 minutes. We waited 45 minutes. A #3 bus to the Village Green came. At 55 minutes a #4 bus, the one we wanted arrived. The driver opened the door, closed the door and took off. There were about 10 of us there waiting. The shuttle was full! So we waited. At one hour, the next Village shuttle came.  We got on, and rode into town. By this time it was afternoon. We went to a deli where we had seen lines. We purchased lobster rolls ( $21.95) for lunch and ate them sitting on a bench, watching traffic go by on Main Street.

We walked down to the bay and took these pictures.

We walked over to the Walgreens to check on Bob’s prescription. They said it would be ready tomorrow. We walked down to the Atlantic Brew Company, and Bob had a flight. On the way we passed this stuffed Puffin.

 We returned to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We arrived at the wrong time and had to wait 45 minutes for the shuttle back to the campground. At least here, we can sit on a rock in the shade. I have been reading a book on my phone while doing all this waiting!

A nice worker walked up to us and asked how our day was going. We told her what happened. She was very concerned. She reported our experience to the supervisor. They have already put in some extra shuttles (we saw one) for the loop road. Her husband was the driver for the campground shuttle. We talked all the way back. They are full-time RV’ers.

We returned and semi-packed up the rig and went to dump the tanks. We returned, set back up (that all took about 20 minutes), and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather. There is a nice warm breeze!

We BBQ’d pork chops for dinner and ate outside. We then sat and read a bit after dinner, until the breezes turned chilly. We have been able to stream off Netflix in the evenings. When I get the chance, I download some movies to watch when we do not have good internet. This park does not have paid internet, so what we have is not great.

Friday- We took the trolley to town to go to lunch at the Sunrise Café. If you routinely follow the blog, you know that my French Canadian ancestry takes over and I look for crepes. I found an awesome one at the Café.

From there we went to get Bob’s prescription. While we were at the Café. Bob received a text that Walgreens had received the medication approval. BUT, of course that was not the end of the story! The text also said that they did not have the medication. This is day 5 of the saga, and they don’t have the medication?? So we walked to Walgreens and checked in with them. They did have the medication! It took about 10 minutes, but they got the prescription ready. Finally, we have the needed medication, as Bob has been having symptoms. It was a good thing we were able to get the prescription, as this pharmacy is also closed on weekends.

We walked back to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We then took the Loop Road Shuttle 4 around the park. We did not get off the shuttle this time, as we did not want to get stuck somewhere for hours.

We arrived back at the Visitor Center and took the Campground shuttle back to the RV. We sat outside enjoying the nice warm breeze of the bay.

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