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Sat. Aug. 14 Addison VT to Fri. Aug. 20 Old Orchard Beach Maine

Saturday- We left and went to Middlebury VT to a laundromat. The RV Park had only 2 washers and 2 dryers, and one of the washers was broken. We spent about 2 hours in the laundromat. At least it was not as humid as the last time we did laundry, so it was comfortable.

We went to lunch in Middlebury at Mr.Ups, a nice little restaurant on the river. Bob had a Ruben and I had a grilled cheese. Both were very good.

We returned to the RV Park. We would have sat outside, as the weather was better, but there were too many mosquitos and bees.

Sunday- Moving day. As we were leaving, we dumped the tanks. On the way, we passed the Crown Point Lighthouse, across Lake Champlain.

We crossed the bridge over Lake Champlain, and drove back into New York to Ft. Ticonderoga. We paid $22 each, senior rate to enter. The entry road, the exit road was also tree lined.

We parked on the grass, as instructed, and we were able to get a spot in the shade, although that would not last long.

We had been given a map and program for the day. We walked over to the Visitor Center, and waited for the 10:15, 30 minute, Key to the Continent Guided Tour. The tour guide was excellent. He was a 22 y.o. History major from Tidewater VA. From the brochure, “In this entertaining tour, discover the incredible story of Ticonderoga and all the great experience Fort Ticonderoga offers today. Learn about the iconic battles of Carillon and Ticonderoga that occurred in the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Explore groundbreaking preservation and reconstruction efforts that allow Fort Ticonderoga to bring to life its heroic tails.” It was a great presentation.

View of Lake Champlain from the fort.
Bob with the cannons
The drummers, bringing in the docent
Upper fort

We wandered into the downstairs of the fort and up on the walls. At 11, we went back down to the 25 minute Musket Firing Demonstration. This took place in the Demonstration Area. “Meet British soldiers in 1774 armed with muskets and bayonets. Go beyond loading and firing to discuss how the British Army in North America adopted tactical innovations after the French & Indian War.” From their brochure.

After, we went through the various exhibits in the buildings. We left and went to the Ft. Ticonderoga Café for lunch. The food was pretty good.

We returned into the Fort and looked at more exhibits. During this time, while we were upstairs in the soldier’s barracks, the “Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga” took place in the courtyard. “Listen to stirring tunes that eased the drudgery of a long march, or the many calls that regulated activity in the fort. Explore how drumbeats, trilling fifes, and songs created an 18th century world of military music.” From the brochure.

The Waggle showed that the temp in the RV was getting to 85, so we left, walked the dogs and started our journey to Croydon NH. On the way, we stopped in Woodstock at an ice cream place for Maple Creemees. Maple Creemees are soft serve maple ice cream. We had small ones in cones. They are so good and a nice change from chocolate. I think you can only buy them in Vermont!

We arrived at the BW in Croydon, which is about 5 miles off of I-89. We settled in for the night, after being greeted by Norma, the owner of the farm there we stayed. We used her internet and 15 amp electric. It was very quiet at her farm.

Monday- moving day. We left at about 10 am, to head to Camping World in Concord. We have a couple of items that we needed. We rarely go to Camping World, as they are known for being awful! Then we stopped at Home Depot for a couple of items. From there, we went to lunch at Beefees, a beef and seafood restaurant. We both had Lobster rolls, which were very good and piled high with fresh lobster.

After lunch, we went to Walmart. That was an experience! We have never seen a Walmart with mostly empty shelves. We talked to the gal in front of us in line, and she said it is always like this. She also said that the Dollar General and the Dollar Tree are both the same way. So after we arrived at the RV Park, we asked the neighbor about the Walmart. Nancy goes between Florida and here, and she said it is like this all the time!

We settled in to a site. We have FHU 30 amp. We cannot get satellite. We have 3 to 4 bars of internet.  We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner.

Tuesday- Nancy, in the site next to us, offered to drive us to downtown Concord. She did not feel that we would be able to get parking, with the rig, to visit the State House. We took her up on the deal. So at 9:15, we left to go downtown. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there. She dropped us off right at the entrance. I went and took pictures of the Daniel Webster Statue and the State House.

We went in and looked at the dioramas. We also looked around the Visitor Center. I stamped our Capitol Building passport.

The tour took about an hour. Astronaut Alan Shepard and Christa MaAufflee were both from New Hampshire. They had both of their pictures up on the wall in the Visitor Center. They also have all of the Presidential Canidates come in and autograph one of their bumper stickers. That was on the wall in the Visitor Center also.

Above on the left is the Senate Room with the nice murals. On the right is the Secretary of State’s office. This is where anyone who runs for President goes, in person, to sign up to run in the NH primary. It a very small office!

The House was closed for renovations. Interesting point is that every Senator or Respresentative, even those with more power, get $100 a year to serve. They do get gas milage reimbursement. Basically, they are all volunteers. One of the Respresentatives was on our tour, with her mother in a wheelchair.

We left and crossed the street to have lunch at Tandy’s Pub. I had a veggie wrap and Bob had a burger and a pint of Guinness. We walked down to the CVS to get some bug spray for the mosquitoes. They did not have any. So we returned to where Nancy dropped us off and she picked us up there.

We arrived back at the park at about 2:30. I worked on the blog and Bob walked the dogs. We grilled pork chops for dinner.

Wednesday- moving day. We traveled back roads to the Walmart in Somersworth, including a street called Ricky Nelson Drive (I’m sure there is a story). We laughed at that!

We stopped at Walmart, which actually had full shelves! We went to lunch at a restaurant called, Tuckers, it is a local chain and the food was very good. We stopped at Hannaford’s to supplement the groceries from Walmart. We stopped at a Sunoco for diesel, $3.09/gal.

We continued on back roads. We followed the GPS again and it took us under two bridges which were 12’1” and 12’0’. That made us nervous! Then we ran into a bridge that was 11.0”. Fortunately, the sign was just before a golf course parking lot. We turned in and turned around to back track about 1 mile. We went around the railroad bridge, getting on Rt. 1 north. We drove thru Old Orchard Beach to our destination, Pinehurst RV Park. It is an RV on the Go RV Park. We are staying 4 nights, $20 per night, with FHU, 30/50 amp, and cable TV. There are too many trees to get satellite.

We settled into our site a little after 3 PM. This is primarily a long term park. There seem to only be just 11 transitory sites. The roads are asphalt, so I was able to ride my bike all around the park.

Bob had trouble with the cable TV. So he contacted the office. The gal sent the park guys. There were two different cords present. Bob had hooked up the black one, which was logical. The black one is dead. He should have hooked into the orange one. They have just installed new cable TV.

The guys left, and Bob found that the cable still did not work. So he worked on it, and found we have a switch in the rig, that sends the signal to the satellite. Once he flipped the switch, we had perfect cable TV with 50 channels.

It started to rain, so we went into the rig for the evening. Bob signed us up for the internet, $15 for a week. The options are 1 day $5, 2 days $10 or a week. We were able to stream Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Thursday- Watching the weather, we knew it was going to rain. Tropical Storm Fred was heading our way. So I went out early and rode my bike around the park. There are so many speed humps, that it was not pleasant. So I rode out of the park, hoping to get to the housing development next door. I could not get there, without riding on the narrow, very busy road. So I just rode down to the busy road, and around a storage facility. There is no office at the facility, so I just did a lot of loops. I rode back into the park 2 times, and back to the storage facility. I still managed to ride for ½ hour. It was very humid, but the temp was 72.

We ate breakfast and had a quiet morning, at lunch time the rain started. It really poured! I felt sorry for the folks on both sides of us, who have kids. The kids must have been going stir crazy, trapped inside. The rain continued all afternoon.

I took the opportunity to work on the blog. Wahoo, I am finally caught up!

Friday- We waited until 10:30 and walked to the RV Park entrance. We took the Trolley into Old Orchard Beach. The Trolley was $2 per person each way, cash only. We only had a $5 on the way, but the driver did give us a $1 back, although he did not have to make change, according to the directions. (He eventually got it back in the tip.)The Trolley goes to 5 different RV Parks, dropping everyone off at the Visitor Center in downtown. We went into the VC and asked a few questions. Then we walked 2 blocks to the downtown and walked up one side of the street and down the other side.

We stopped in one very nice store and I purchased this band type mask, which I put onto my hat, which had lost its band.  

We went to lunch on the pier, having lobster rolls for lunch. Lobster has gotten very expensive! Surprisingly, the restaurant at the end of the pier was less expensive than some of the restaurants in town.

We returned to the Visitor Center and took the Trolley back to the RV Park.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

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