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Sat. Aug. 7 to Sat. Aug. 13- Waterloo NY to Addison VT

Saturday- We drove north to Sodus Point, to visit the lighthouse. It was in a park, and out in the water. This was a very nice local beach area. There were a lot of sail boats out on Lake Ontario. Unfortuantely, no one could swim at the time we were there, as there was no lifeguard present.

We left there and traveled west on Rt. 104 along the lake front. We turned south on Hwy 21 traveling to Palmyra. We ate lunch at a lousy place, where we could get good parking. We wanted to see the historic General Store but it was closed. Next door was the historic Erie Canal museum, which was also closed. Hmmm, no signs about when they were open. So we moved on to the John Smith Farm. This a sacred Morman historical site.

Can you believe that 10 people lived in this small home! Behind the home, was the Sacred Garden where John Smith talked to God and an Angel. This is where he decided to start the Morman Religion. Thats a long Morman story.

The Waggle started to complain that the rig was getting too hot, so we returned to the rig. We walked the dogs and continued south, back to the Moose Lodge. It rained a little bit in the evening, so we had to stay inside. We had absolutely no internet ,outside, at the Moose Lodge. 

Sunday- Moving day. We left around 10, traveling north to Hwy. 104, to East Oswego. We stopped at a Save-a-Lot grocery store. Then we grabbed subs at an Italian Deli. Wow, were they good! We turned north and turned in Pulaski, stopping at Bretton Bay RV Park for 2 nights. This was through RV On the Go, which is part of TT. We paid $20 per night for FHU. We also paid the extra $5 each night for internet, since we had not had any for a while. We were unable to use the satellite, as we are under trees.

We stopped to look at our site, then went to the laundry. Bob dropped me and the laundry off, then took the rig to our site to hook up to electric for the air conditioning. The temp was in the high 80’s with very high humidity.

When it got close to time, Bob came back over we took the completed laundry to the rig. We drove back to the site and set up for the evening. There was a nice breeze, so we sat outside, which the dogs really enjoyed. We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner and ate some delicious corn on the cob.

Monday- We decided to have a quiet day. I worked on the blog all morning, as I am having so much trouble getting pictures into the blog. They were taking forever! Finally, I was able to re-size the pictures to get them in faster.

At lunch time, we walked over to the park restaurant and ate lunch. I had a turkey wrap and Bob had a fajita. I took home ½ of my wrap for tomorrow. Both were very good. At around 3, we walked back over and had ice cream cones.

Dinner was at home. We BBQ’d pork chops and had more of the corn.   

,Tuesday- Moving day. We traveled to the town of Pulaski, just 4 miles away and bought diesel, $3.25 gal, and propane. We took I-89 north, then Hwy. 3 east to Lake Placid. We arrived at about 2 pm, and checked into Cascade Acres. It is a mobile home/RV park. Mostly mobile home, with about 20 RV sites. $45 a night with 20 amp, W/S. The sewer hook ups were too high out of the ground for us to hook up directly. We tried one spot, but we could not get satellite, so we tried a different site where we were able to obtain satellite. The sites were pretty flat. We are very near downtown Lake Placid. The park did not have great ratings, but we are not looking for a lot of amenities for our 3 nights here. We can do the 20 amp, we just have to be careful not to run the air conditioner and the microwave at the same time.

We settled into the site and Bob walked the dogs. There is only one other RV here, and they are living here and working in the area. Since they were not home, Bob took off Koda’s leash and let her run to get out some of her energy.

Unfortunately, it started raining. We ate dinner and watched a Star Trek movie we had not seen, called Star Trek Beyond. It was on Hulu, and which we think never made it to the movie theaters. It is not the greatest Star Trek movie.

Wednesday- It was still raining off and on this morning. We are hoping that the weather improves later or tomorrow so that we can go to the top of the Olympic ski jump.

We drove into downtown Lake Placid and parked. They had paid parking on the street. We paid for one hour. We walked over to the Visitor Center to talk to the employee there to find out about the area. We found out that they were jumping at the Olympic Ski Jump. We all looked out the window and we could see the top of White Mountain. It no longer looked like rain, so we decided to go to the Olympic Ski Jump to watch the jumpers.

We drove past the RV Park, and turned right into the jump area. We parked and a guy came over and asked us to move. He had just arrived and was the parking director, he was late for work. We moved to where he wanted us to park. We walked down to the base of the mountain. We purchased $15 senior tickets to ride the gondola up to the top of the jump. It sure is easy to ride a gondola without skies and ski boots on!

All we can say, is that there is no way we would jump at 57 mph off that high jump. Actually, at the bottom, the height is 10 ft. but you are still traveling at 57 miles per hour, straight down!

The view was very nice, but we were not at the top of the mountain. That is on White Mountain, off in the distance. The gondola there only goes us so far, then it is a 45 minute hike to the top.

Down on the bottom, near the gondola, they had the ski jumping classes. They were teaching kids of all ages. Some were on trampolines and some were jumping into the pool.

Sorry, thought I had the flip of the last jumper.

It was lunch time, so we stopped at Big Slide Brewery. We found parking and then found that the brewery was closed on Wednesday. We were not alone, there were a lot of people stopping in and finding that they were closed.

We punted, and went drove 7 miles west to Saranac Lake.  We stopped at Blue Line Brewery for lunch. Bob had a six glass flight. I had a really nice shrimp salad sandwich. Bob had a grilled chicken sandwich.

We went downtown to take a look at the town of Saranac. Other than the lake, it was just a business center. All the tourist stuff is in Lake Placied, 7 miles away.

We returned to Lake Placid. We parked at the train station, and took the shuttle downtown. We wandered around the area that we had not seen this morning. This is where all of the touristy places are located. Lot of different kinds of stores. We purchased some chocolate and some balsamic vinegars, as we have run out of what we have. We were able to taste some of the flavors.

We caught the shuttle back to the train station. We had left the generator and air conditioning on for the dogs. We returned to the RV Park, and parked back in our site. Bob walked the dogs again and I read. We ate dinner, then sat outside to read. It had cooled off, but it started to rain. So we returned inside and finished the Star Trek movie.

Thursday- We worked on our travel plans. I kept trying to work through the RV on the Go website. I could get into the site, but I could not make a reservation, again. So I called. The gal at Thousand Trails that I needed to call the RV on the Go phone number. I had to look it up on the web, usually, they transfer me. Hmmm, the gal was not very nice. So I called that number. The gal kept telling me that she would make me a reservation, but my discount would only be 20%. I should pay $20 for the night, not 20% off. I kept telling her that was not right. Finally, she said that she would have someone else call me back. At this point, Bob and I were very confused. We have stayed paying the $20 a night.

The gal who called me back, Monique, was awesome! She explained that there is a glitch in their system, and if you are using RV to Go, you have to call to make a reservation. She says they are aware of the issue. She also said I was correct, that it should only cost me $20 per night through RV on the Go. I explained to her what the other gal had said. She said that she had already explained to the other gal that she was wrong. Monique has been with TT for 11 years, and is a member herself.

By this time, we had looked at an add-on, the Trails Collection (TC). So Bob did some math, and we had decided, while we were waiting for a return phone call, that we could stay at all of the Trails Collection sites, for free, if we did the add on. It would take only 5 nights, to get back our money. So we had Monique sign us up for TC

Then since we had her on the phone, she set up reservations for us and told us some tricks on how to keep getting discounts. She even made a reservation for us, for Labor Day weekend.

So we have reservations until after Labor Day. We still need to fill in 9 days after Labor Day until our Cape Cod reservation on September 16. We are slowly starting to work our way south to Virginia, for my high school reunion in early October.

After all this, we finally packed up and drove to Hannaford grocery store.  We purchased some groceries, then we went to Big Slope Brewery, where we had wanted to go yesterday. It was a little bit busy when we arrived at 12:00, but by the time we left at about 12:45, the place was packed and had a long line! Long lines means lots of cars in the parking lot. Bob had to help me back up the rig.

Bob and his flight.

We back-tracked a mile to the RV Park, set up, and took a nap. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- Moving day. We left around 10, as the drive was not very long. We drove east on Hwy. 73, then south on Hwy 9, to Hwy. 74 east past, Crown Point Hihstorical Site, crossing into Vermont. We have reservations at 10 Acre RV Park in Addison VT.

This is one crowded RV Park. The sites for the long termers are really close together. We were in the back of the park, in larger sites, with water and 20 amp. The issue became that is was so hot and humid, and on a Friday, lots of people came into the park for the weekend. They turned on their air conditioners and our electric kept going off. I called the office, and Mike came down. He was aware of the issue and said he was calling his electrician. Yeah, right. Late Friday afternoon… Finally, we just turned on the generator, as it was just too hot and humid!

At around 5:30, we were able to get decent electric again. We had no further problems this night. We are near a pond, and there are a lot of mosquitos and bees. So we stayed inside.

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  1. Where in Virginia is your high school reunion? We’re in the Shenandoah Valley and you are welcome to visit if you’re in the area between Winchester and Harrisonburg. Safe travels. Sharon

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