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Sat. July 31 Henrietta NY to Fri. Aug. 6- Waterloo NY

Saturday- We left the Moose Lodge at about 8:40, and drove north to Rochester. Our destination was the City Market, which is only open Tues, Thurs, and Sat. We arrived to find it crowded. The police directed us to turn left. We entered a parking lot and drove towards the back, where we found two parking sites linked. We pulled in and walked to the Market. This was huge! There were a lot of vendors (over 300), and most were fruits and vegetables. There were a few others, but most were food oriented.

We wandered thru, and purchased corn and Rainier cherries. We found some awesome looking eclairs, and purchased a two pack. For those folks from Charles County, they were a little bit smaller than the ones at Walls, but they were just as good! We stopped at a picnic table and split one for a morning snack!

Once we visited all the vendors, we walked back to the RV. Someone was waiting for our parking place. I backed the rig out with Bob’s directing. Then we went to exit at the back of the parking lot. The GPS said turn left, so I did. OOPS! Right in front of us was a railroad bridge with a sign that said maximum height is 10’6”. We are 11’.1”. As soon as I saw the sign, I hit the brakes. It was about ½ block ahead. Bob hopped out of the rig to start directing me. Cars were coming towards us, behind us, and some wanted to turn out of the Market parking lot. So once Bob cleared out some of the cars, I backed up into another parking lot, across from the 1st parking lot. I made a U-turn, and Bob hopped back into the rig.

We turned right, went to the stop sign, turned left at a light, and went around the railroad track, to another bridge overhang which was 14’.

We followed the GPS to the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum.

Susan B. Anthony home

The facility had a parking lot, but did not open until 11, and it was just after 10. It was not a great area, so we left and went to a Wegmans for groceries. We stopped at Best Buy to recycle of the old iPad, and then at Lowes for Bob to pick up some calk for the bathroom shower stall.

We went to a restaurant called Bill Gray’s Restaurant. There were several around, so we thought they might be good. The restaurant was very similar to Fuddruckers. They bragged that they had the best cheeseburger. I had a Mushroom Swiss and Bob had the World’s Best. They were pretty good, but not the best.

From there, we went back to Henrietta, and to the Henrietta Farm House. Henrietta is known for have the most coble stone structures in NY, and this was an example. The house was not open to the public and the grounds were not dog friendly.

Cobble Stone House

We left and traveled west to Le Roy NY, home of the Jell-O Museum. It was $5.50/ea. to tour the museum, which was interesting. Gelatin has existed (Knox Gelatin), since the early 1800’s. As we know, Knox is not flavored. A local woman came up with the idea of adding flavoring to the gelatin and creating desserts. Her husband decided to market the Jell-O, and it was not very successful. They sold the idea for $450. The next owner gave away samples and told the local grocer to leave an area on the shelf, as it was going to be a hit! He knew how to market, and he had a hit! Eventually, his son, sold the company for millions. Jell-O was made in Le Roy until the 70’s when they moved to Delaware, due to taxes.

Downstairs, in the same museum, included in the price, was a small local transportation museum. We wandered through.

Presidential carriage
Jell-O sales carriage
Columbia bike

We left and returned to the Moose Lodge, to find another party at the Pavilion. We had been told about both parties. This time, the band truck was blocking our site. We backed in, as close as we could get, so that Bob could plug in the electric. Unfortunately, we could not level the rig in that spot. So we sat there. We thought that the party might end at 4, then 5, then 6 etc. it ended at 9:30. Since we did not have the room to cook, we decided to order a pizza delivered. The local place only delivered for orders over $25. So we packed up and went to Fire Crust for dinner. They only make thin crust (our preference anyway), and 12” pizzas. Boy, were they fast! We ordered, sat down at a table, looked at our email, and it was ready!  The pizza was excellent!

We stopped for diesel on the way back, $3.25/gal. We arrived at the Moose Lodge, and some of the folks had left. The band/DJ was still playing. Bob went over and asked him to please move his van. He did and we pulled in, found our flat spot, and settled in. I swear he was mad, and turned the volume up! We sat and read for the rest of the evening, after working on what we wanted to do tomorrow.

Sunday- Moving day. We left early, at 8:18. We stopped for water at the Moose Lodge on the way out of the parking lot. The GPS took us on a lot of local back roads, until we finally arrived at US Hwy. 20. We turned east and stopped in Canandaigua, NY at the Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park. Unfortunately, by this time it was raining hard! It rained off and on all day. Bob quickly walked the dogs. It was cool enough, in the 60’s, so we did not have to use the generator.

The cost of the tour, for seniors, was $13. When we went to pay, the gal told us that they were having an Art Festival, so it was $10 for everyone. Fine with us!

They had shuttles to take us to the house. The driver even dried off the seat for us! He dropped us on the side of the house, under cover. We entered the house, for the self-tour. They were not offering tours, but there were two docents there. This was one of the nicest houses we have visited.

Once we were finished with the first and second floor (the third floor was not open for visitors), the rain had slowed down, and so we went outside onto the huge porch. 

We visited all of the vendors, in between, visiting the gardens. We took the shuttle back to the parking lot. I was never able to get a full picture of the front of the house, due to the trees.

We left and went to a parking lot behind Main Street. We parked the rig, and went to lunch at Simply Crepes. This restaurant had a small inside, but a huge patio. Needless to say, with the rain, the patio was closed. They were booked with reservations until after 2 pm. So we ordered carry-out. The food was delicious! There are several of these restaurants in the area. We tried to stop in at the Visitor Center, but it is only open Mon-Fri.

After lunch, eaten in the rig, we turned east again, taking Hwy 20 to Geneva. They had an open Finger Lakes Visitor Center.  We stopped in to get some information about the area. You can get some local beers and wine there, but we did not purchase any. The Visitor Center, in on Lake Drive, on the north end of Seneca Lake. It was raining hard at this point, so there was not much to see, outside. There was a small sign up at a pavilion near the lake, where a Beer Feast was to have taken place today, but with the rain….

The rain slowed down at one point, we pulled over to quickly walk the dogs.

We turned south on Hwy. 96A, and drove to Sampson State Park, where we have a reservation for 4 nights. We stopped at the dump station. We had to wait in line. Bob was able to dump. While he was doing that, the line moved forward. A 40 ft. motor home, pulled in front of us, cutting in line for water. Fortunately, we had water, or I would have been objecting. It was very rude!

We went into the office to register. We had to give them our license plate number, although I had given it online. We also had to produce the dog’s rabies vaccinations.

We went to park in our site, and found that the electric pedestal was on the wrong side. So we drove into the site, instead of backing in. We had to work a little to park in a place so that we could reach the electric pedestal. We also had to put blocks under the tires on the left side to level us out. We are under trees, so no satellite.

It continued to rain for a while, then eventually, the rain stopped, although when the wind blew, the water fell off the trees.  We settled in, ate dinner, and I worked on the blog. We have only 1 bar of internet, so I could not move the pictures into the blog, yet. It is harder now, that I have to put the pictures in online, they do not transfer over when I copy them into Word. 

Monday- Evidently Roxie swallowed some charcoal from a fire pit in the park during her walk last evening. Bob found that she was bringing a piece back to the rig. During the night she vomited on the blanket. We did not realize it until we got up and found it all over the place, as when we went to make the bed we accidently got it on our rug. Fortunately, it is a Ruggable, so we could take it to the laundromat and wash it.

After coffee, we left and traveled south to the town of Ovid to a laundromat. We washed our sheets, the rug, and the blanket. From there we went north to Walmart, in Geneva, as we needed pumpkin for the dogs. We stopped for lunch at the Water Street Café. We had about a 10 minute wait for a table. The food was excellent and not expensive.

We had not realized that the town of Waterloo was close by, as that is where we plan to move to on Thursday, when we have to leave Sampson State Park. We drove about ½ mile past our southern turn, to the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge. They were not open, but they have a very nice little RV park. We are going to call and see if we can get a reservation, Otherwise we will just go there on Thursday, take a site and leave some items there, and check in that evening.  

We went back to Hwy. 96A and traveled south a few miles to a vineyard. I tasted a sample of their ice wine. Ice Wines are usually very sweet, but this had a bitter taste. What we really wanted was to sit out on their balcony overlooking Seneca Lake, but we were still full from lunch and they were only serving lunch on the balcony. We could see the lake and vineyard from the sampling bar.

As we left the vineyard, we were going to turn right and take a back road to two other vineyards. There was a sign that said, low overhang 12 ft. 2 miles ahead. We are 11.1, but sometimes the signs are off, due to asphalt repaving. So Bob took a quick left, taking us back to Hwy. 96A. We turned right about 4 miles farther south, at signs that took us to the same vineyards. We stopped at Three Brothers Vineyard and Warhorse Brewery! We turned in and it was pretty busy for a weekday afternoon. We parked in the back and wandered into the facility. It was very large! There were actually two vineyards and the brewery. We got in line to pay, and the guy explained the place to us. Each type of wine has its own tasting room. The rooms are quite large! It was $15 for a flight of wine, beer, or cider.

We debated, and decided that Bob would have a flight of beer. I am picky about wines and cider and may not like the ones in the flights.

I drove us back to the State Park. We settled in for the evening, sitting outside reading our books. It became too chilly to sit outside, low 70’s with a wind. Bob grilled some chicken for dinner. We also ate the corn we had purchased and it was excellent! I rode my bike after dinner. What a disaster that was. For some reason, my bike was making a lot of noise and I was having trouble shifting gears. When I returned, Bob checked the bike. Evidently, when it was on the bike rack, behind the rig, a piece of metal was pushed up against the chain. So Bob pushed it back, and it seems to be better. We watched some local TV. Reruns of the original CSI.

Tuesday– Bob started the morning doing some of his “1st of the month” tasks. I did some quick cleaning. We left around 9:30 and drive south on Hwy. 96A. We stopped in Ovid to see the Three Bears. They are the three government buildings that are called the Three Bears.

We continued on Hwy 96A, stopping at Lamoureux Landing Vineyard. There are a lot of Vineyards on the road. Some breweries and many have hard ciders. We stopped at this vineyard since we have friends named Lamoureux. The vineyard had 3 ice wines. We paid $10 for the tasting of 5 wines. I tried a Riesling, a Moscoto, and the three ice wines. They were all good, but nothing I wanted to purchase.

We continued south, stopping at this water fall.

State Park waterfall

We entered the Town of Watkins Glen. We stopped for lunch at a nice little seafood restaurant. We both had the Lobster Roll, which was very good and not overpriced.

We drove farther south, looking for the waterfalls that were in the one of the books we picked up at the Visitor Center.

Near Watkins Glen

We drove thru the town of Watson Glen to this little waterfall, above. As we drove back into town, we were looking for the famous Watson Glen waterfall, this is in the Hallmark Movies. It was right in front of us!

We pulled over to park, took the dogs, and walked to the falls.

Watson Glen Falls

We drove back north on Hwy. 14, on the west side of the lake. Just as we were leaving town, I spotted this water fall.

Mountour Falls

We stopped at a brewery for Bob. He enjoyed all of the beers.

We took a side trip to Penn Yan, on lake… We stopped for ice cream in a little candy/ice cream shop. They had some weird soda’s!

We continued north, back to Geneva, drove thru town, then turned south onto Hwy. 96 A, taking us back to Sampson State Park.

I tried again to ride my bike. It is really behaving funny. It is still making a lot of noise, and I still can’t shift gears. We are going to have to take it to a bike shop. Bob has worked with it, but he can’t seem to get it working right.

Wednesday- We left around 9:30 and drove south on Hwy. 96A. We turned onto Hwy. 138 for almost 2 miles, which took us to Hwy. 898. This is the western Cayuga Lake Scenic Drive. We stopped at Taughannock Falls in Taughannock State Park. We parked in the RV parking, with 7 cars, who were taking up the RV parking sites! Geez, there was plenty of room in the car parking lot!! We took the dogs and walked across the street to see the falls. Isn’t it beautiful?

We left and turned back onto Hwy. 89, taking us south into the town of Ithaca. It is the home of Cornell University. There signs for a detour for Hwy. 13 south, so we took the detour. We followed the signs to a dead end. What was with that?? Fortunately, there was an easy turn around. We found the right road. As we were traveling through some road construction, we spotted a Petsmart. We pulled in, as we need Roxie’s prescription food. We parked and Bob went in to get the bag of food. They do not have a Banfield Vet office in the Petsmart, so they do not have any prescription foods.

Bob returned to the rig and Googled Banfield Offices in NY. There are none! That is an issue for us. The guy in the Petsmart told Bob to try the Cornell University Vet. School. So we Googled phone numbers. After many attempts, we finally got to Jessica in the Pharmacy. She checked to make sure that they had the food, which they did, in a 17 lb bag.  Roxie weighs 15 lbs! We usually buy a smaller bag.  She told us to bring her Roxie’s prescription, and then she could order the food to be brought up. It would be ready after 2 pm.

Oh boy, then the day really started! We had to drive through a torn up town, with lots of detours, narrow streets, and we had to climb Mt. Everest! It was all uphill all the way to the Vet School. Holy moly, there went our diesel mileage! It was pretty much straight up. We finally reached the school. We quickly switched drivers and Bob went into the pharmacy while I parked in the back of the parking lot.  I read my book. I looked up at one point and I could see Bob on his cell phone. I thought, rightly, that he was calling our AZ Vet. They would not accept the card that we use at Banfield. A while later, Bob texted me and I went and picked him up. We now went down the mountain. At least most of the way. I put in the GPS to go to Buttermilk State Park. I should have put in the falls. Oops, up and down we went on narrow roads. At least on this part of the drive, there was not a lot of traffic. We finally arrived at the falls, taking a long route instead of the short route. The short route had not included up and down! Since we are staying in a state park, we do not have to pay the daily state park parking fee of $9. We parked and walked over to the falls. There was not enough water to allow swimming at the bottom of the falls. Usually swimming is allowed.

We were hungry at this point so we were looking for a place to have lunch. We could not find anywhere with parking, so we finally ended up at McDonalds. We went into the McD’s and my phone rang. It was our AZ Vet office. The gal said that she had sent the prescription to Cornell, and checked to make sure they got it. When she talked to them, they told her that we had to call to check in. So Bob went back to the RV to get the business card with the pharmacy phone number, while I waited for the food.

We sat and Bob called the pharmacy. He had to leave a message. He also noticed that his check card was missing. He had used it yesterday, when he ran into Walmart to pick up some oatmeal for me, and mainly to get some cash.

So he called the Credit Union and I went into our account and checked to see if we had any issues. Bob cancelled the card and a new one is being sent to him. We had no issues, but someone called Bob, saying that they were NFCU. The guy called him Bob, not Robert. So Bob hung up. They were phishing.

We went to Lower Enfield Falls. We parked in one of the camping sign-in sites. We got the dogs out of the rig. In front of us was a big truck with fire wood being delivered. Just as we were walking past the driver, he banged with a mallet, on the tailgate. He scared the dogs. Roxie told him off! The guy apologized to her! She accepted his apology. It was really funny…

We walked out to the falls. This falls was really pretty and they had swimming in the pool at the bottom of the falls.

We left to go to Businessman’s Lunch Falls. It was back, on the way to the Vet School. We went to turn left, and the road was closed. The GPS took us to the next street. We turned left onto it and it turned out it was also closed, so we had to turn around. We decided to just go to the Vet School, as we were half way up the mountain anyway. We arrived around 1:45. At 1:50, Jennifer from the Pharmacy called. She said that they had received the prescription and we could pick up the food tomorrow after 2 PM. WHAT?? I explained that we were in the parking lot and that Jessica had told us that we could pick it up after 2 today. I also explained that we were travelling, in our RV, and that we would not be in Ithaca tomorrow.  She said hold. After 7 minutes, she came back on and said that we could pick up the food at 2:20. So Bob walked the dogs and I read. Bob went into the Pharmacy at 2:20. He texted me to pick him up. I went to up get him, so that he did not have to carry the 17lb. bag so far.

We had to go back down the mountain and through town. We were both exhausted at this point after all this stress! So we returned to Sampson State Park, set up and sat inside reading our books. My phone needed to be charged, and I was waiting for the guy from the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge to call me back about our site tomorrow. I did not want to miss his call.

We grilled chicken for dinner, read and went to bed, early at 9, as we were both falling asleep.

Thursday- Moving day. The phone rang and Larry from the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge called me back, after 2 days! He asked the usual questions and told us to move into site 1. Now that we had a site, we drove to the Geneva Bike Shop to drop off my bike. The repair guy looked at it and told us that my cables were broken. So he had to replace them. He said that the bike is very dried out. We explained that we were from Arizona, so he agreed, that was the reason. He said he could have it ready in an hour, but we told him we would come back tomorrow. Late in the afternoon, I received a text that the bike was ready.

We went to Walmart, then off to Seneca Falls. The drive took us past the Moose Lodge and further east. We drove thru Waterloo. That is technically where the Moose Lodge is located, but the Lodge in on the western edge, closer to Geneva. The town of Waterloo is very cute, with some nice little stores and the Museum of Memorial Day. The guy who came up with Memorial Day lived here. The museum is small, and was not open that day.

We continued east to the town of Seneca. We stopped for lunch at Penny’s Café, which was our kind of place. A small town café, where everyone in the restaurant knew each other and the food was great! I had a turkey Panini and Bob had a huge fish sandwich.

We continued east into downtown Seneca Falls. We parked in a parking lot down near the local river/canal. This canal runs from Lake Ontario west for miles. This is definitely a boating area.

Canal from Lake Ontario west

We took the dogs and I ran into the NP building. Inside I stamped some paper for the NP Passport book and took some pictures. Bob walked the dogs in the grassy area between the NP building and the Wesleyan Church.

We walked the dogs through town to Trinity Church. On the way back to the motor home, I saw this in one of the stores. What a great idea!

Then we returned to the motor home and drove to Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home. We could not find parking, as it is on a tiny narrow street, so we took this picture and continued on our way.

We drove back west, passing the Moose Lodge and stopped for ice cream at Peppy’s Ice Cream stand. The ice cream was excellent and has been voted the best in the area by the locals.

We back tracked about ¼ mile to the Moose Lodge and set up for the night. We sat outside with the dogs until 5:00. We went into the Lodge to have a drink and to eat dinner. On the 1st and 3rd Thursdays they serve wings and/or pizza. We chose pizza, which was a thick crust pepperoni. We added mushrooms. It was a ¼ sheet of pizza for $11. We had a lot left over which we took back to the rig.

We returned to the rig at almost 6:30 dogs who had been terrified they were going to miss a meal. LOL.  We sat outside and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We returned to the bike shop and picked up my bike. I rode it around the parking lot behind the building, and as the repair guy said, it was like a new bike! Only $38 to have it repaired.

We went to Walmart and did our shopping. We had to purchase a new coffee maker, as the top of our Black and Decker broke. They do not have parts for this coffee maker, so we decide to just pitch it and buy a new one. We bought a new Mr. Coffee 12 cup. Unfortunately, it has a glass carafe, but the only one with a metal carafe was too big.

We drove back west again and traveled south on the east side of Cayuga Lake, the second largest Finger Lake. We drove south, but the views were not as nice as they had been for Seneca Lake. We stopped for lunch in a fishing area called Union Springs. When we arrived we were the only ones there. We ate lunch out on the patio, under cover. It was very pretty and the food was really good.

We continued south to Aurora. Just before town, the road went closer to the lake, so the views improved. After Aurora, the road goes back out from the lake, so we decided to turn around and head north again. We drove back to the Moose Lodge and took a nap.

The Lodge opened at 4, and around 4:30 we went to the Lodge to work on our computers. We have not had any internet for days. We both had trouble with our computers. First I had a heck of a time getting online. It turned out, my computer had somehow gotten into airline mode. Once I discovered that, Microsoft did a big update. At least is did it on the Lodge internet and did not use our data.

Once that was done, we could get into our bank accounts and take care of business. While I was posting the blog from 2 weeks ago, Microsoft grabbed Bob’s computer and did the same update. These updates took a while. We did not get back to the rig until after 6.

We grilled pork chops, ate dinner, and sat outside until the mosquitos started biting. We had no mosquitos at the State Park. We went in and watched some TV.

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