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Sat. July 24 Campbell (Corning area) NY to Fri. July 30 Henrietta (Rochester area) NY

Saturday- We left and went to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. Our reservation was at 10 AM. We arrived and parked in their RV/Bus parking area. We left the generator running so that the dogs had air conditioning.

We walked over to the Welcome Center and boarded the shuttle bus for the museum. We walked in and right up to the counter. We were given stickers and started our tour of the facility. This was an awesome museum. There was glass from 1500 BC to Corelle-ware! There was glass from many different countries and exhibits on glass fiber optics and eye glasses. It was amazing! Below, it took me over an hour to put in the following pictures, and for some reason I lost the rest of the pictures I was going to put in. Sorry, but I need to move on….

To return to the motor home, we took the free shuttle. It took us downtown first on its return route. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes, so we got off downtown and walked over to the Corning Outlet. We caught the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and walked over to the rig. We stopped at Walmart and Wegmans while we were in town. We returned to Campbell, stopping 0.3 of a mile from the park, for some really good ice cream. I had chocolate amaretto soft serve. Bob had chocolate amaretto with black raspberry swirl soft serve. They were really tasty!

Sunday- We did the laundry at the park. They had 4 W/D. We did our usual Sunday tasks, ate lunch, and then started working on our next plans. What I am finding with BW, is that places that we had planned to stay are no longer in the system. That is a pain in the neck! We now have to find somewhere else to stay. We found places for the next 2 weeks.

We read our books and watched some recorded TV after dinner.

Monday- Moving day. We left around 9 and traveled on I-86 to Top of the Rise RV Park outside of Jamestown NY. This was a PA park $17.50/night, and it might have been the nicest park we have stayed in during this trip. They will only allow 2 nights under PA. We set up and sat outside enjoying the nice weather. The sun started hitting the side of the rig, so we moved to the porch that they have overlooking the lake below. We sat in Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the view, the shade, and our books.

Tuesday- We left around 9:30 to go to Jamestown. We went to the parking lot at the National Comedy Center. The NCC is located 2 blocks from The Lucy and Desi Museum.

We parked in a regular parking place, near the back of the lot. More on that fiasco later!

We walked over to the museum and went in. By combining the two museums, we saved a lot of money. We wanted to see both anyway.

Once we paid, the employee puts a wrist band on you. You check in at their computer kiosk to set up a profile. First the computer takes your picture, then you check off your favorite comedians, then TV shows, and movies. Based on your personal preferences, you continue through the museum and the various displays recognizes you, when you check in and check out of the various exhibits. It’s really cool!

Our first stop was George Carlin. We listened to his “fart” sketch. I had forgotten how fast he talked and how funny he was.

Next we went into another room which was set up like a comedy club. As you sat at a table, you swiped your band, then voted for who were your favorites, who matched the other people at their tables. We watched Jim Gaffigan. Also, they showed a review of how various comedians deal with hecklers.

The next stop was to sit and watch late night comedians. Both of us watched skits by Johnnie Carson. We watched several other comedians also.

We continued on to a room where they had a quiz. They show you information about someone and you have to guess the comedian. After 5 hints I correctly chose the right person.

The next section was cartoons. We went in to a room and watched some movie clips, based on who we both chose. We ended up watching “partners”. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, playing off of each other. Also a scene from Ghostbusters.

Next was the USO comedian performers. Of course Bob Hope, but also Robin Williams and Drew Carey. Williams and Carey both lined up a lot of comedians and went to entertain the troops many times.

There was a great Laugh-in display as well as Saturday Night Live.

After that, we were able to play with some props. You could take a prop, put it on a table, and the table would display what the prop did and how it would have been used…

The next to final area was Karaoke, in a café, and an area where you could play different TV or movie parts. We just walked through those two areas. The final area was where you put your wrist band up to a machine, and they tell you the type of comedy you enjoy.

We left and walked up to a brewery. They were not open, so we ended up at a coffee house for lunch. Bob had a sandwich and I had a salad. My salad came with Gouda cheese. Usually, it is smoked Gouda. This was blue Gouda. I do not tolerate blue cheese. Unfortunately, they had to make me a new salad.

Our next stop was almost next door, at the Lucy and Desi Museum. We just showed them our wrist bands, they gave us a map, and sent us into the museum.

The museum is in two locations. We went into the first one and saw the following.

Then we left and went ½ a block up and into the second part of the museum.

Desi after Lucy
Desilu productions
Lucy’s Mame Broadway Costume
Lucy’s Awards

From there, we returned to the rig, in the now crowded parking lot. I should have taken some pictures. The guy on the driver’s side, parked farther to the left, which gave us a few feet. The idiot on the passenger side of the rig, might have some small dents, as he parked so close, we had trouble getting into the rig. So now came the challenging part! There was a whole line of cars parked behind us. We lucked out. The guy on the left came by, heading to lunch with his friends, and stopped to ask if we needed him to move his car. We said yes. He moved to a different parking place, closer to the entrance to the parking lot. (Let me stop and say, there is a parking garage next to the Lucy/Dezi museum, which is near where they will be opening a Visitor Center, needless to say, we cannot use a parking garage.)

Now we were able to maneuver. Bob backed straight back, then moved to the left. With me directing, we moved the rig back and forth until we could get the rig out. By this time, a couple in a car behind us arrived. They asked if moving would work. No, we were almost out. After Bob got the rig out, the lady, from the car behind told us how impressed she was with us!

We left and went to the Cemetery to visit Lucy’s grave. She is buried with her family. Her father and several relatives are in the same grave. Her mother and aunts are in a line beside her. It was easy to find the grave, as you just followed the signs.

It started to sprinkle, so we hustled. We stopped for some ice cream at a 50’s type place. It was really, really good ice cream! Between the ice cream and Walmart, we had a thunderstorm. It cleared out when we arrived at Walmart. We stopped for diesel on the way back to the RV Park. It had not rained at the RV Park, which was good, since we had left our chairs in our site.

The temperature dropped and it became windy, so we stayed inside.

Wednesday- Moving day. We traveled thru the countryside, eventually getting onto I-90 east. We stopped for lunch in a rest area. I had called ahead, and found that we could stay at the Moose Lodge in Henrietta NY, just south of Rochester. We checked in with Bob, the camping coordinator. It is $20 per night, with water (available) and 30 or 50 amp electric.

During all the back and forth with the rig yesterday, in the parking lot, I had noticed that the front tires were really worn on the outside. Bob said he had been watching them, but they had changed faster than he thought they would. We had spent time last night, trying to figure out where we could get the front end aligned and two new tires.

Bob had called around, and a guy at Thru-Way Spring Truck Repair, said that if we could be there at 7:30, he would try to squeeze us in…. We said we would be there. It is about 8 miles from the Moose Lodge.

We settled into the Moose lodge, on grass, with 30 amp. We had 5 G with 5 bars, so in the evening, we streamed some Netflix.

Thursday- We were up at “o’dark thirty”, and left at 6:45. We arrived at the tire place at 7:10. Cody took us in at 7:20, but the 7:30, appointment arrived and he had to take us back out. The dogs were pretty upset by all this! They thought they were being “dog knapped”. At this facility, no pets are allowed inside, so the poor dogs were inside the rig. We sat inside the waiting room. The waiting room was Covid ready, as there was no coffee or magazines. We had our coffee and books with us.

Finally, Cody finally took the rig in and it took a little over an hour. I went to the rig and Bob paid for the service. When we got into the rig and turned on the tire pressure monitor, Bob noticed that they had put too much air in the tires. So Bob went in and the employee, Cody, came and got the rig and took it back in to let air out of the tires. I had been inside, sitting between the dogs, reading my book. I stayed quiet and went with the rig into the bay. Bob doesn’t think Cody knew I was there.

After that we were on the road. We stopped at Costco. We ate lunch at DiBello’s, a sub place in this area. There are a lot of them around. We were not impressed!

We stopped at Walmart and Walgreens. We returned to the Moose Lodge for the night. We watched Jim Gaffigan on Netflix. He talked a lot about Canada.

 Friday- We did some tasks around the rig. At about 9:30, we left for a laundromat. We just had to stop at Tim Horton’s for a sweet treat, on the way, after listening to Jim Gaffigan!

We finished at this very nice laundromat at around 11:30. We stopped at another Tim Horton’s for lunch. Bob hated his chicken Panini. I had basically an egg McMuffin, which was very good!  We went about ½ a mile, and stopped at a Super Cuts for me to get my haircut. This is my first haircut since we left in May. I really needed a trim. The gal, Allison, was very good. I would go to her again, if we were in the area!

It was 12:20, so we decided to go to the Eastman House and Museum. It was about 9 miles away. When we arrived, there was no RV parking, but there was a car with a U-Haul trailer behind it, so we parked next to him.  It was cool, so we opened the sunroof and put the back fan on for the dogs. The museum was $18 each for seniors. We started in the house.

We went to the house, on the self guided tour.

The house was interesting because Eastman grew up poor. His mother raised him after his father passed. He had several siiblings. He was a self made man. He built the house and took care of his mother. He also loved music, and he had an organizst on staff, who played his organ daily for his entertainment. The organ pipes went up to the second and third floor. Eastman never married.

avrite organ

We completed our tour at about 2:30, so we returned straight to the Moose Lodge. There was another RV parked on the gravel area. They are not connected to electric, so we think they did not want to pay the $20 per day/ donation.

There was a party in the Pavilion. They played the music pretty loud, until 9:45.

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