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Sat. July 17 to Fri. July 23- Sturbridge MA to

Satuday- We went to Springfield MA to Costco, which it turnout was actually in Connecticut, just a few miles over the border. We arrived at about 9:45, and walked right in. Bob had dropped his iPad on the gravel, while we were sitting outside all those days, and the glass top had broken. It was not working right either due to the break.

He had looked at Costco and Best Buy, and the Costco price was $30 less. We did our shopping, but they were out of the iPads. So we went to Best Buy. They were out of the iPad that Bob wanted, and they only one they had was $100 more with a lot of Gigs. They only had one and no employees. The manager finally waited on Bob.

We left and went to Crepes Tea House for lunch. Since it had not been too long since we had crepes, we both ordered something different. Items that we have never had before!

Bob had Sweet Vareniki with Cherries. It is kind of like a pierogi. The cherries were inside and they were topped with a strawberry sauce. I had Pelmeni Dumplings. Both are Russian. Mine came with sautéed mushrooms and onions and sour cream. They were delicious. Of course, we could not go to a crepe restaurant without having a crepe. We had a hot chocolate crepe which came with whipped cream. It was also delicious! There was also a nice sounding German Restaurant in town that if we return, we will go to dinner there. We were not impressed with their lunch menu.

We returned to the park after lunch and had a quiet afternoon. It rained off and on. We had one very loud clap of thunder, which sounded like it was right in front of the motor home!

Sunday- Whew, at about 3 AM, a horrible thunderstorm came thru. There was a lot of lightening, thunder and rain. Lots and lots of heavy rain! I was worried we were going to float away!

When we woke up for the day, it was not raining, so we took the laundry over to the laundry room. We were second there, and got all four of the machines. We did the four loads of laundry. It lightly rained several times during the morning.

It stayed hot and humid all day. We stayed inside in the air conditioning.

Monday- Moving day. We drove west on I-90. We stopped in Stockbridge to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. They had RV parking which was nice. The parking was with the buses, but there were no other RV’s or buses there. The parking was in the shade and the weather was comfortable so we did not have to start up the generator and the air conditioner. We opened the sunroof and turned on the back fan, for the dogs. We ate a quick lunch in the rig.

There were several art decorations, from local artists, prior to the building. Here is one…

Outside Rockwell Museum

We had a 12:00 reservation, $18 senior rate per person. We showed the tickets on the cell phone, and were sent downstairs first. This area was where all the copies of the Saturday Night Post were located. There was also a movie about Rockwell.

President Kennedy was his last Saturday Evening Post cover

We moved upstairs. The first room to the right was a different display. It was about fairies, witches, monsters, etc. We were not impressed.

At least this one was someone we recognized!

This was two rooms, and they were definitely not something we would have gone to see. The last three rooms were Rockwell. We wandered thru the rooms enjoying Rockwell’s illustration art.

They of course send you thru the gift shop as you exit. We left and went to his studio. The museum is not in the site of his home. The home, which is in town, is a private home. The studio was moved to this site. The house that is also there, was never Rockwell’s home, it was part of the donation of the land. The house, which is a typical “summer home”, is now the foundation offices.

Outside the studio, which was moved to this site.

The studio is exactly like he left it and the view from the studio is beautiful.

The docent in the studio.
The last illistration he worked on before he died.

We had wanted to stop and spend the night at a brewery on the way south, but the brewery was closed on Monday. Had we been on our original schedule we could have stayed there. We are flexible!

So Bob called the Elks Lodge in Poughkeepsie and they had a site open. We drove straight there. It was 1.5 hours south. So we started following the Google Maps GPS. We were on our way to a turnpike. Right before the turnpike entrance I saw a sign that said 10.0 ft. height limit. I had Bob pull over. He only saw the signs for cars only. We had to turn around and go back. While we were stopped, we started the RV GPS which has height limits for the RV set for our height. We don’t use this GPS, because we cannot use the back camera at the same time, and it is nice to be able to see what is behind us. This GPS took us to the Elks Lodge.

When we arrived, we were sent to the back of the lodge, where they had 110 volt electric sockets. Being careful, not to run too many electric objects at the same time, we use 11 amps. The 110 volts seems to be 15 amps. We paid the Lodge $15 for the night and went in and had drinks. I had wine and Bob had beer. We ate dinner in the rig, as the Lodge only has dinners on Fri and Sat nights. We had a nice quiet night.

Tuesday- The best laid plans… we left and went to the Moose Lodge to check it out. Since I was in the area, I wanted to check to see if they had hook ups. The Moose Lodge is actually in Hyde Park.  It had a field; that was it. At the Elks we had electric and a paved parking lot.

Then we stopped at the Stop and Shop for some sandwich meat. We drove a few miles north and stopped at the Vanderbilt Mansion. We found RV parking and walked to the Visitor Center. I stamped the Vanderbilt Mansion, FDR’s Home, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s home in the NP Passport book. We walked up to the desks to show our geezer pass, and the NP Ranger said that they were closed. They are only doing tours on Fridays and Saturdays. So we got the dogs out of the rig and walked them around the Mansion. We could not get to the gardens, as they were chopping down some trees. The NPS has allowed the trees along the river to grow, so the view is not as spectacular as it would have been when the Vanderbilt’s lived there.

Front of the Vanderbilt Mansion
Rear of the Vanderbilt Mansion which faces the Hudson River.

We went back to the rig and I went online to find where is said that they were closed. Wouldn’t you expect that to be on the front page, with the COVID restrictions? It was not, I had to hunt for the fact that they were closed during the week. I went and checked both of the Roosevelt homes websites, and they were also closed. So we changed our plans. We were going to visit all three of these sites, then return to the Elks Lodge. Instead, I quickly changed our reservation at the TT in Accord NY, where we were going tomorrow. We stopped for diesel, $3.29 /gal. We crossed the Hudson River and drove to New Paltz.

In New Paltz, there is the historical Huguenot Street. I downloaded the app on my phone. They had parking for the street. We took the dogs walking with us and walked over to the Visitor Center. Huguenot Street is a state historical site. “It features the most significant, intact architectural concentration of late 17th and early 18th century stone house museums in the United States.” Taken from their brochure. They have some guided tours, but not today.

After the visitor center, we walked over to a replica Esopus Munsee wigwam.

The area is on a ridge above the Hudson River.

We also visited some of the homes.

We left and went to the Clemson Brewery for lunch. Bob had his flight. He does not usually like IPA’s, but the hazy IPA at Clemson was one he really liked a lot. He actually bought a four pack of the IPA. He said it had various citrus flavors.

Bob and his flight.

We had a nice lunch, then left with me driving, and we continued on our way to Rondout Valley TT in Accord NY. I think this is the nicest TT we have ever visited. We asked for a site where we could get satellite, and we are in one, but we do not have sewer. We have 30 amp with water.

The temperature is still high with very high humidity. We are also noting a lot of smoke in the air, which is traveling east from the fires in the west. We stayed in the rig this evening. We were able to stream two movies. We watched the new Bruce Willis on Netflix. It was just okay. I am glad we did not pay for the movie. We started watching. Gunpowder Milkshake. That was a better movie. Go girls! Both movies were trending on Netflix.

Wednesday- We left around 10, and drove the 12 miles to Walmart. Our electric can opener had broken. We had purchased a new one and it also does not work well.  We have had several of these can openers, and usually they work for a couple of years. So we purchased a manual can opener. We also picked up a few other items.

We returned and stopped to take a picture of the Kelder’s Garden Nome. They say it is the world’s largest!

We set back up in the site and sat outside. The weather had changed and was so much better. It was in the high 70’s and partly cloudy. No rain, for a change.

At 4 we rode our bikes down to the store. We had some ice cream, and returned to the rig. We sat out some more, reading. We ate dinner and finished the movie from last night.

Thursday- We took a long bike ride around the park this morning. Then we packed up the rig to go about 16 miles to Angry Orchard Cider Mill, which opened at noon. We arrived early to get an acceptable parking place. Another couple arrived, in a car, and said that the Cider Mill was dog friendly. So we all walked our dogs up to the Mill. Bob stayed outside with the dogs and I went inside. I found that we could take the dogs outside in the back of the building where they had a lot of tables and chairs. Bob walked around the building and I went through. I found us a table and we sat in the shade. I went in at 12, and tried to order a ‘flight’ of cider, which they said on the website that they had. Nope, they are no longer doing the flights. I was very disappointed! I did try two samples of the ‘sweet’ ciders, the Peach/Mango and then the Crisp Apple, which was okay.

The Cider Mill
Tables out back on the lawn.
My Crisp Apple Hard Cider.

We ate lunch and returned the way we came. We stopped at the Kelder’s Farm Market, where the largest Garden Nome is located. We each had a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. There were a lot of Hasidic (ulta Orthodox) Jews there with their kids. We are so used to seeing Amish, this was a change.

We returned to the RV Park, and sat outside, as the weather had become so nice! It was in the high 70’s with a lot less humidity. We had a dinner and watched Billions on satellite.

Friday- Moving day- we could not get reservations at this TT for the weekend, so we moved to Corning NY. We have reservations for 10 AM in the morning for the museum. We stopped at a rest area on the way for lunch. We arrived at Camp Bell in Campbell NY. It is a nice little family campground. It is PA, which we had planned on using, but with our change in dates, due to the air conditioner, we could not use the PA, as it is only valid Mon-Thu. So we paid the regular price, $35 ea, for Fri, Sat, and Sun.

They do not have sewer, so we stopped at the dump station on the way in. We parked and settled in for the evening. Around 5, 4 cars arrived for the site next to us. They are in tents and with a lot of people. They looked at the site and said, “we did not realize the sites were so small”. I suggested they talk to the owners. They did, and one of the owners came over. His name is Mr. Ed. He said that they had not told them that they were going to have so many people or several tents. They did put one tent in the field across from us, but the 12 person tent is sort of in our site. Mr. Ed loved our dogs! He spent a lot of time with them.

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