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Sat July 3 to Fri July 9-Hummarock MA to Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The weather has been awful. Cold and rainy. We were staying in a beautiful spot, right on the water, between the ocean and a river inlet. It would have been beautiful if we could see it!

I worked on older blogs in the morning, we ate lunch, and Bob needed two items to work on the rig. So we went to a True Value in the town of Scituate. When we arrived in town, it had temporarily stopped raining, so we walked up and down the town. Bob picked up the two items he needed and we returned to the RV Park. We are guessing due to it being the holiday weekend, they had armed soldiers checking us in and out at the gate.  

The front right tire had been setting off the tire monitor, saying it had too much air in it, so Bob had purchased a valve stem tool. He also needed a larger drill bit to put locks on the pantry doors. He had already purchased the locks. We need the locks, as when we are not exactly flat, the drawers keep opening. He worked on that the rest of the afternoon. There are 4 drawers and he put one on each of the drawers. They work really well!

We read our books and watched some local TV. The wind was howling so much we could hear the statellite moving; we had to put down the satellite dish.

Sunday- Happy 4th of July. We left early and went to the town of Plymouth. Our first stop was at The National Monument to the Forefathers. “Thought to be the largest solid granite monument in the United States, this 81-foot-tall granite statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. Boston sculptor Hammatt Billings designed the monument which features allegorical figures depicting the virtues of Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. A dedication on the monument reads, ‘National Monument to the Forefathers.’ Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and sufferings for the cause of civil and religious liberty. The original design called for the monument to be nearly twice as tall at 150 feet (just under the Statue of Liberty’s height of 151 feet). “ (Copied from their website).

We were able to park along the outside of the monument, and we walked the dogs up to look at the monument. It was very interesting. It is a state park, free,  not federal park.

We went to the downtown area.  We found a parking space and paid $2 for one hour of parking. Then we took the dogs and walked down to the harbor.

Our first stop was at a statue of “Massasoit Great Sachem of the Wampanoags Protector and Preserver of the Pilgrims.” (From the sign on the statue).

Next was the monument to the Pilgrims who are buried on the hill.

Plymouth Harbor
Plymouth Rock Monument

We walked down the stairs and went to look at the famous Plymouth Rock. My mother, who was from Boston, took me to see the rock when I was about 10. I thought at the time, “okay, it’s a rock”, I still think the same thing today!

We wandered in the little park looking at the replica of the ship. It sure was small to carry so many people!

A shell decoration.
Another street decoration

We left Plymouth and went to the Old Scituate Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is a private home.
We saw hundreds of red hearts like this all over the area. We were not sure what they were for; it is Pride Month, so we thought they might be for LGBT, but we saw lots of the Rainbow Flags. Finally we decided that they were at thank-you for the Frist Responders and Health Care Providers.

We returned to the rig and settled in for the afternoon. The weather had cleared a bit, so we walked over to the ocean side and I took pictures of the ocean and the inlet.

Our rig is on the right.
This is where the road fell into the water.

 We could see fireworks over in the town, from the RV.

Monday- We had a quiet day, where we did not go anywhere. We read, I worked on older blogs, and we watched some TV. It did not rain all day. It remains very humid. The skies cleared and it was a beautiful day!

At around 2, we rode our bikes the 2 miles to the center of Humarock. We dropped an envelope off at the Post Office, then stopped for ice cream at the little ice cream shop. We both had chocolate soft serve cones. We rode our bikes up to the ocean walkway. Notice the pad that you walk on to the ocean. There is no sand, just rocks! Nothing like the southern beaches. Plus, the water temperature is 62 degrees! Too cold for us!

Lots of beach rocks!

We rode the bikes back. It was a lot easier riding back, as the wind was now at our backs.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Tuesday- Moving day again.We left around 9, and traveled out of the base park. There were no MP’s at the gate today. We drove north, then west, then south to Sturbridge MA. On the way we stopped at the rest area for lunch. We were almost to Sturbridge, so we stopped at the Walmart and the Stop and Shop. It was warm now, and Bob went to turn on the air conditioner for the dogs, while we went to the Stop and Shop. No cold air! The compressor was gone, on the ‘new to us’ air conditioner we just had put in the rig about 2 weeks ago! It was hot and very humid, but at this point, we had the driver’s compartment air conditioner. Bob stayed with the dogs and the engine running while I ran into the grocery store.

We drove to the park and were met by a ranger. He let us in and gave us our welcome packet. He took us around to the sites that were open. We tried one site, but it was too un-level. So he took us to another site. We dumped on the way, because the first site did not have a sewer connection. This new site did have the sewer and we were able to get satellite. We paid the $5 for the internet service, as we only had one bar. We were not able to stream in the evening, but we watched some shows we had recorded.

Bob sent a text to the RV Tech in Lancaster PA, who had put in the air conditioner. I looked up how far it was, 316 miles, 5.5 hours. It always takes us longer than the estimated time.

There is a lake here. We went up to the store and found that we could take the dogs into the lake. So we changed into our bathing suits and went to the lake to cool off. That helped a lot!

The dogs went into the lake with us. Koda had obviously swum before, as she was fearless. Roxie took some coaching. Then they left the lake and ran around the beach, around and around. They must have really need a run! We got caught having the dogs off leash, but did not get into too much trouble as everyone else on the beach thought the dogs were cute.

At 4, Bob took the dogs for a walk around the lake. That gave them time to dry off and to get the sand off themselves. At 5, we heard the first thunder roar! So everyone got out of the lake and went home. We had the fan running. We had to close up when the rain started. When it stopped, we were able to open the rig back up. It was still humid, but the temperature had dropped from 90 to 80, and it continued to drop to 69 at around 8 pm.

The bad weather had cleared out, so we slept with the windows open.

Wednesday- I woke up thinking, we did not check Amazon to see if we could get an air conditioner shipped to us. I clicked on one, which was a Coleman Mach 15. We had a Coleman Mach 10.  All of the Mach 10’s are backordered. The Mach 15 is not. I had shown the info to Bob. He went to the View/Navion FB page and found that the Mach 10 is junk. Everyone is changing over to the Mach 15 as it is quieter and lasts longer, although, it seems all the Coleman’s are junk.  The Mach 10 is known for dying after a year, if it lasts that long!

So plans immediately changed. We are not planning to go back to Pennsylvania. We are waiting for the store to open, in the park, and we will find out who the local RV Tech is and call him. We will see if he can get a Mach 15 faster than Amazon or we will order one on Prime. At just before 10, we walked up to the store. The lady next door and her cousin walked with us. The people next to us are new to RV’ing, and her cousin has been helping them. Their hot water heater is not working although they might have gotten it going. The cousin, Linda, checked to see if they could stay another few days. They were told that they could, so they left. We got the name of the RV Tech that the park recommends.

Bob called the RV Tech, Pete, and he has the Mach 10’s in stock. He cannot get to us until tomorrow. Okay, as long as there are the thunderstorms in the evening to cool it off, we can get by.

We sat outside the rig until after lunch. I took a short nap, with the fan directed at me. When I woke, we went to the lake again. I went in to cool off. Bob walked the dogs for a bit. When he returned, we tried to get them into the lake, but the decided they were not getting wet today. So we all sat outside in the shade. The Adirondack Chairs are very comfortable.

Around 4, we left and went back to the rig and took showers. The thunderstorms hit right around dinner time, again. We ate dinner and settled in to watch some TV. We ended up watching an old movie, Space Cowboys, which we had seen years ago.

Thursday- The hurricane is headed our way. It was cool, in the 60’s with a high of 72 today. At least we do not have to worry about it being too hot. The rain is expected to arrive in the afternoon. We have not heard from the RV tech as to what time he is going to arrive. So we are sitting in our site for the day. The rain did not start until later in the day, around 4. Bob talked to the RV Tech at 4:15, and he said he would be here between 5:30 and 6:00. He never showed up, which was okay, as he cannot put the new air conditioner on the roof in the rain. We watch the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, which we had never seen

Friday- It rained hard all night and is expected to rain hard most of the day. The rain is supposed to stop sometime between 2pm and 4pm. I keep working on the blog every day. Right now, I cannot get online to put the pictures into an older blog, as everyone in the park is on the internet. The RV Tech, Pete did not show up, again. Well, there is always tomorrow!

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