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Sat. July 10 to Fri. July 16- Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The day started out cool and humid. The weather improved all day, with the sun coming out, but it still was very humid. We took our laundry over to the laundry room. We were able to get 3 of the 4 machines. We did our laundry, 5 loads. We were back and forth to the laundry room numerous times. Once we had less than an hour left on the laundry, Bob called the RV Tech, Pete. He actually answered his phone!

Evidently his grandmother is sick, so he is taking the weekend off to be with family. Okay, at least we know that we can leave the TT to go grocery shopping!

We also got a little bit more of a story from the RV Tech. He can only come between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, as he is the Service Manager at Camping World. So he is working all day, and does this on the side.

We left and went to Sturbridge. We drove thru town, and stopped at the Cedar Road Café for lunch. They had a big parking lot and the weather was cool, so we opened the sunroof and turned on the back fan to keep the dogs cool.

We had a great lunch. Bob had an omelet with whole wheat toast and hash brown potatoes. I had a grilled cheese sandwich which was very good. It came with their homemade potato chips, which were not very good. That’s okay, I did not need them anyway!

We stopped to get diesel, $2.94/gal. Then we were off to the tiny Walmart and the Stop and Shop grocery store. We returned to the park and had a quiet afternoon. Bob grilled a pork loin for dinner. I made some baked beans and we had salad. We sat outside reading, then watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday- Thank goodness that the weather is staying cool, even if it is humid. We stayed home, sitting outside.  We also took the sheets and towels over to wash and dry them, later in the afternoon. We had another thunderstorm in the evening.

Monday- It rained most of the day, so we stayed inside, except for Bob walking the dogs. He dries them off each time they go out. Between rain drops we do wander around the park. Due to rain storms, the RV Tech is supposed to come tomorrow to work on the air conditioner.

Tuesday- We had an appointment for the dogs to be groomed at Bark and Bubble, a grooming business in Sturbridge. We dropped off the dogs, then went to Yankee Liquors, where Bob purchased some beer and I purchased some Seagram flavored drinks. Next we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Bob. We stopped for lunch at Anne’s Café. You know it is good when you see a lot of gray haired older women going in to the Café. Our meals were really good!

We stopped at Shaw’s grocery store. We did not find all that we needed, so we stopped at Shop and Go again.

Lastly, we stopped at the Sturbridge Post Office, then returned to pick up the happy dogs. They were very glad to see us. All dogs hate to be groomed! They had a pretty good grooming, so I took the shop’s business card in case we are in the area again.

On the way back, Bob called the park to ask if we could stop by the propane tank and get some propane. They said yes, and as we pulled up, a gal and guy were waiting for us. They only fill propane tanks between 12 and 3. According to them, we only needed 3 gallons. Bob is sure that we needed more, as we have used it a lot for hot water. He has an app on his phone which keeps track of the tank.

It was still cool and misty, but not raining. We cooked dinner and waited for the RV Tech to arrive. No he did not! No call, no text. We are not happy! One of the workers at the TT asks us daily if we have gotten our new air conditioner. We have been telling him no. We will see if we can get another tech to visit.

Wednesday- Bob texted the RV Tech. No response. He tried calling and left a message. The problem is there is no other close RV Tech. Bob called another guy, who is north of us. He will not be in the area until late next week. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but I called TT and spoke with them. They extended us until Monday the 19th.

We stayed home today. We had wanted to go to Old Sturbridge, but they are not open until tomorrow. Also, not everything is open, so we may have to return to the area to visit the historic village.

Bob texted the RV tech again. No response, again. We took the rig over to a tire place because Bob had found that two of the valve stems are rubbing the tires. The guy put a tround piece on both tire stems and did not charge us anything. We stopped at Anne’s Cafe where there is also an ice cream shop. We each had a scoop of ice cream.

Thursday- Bob found another RV Tech south of us. Bob explained the situation, and the guy worked Bob through a few things to try. One was that the tech thought that maybe the switch from heat to cold might be stuck. This may have started when Bob tried the heat in Humarock. So he turned the heat on, then waited, then turned it off, then waited, then turned on the cold. He did this several times. Finally, the cool stayed on. All of 15 minutes!

The tech had wanted to come today, but he got behind. He said he would call back in the morning. We sat outside as much as we could and BBQ’d dinner outside. The temp is getting hotter, in addition to the horrid humidity.

Friday- We started getting nervous when the tech did not call until almost 10. He had been researching our problem. He said he would be here about 11:15. He did not arrive until 12:15, as he got lost and went to the wrong RV Park, although he called several times on the way. His shop is about an hour away.

Rick arrived, and he is quite a talker! He got right to work. He tried a lot of different tasks. Bob watched. Finally, he thought there was no way he could fix it. Meanwhile, I had checked online again and yes, Amazon had some Mach 15’s. Rick said, he did not think so, as they will say they have an item, but then they don’t send it for a long time. I tried ordering, and it was just like what he said. They said that it would be here within 5 days of when it ships. They had no estimate on when it would ship. I canceled the order. I also tried Gander Mt. and Camping Worlds. No one has any RV air conditioners, any brand! I even tried RV salvage yards.

Rick was upset, as this was going to wreck his summer total. He has fixed everything so far this season! While he was here, a gal from the park came over to ask if he could work on a slide for another person. He said yes. So when he decided there was nothing he could do for us, he went to that person.

A little while later, he called us. Someone from Coleman (he had talked to several people from Coleman) had called him and told him that they frequently have problems like this. He told him to do an override of some sort. So he returned. He and Bob got up on the roof and he found the wires he needed to use. He fixed the problem!

Rick stayed for about ½ hour, making sure that the problem was fixed! We happily paid him!!

I asked for his business card. He declined to give it to me. He says that this area is too far out of his working range. He only came because we had no air conditioner, and it is so hot and humid. We had already complained to the park about Pete. The guy who had been checking on us daily, said that they had heard that he does not return calls or texts and is a no show frequently. Rick was one of the best RV Tech’s we have ever worked with, as he was not going to give up until he got the situation fixed! Bob gave him great reviews on RV Repairs and Google!

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