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June 26 Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA to July 2, Hummarock MA

Saturday- We were hot! The weather had changed from 70’s to 90’s with high humidity. We were pretty miserable. We sat outside most of the day. (Ice cream helped, LOL). We did not hear from the RV Tech most of the day. He had told us he would be here today. He never responded to calls or texts. He sent Bob a text at about 5 and said he was on the way. We had been pretty anxious all day.

He arrived, with his son, and had the air conditioner installed in about an hour. Whew, did that air feel good!

Sunday- We enjoyed the day in air conditioning. We went grocery shopping. That is about all you can do in this area, on a Sunday! We also stopped at a Pep Boys, for oil for the engine; they did not carry the correct oil. So we found an Advance Auto Parts, which carried the correct oil for our Mercedes engine.

Monday- Moving day. We left around 8:30, to drive to Marlton NJ. We went straight to the Elks Lodge. We had expected it to be a large lodge. It was tiny! The Lodge was not open until Wednesday evening.  There was no one there, so we parked in a site, hooked up to water and electric. Bob called the contact and left a message that we had arrived. The three days we were there, we were the only RV there. It was hot. The temp was in the 90’s with very high humidity.

We had a hard time finding a place close to Philadelphia to park the RV. There are no RV parks in the area. We needed the air conditioner so that the dogs would not cook!

Tuesday- at 8, we ordered an Uber. The driver arrived at about 8:20. We had him drive us to the Visitor Center in downtown Philadelphia, about 18 to 20 miles away. We went into the VC, and spoke with a guy at the information desk. He told us to go straight to Independence Hall to get tickets for the tour. We arrived at the Hall, and were told by the NP Ranger, that the tickets are given out at 8:30 each morning, and that we needed to be inline by 8, at the latest. There were no tickets available for today. Bob went online to get tickets, but none we available. We knew we could not be there at 8 tomorrow morning, so we were very disappointed.

We looked at the line for the Liberty Bell, and it was well over the ½ hour mark. So we went to the On/Off Tour Bus. We had a reservation for 10 AM. It was 9:30. There are two different companies, and they had combined due to Covid. You could ride either bus, with your ticket. So we boarded the first bus, and went upstairs, so we could see and I could take pictures.

Betsy Ross House

Betsy and her third husband are buried there. This is not certified to be her house.
China Town entrance. This is completely made without nails or screws to hold it together

Below is the City Hall

Below is a picture of some of the city architecture.

Above is a non-British church which was ransacked by the British during the Revolutionary War. On the close side of the cemetery is a Church of England which they left alone, as they went to church there while occupying Philadelphia. If you look closely at the cemetery, you will see some American flags, next to some of the graves. Each of the graves with the flag is the grave of a Revolutionary Soldier. We rode the bus all the way around the trip, 1.5 hours.

We arrived back at the beginning of the bus tour and transferred to another bus. We took that bus to the Reading Terminal Market. This is a huge building with lots of different vendors. We ate lunch at the Crepe shop. We wandered around and bought a piece of cake for me and a piece of Blackberry pie for Bob, at an Amish vendor.

We hopped back on the bus. We “hopped off ” the bus at the “Rocky Steps”, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Below is us at the top of the steps, looking over the mall. Yes, we climbed them!

Above are the Rocky footprints at the top of the steps

Above is the Rocky statue. One of the most visited sites in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Mueseum of Art does not consider the statue art, so they did not want the statue in front of the building. They moved the statue down to the right of the steps.

Across the street was a statue of George Washington on his horse. Washington’s face was taken from a “live” mask, so it is an accurate replica of his face.

We “hopped on”the bus and returned to the Visitor Center. We called for the Uber and returned to the RV. We had quiet evening.

Wednesday- At 8, we ordered another Uber. Again, we had the driver drop us off at the VC. We went in and I stamped paper with all the Philadelphia stamps. We went to the Liberty Bell and stood in line, as it was less than 30 minutes. My knees set off the security station, so I practically had a strip search. LOL.

Above is the Dali Lama showing a peace sign at the Bell
Thomas Edison visiting the Bell.
Above is when the Bell was taken to Atchison KS, where Bob is originally from. The Bell used to travel alot.

There were a lot of exhibits to read, which demonstrated how the Bell was a symbol against Slavery and for Womens Sufferage.

Bob at the Bell
Me at the Bell.
Independence Hall from the line at the Bell.

We decided our next stop was Congressional Hall. We walked over to Independence Hall, which is where the entrance to the park where Independence Hall and Congressional Hall are located. As we walked towards the security station, the NP Ranger asked us if we wanted Independence Hall tickets for 12:30! We happily said yes and received the tickets. We were told to be there at 12:00. So we went thru the security station. My knees did not set off this machine, but Bob had forgotten to take his handkerchief out of his pocket. The Guard saw the bulge and stopped Bob. He had to go back thru and take that out and put it into one of the containers. Then they saw Bob’s knife on his key ring, and told him just to keep it in his pocket.

We went over and stood in the shade, in the short line for Congressional Hall. Here is a picture I took of the “Privy” while standing in line.

The Privy
Where the House sat. These are not original chairs or tables, they are replicas.
Where the Speaker of the House sat. The chair is original, the only piece in the room that is original. We climbed the steep stairs to the second floor. This building is air conditioned! The temp is in the 90’s and very humid.
Walking down the hallway, we saw both of these rooms.
The Revolutionaries had ties to France, so they had this picture of Marie Antoinette. Below is Marie’s hubby, King Louis XVII.

The Senate room. Some of the furniture is original, the rest are reproductions.

This is the orginal Majority of the Senate chair. John Adams sat here.
Above is the original American Eagle.
The original Congressional drinking fountain! LOL

This is the site, across from the VC, where Washington and Adams lived when in town as President. They seem to be working on the site, which is in front of the Liberty Bell. The house where they lived when in town, was small. I am thinking they are doing a re-creation of the house.

At a little bit before 12, we arrived back at the entrance to Independence Hall. There was a book store there, and we waited in line to enter. We got in the door, but could not go in the store. They were only allowing 6 people in at a time. So at 12, we left and went thru security again. We sat in the shade until 12:25, when we were called up by the NP Ranger. She and a volunteer, checked our tickets. At 12:30, we were allowed to enter. We were told that on Saturday, they will start back with 50 people per tour, their usual number. Our tour was 25 people.

There was a hallway thru the building. We were sent to the left. Here is the Courtroom, which was the first room. This building was used as the Capitol of Pennsylvania for several years, before it was used as Constitutional Hall. It returned to that function, after the Federal Grovernment moved to Washington DC.

The Court room, in Independece Hall

Then we were sent across the hallway to the other room, below. This was where the first peaceful transfer of power occurred, where John Adams was sworn in as President. Then we were sent out the door the front door and that was the end of the tour. Our tour was about 30 minutes.

Here is a picture of the drinking fountain in front of the building. 

We went over to take the Bus to lunch. This time we got off near Reading Terminal Market, where we had lunch yesterday. Today, we walked over to Iron Hill Brewery, and had lunch there.

Bob’s flight of beer
The waitress brought Bob a free taste of a Blue Raspberry beer. It really smelled like Raspberry!
  • We walked to the corner and called for our Uber. We returned to the Elks Lodge. It was about 3:30, when we arrived.

Thursday- Moving Day. We weaved our way back to I-95 and drove north. Against our better judgement, we followed the Google Map directions and crossed the GW Bridge thru New York City. The GPS kept telling us that it was shortest and fastest. We were trying to beat the holiday traffic. The GPS missed, as they had 2 accidents on the upper bridge, which we had to take, as we have propane. So the GPS kept telling us to turn the rig and take the car route through Manhattan. We did not!

We ended up in New Rochelle, (hello Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore). We noted a sign saying we were over height for a bridge on the highway. The bridge was 10.8 ft. and we are 11.1 ft. So we re-routed. The GPS kept trying to send us back under the bridge!

We finally made it back onto I-95 and continued north. By this time it was raining really hard and the holiday weekend traffic had caught up with us. We continued north thru Connecticut and Rhode Island, and into Massachusetts.

We left I-95 and took MA Rt. 3 northeast. We arrived at 5:30, at Fourth Cliff Recreation Area, an Air Force Facility, part of Hanscome AFB. The base is actually northwest of Boston and we are southeast.

Again we followed the GPS, which sent us up a hill. There was a gate there. Bob hopped out of the rig, and opened the gate. We were searching for Site 6, which we had been assigned. Later, we found out, we went in the wrong gate. We were supposed to go thru a different gate, where there are guards. So much for the security!

We found our site. We were in the first site along the water. The ocean was behind us, the bay in front, and the side faced the inlet. It would have been beautiful, if the weather had been good.

“Fourth Cliff, in Humarock MA, is one of a series of cliffs located in Scituate MA. It is a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the North and South Rivers to the west. Before 1898, Fourth Cliff was connected to Third Cliff. The Great Storm of 1898, detached Fourth Cliff from Scituate, when a new mouth for the North River was created. Since 1898, the only access to Fourth Cliff is through Marshfield MA, an adjoining town to Scituate. Fourth Cliff is located in Humarock, a village of Scituate”. Taken from their brochure. Fourth Cliff is 56 acres seaside resort. There are lots of remnants of the bunkers that were there for WWI and WWII.  

When walking around later, we found that at some time, in the not too distant past, a road that was past us to the left of the rig, had fallen into the inlet. There were several sites that were blocked from further use. Glad nothing happened while we were there.

We had the whole site, including the one to the left of the rig.

Friday- The facility has 17 winterized cabins and 4 efficiencies. There were other facilities. We went to the laundry and did all of our loads.. We spent the rest of the day inside, as it was cold, rainy, and windy.

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  1. Where are you now. We are in CT will be spending about a month in Maine. I can taste Lobsters.

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