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Sat. May 1- Fri. May-7 2021

Saturday- We had a birthday party for our neighbor Todd.  It was outside, at Judy’s condo, which has shade and a covered patio, as the weather has started heating up. It was a lot of fun. Judy had made breakfast casseroles which were very good. Unfortunately, they had bell pepper in them, so Bob could only eat the goodies that Mary Ann had brought and fruit. Here is Todd…she is a character! 

We had the local cleaning lady come to check the condo and give us a price. We want her to clean it before we return in the fall. She does 6 condos on our alley!

The rest of the day we just worked on packing. Roxie was better today, but I still got her an appointment with the Vet. She is still tipping to the left and you can tell she is dizzy.

Sunday- I went to take my meds this morning and realized that I had 4 pills missing! EEK! That could be the problem with Roxie. I cannot remember what day that I dropped some meds from my pill box, and I picked up that day’s pills, off the floor. I did not realize that I had also lost the ones from Sunday morning, also. So we checked the floor, nothing. Bob took apart the Shark Ninja vacuum, and did not find any pills. So I made a list of the missing pills for the Vet.

We went to the grocery stores and returned. We did our usual Sunday morning tasks, then I took Roxie to the Vet at 10:30. Since she had been there on Monday, he was surprised to see me again. I explained what happened and gave him the list of medications. He did a thorough neurological examon Roxie. She was tilting to the left and her left eye would drop down, then go back up. She is much better this morning than she had been Friday night or yesterday.

He went in the back and looked all four of the meds up. There were no long term issues, with dogs, with them, unless they had them long term or in much bigger doses. Wow, was I relieved! I was afraid I might have done permanent damage to her. It was an accident, but still….

We returned home and both dogs got treats. Bob and Koda had gone along for the ride, and Bob had walked Koda while we were inside.

We ate lunch, then had our usual Zoom at 1 PM. We went to Brusters for ice cream at 2:30.  I had a new flavor, chocolate éclair brownie. Yummy! Bob had an issue. He had requested the small, Death by Chocolate. The gal did the right order, but they delivered an Oreo something in a waffle cone. Bob took it before he realized that it was the wrong order. So he ate that, not wanting to waste good ice cream. At least we did not pay extra for the waffle cone. All of their ice cream is really good, so he was not too upset about it. We always get a survey after each visit, so I put it on the survey.

Monday- I worked on our travel plans and Bob called our insurance agent and changed our roadside assistance over to Progressive from Good Sam. It is so much cheaper! We will, hopefully, not have to see how good it is!

I had a 2:15 appt. with the Rheumatologist. Basically, she said I do not have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Short appointment. She sent me to a Neurologist. So, since I was near, I went to the Neurologist office. I had still not received a copy of the EMG. So I asked for a copy, which was supposed to have been sent to the Rheumatologist, I also made an appointment with the Neurologist for October. I had said from the beginning, that I needed to see the Neurologist, not a Rheumatologist. Oh well….

I returned home and we grilled dinner.

Tuesday- We went to the Posse meeting at 10 AM. There was hardly anyone there, as we went to the second meeting. During the day, we continued to work on packing and making decisions. At 6 PM. We went to the West Valley Astronomy Club Picnic. There were about 35 people there. The food was pot luck, so you know it was good. It was outside, which was nice, in a large picnic shelter.

Wednesday- We went to lunch at Huss Brewery, in downtown Phoenix, with Diane and Jim. We had a great time and Bob had some wonderful beers. There was an outdoor patio with dogs!  We missed the Roadrunner Zoom today, as we were both tired.

Thursday- We continued our running around and doing as many tasks as we can. The dining room table was covered in boxes, and anytime we think of something we will need with us, it goes into one of the boxes!

We had the Condo social at 4 PM. We did not take the dogs with us this week, as the temp was very high (103) and Roxie had gotten so many stickers last week.

Friday- We dropped the dogs off at the groomers for their 9 AM appointments. We stopped at the Chiropractor to pick up a copy of my neck X-ray for when we are traveling.  The dogs were ready at 11, so we went and picked them up.

I had a mani/pedi scheduled for 1 PM. The shop had been sold, and it was very different. The new workers did not speak English, the prices went up, they changed their “menu” of services, and the place was not as clean. I was very unhappy and will not be returning. It’s a shame, as this is the first mani/pedi I have had in over a year!

Koda had started chewing her paws, which means that her allergies had kicked in, so Bob took her to the Vet at 4:30. Roxie and I stayed home.

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