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Sat. Apr. 24 to Fri. Apr. 30- Sun City, AZ

Saturday- We went to the Container store to pick up containers for the cabinet over the recliner in the rig. I was able to find a perfect size there. I hate buying them there, as they are expensive, but they fit!

Sunday- Woops, this was the week that we did not have the Sunday Zoom. Oh well, got my weeks messed up. That is what happens when I get behind on the blog!  We had a quiet day.

Monday- We had Posse Vacation watches. About 30 of them. That was okay, nothing special.  We finished around 11. The weather is perfect for right now. The temps are low and the sun is shining!

Roxie had her rabies shot at 2:30 today. She was such a good girl. Bob and Koda went along for the ride, and I took Roxie inside. The vet said she is in great shape for an almost 14 year old pup!

We are having a gal from Rover take care of the dogs while we are in Hilton Head, so I had all the paperwork to put on the Rover website and I also sent the gal the copy of the her rabies vaccination, as she already had Koda’s stuff.

The rest of the day was quiet.

Tuesday- We had a 10 AM appointment with Leslie at La Mesa RV in Phoenix for the rig. She took pictures of the problem with have with the paint on the rig. She is sending the pictures to Winnebago, as the paint job is still under warranty. We were also missing some screw covers. So she ordered them in the right size, as she did not have any there in the correct size for us. They should come in before they leave.

We returned home and went to the Container Store, as I needed one more of the containers.

Wednesday-We went to Costco. We returned home and put the items away. We went to Target and purchased a box for our medications. We also purchased 2 boxes for water. We need to put a box of water in each room to keep some humidity in the room.

Bob had called the guy who took us to the airport last August to ask if he would drive the car every two weeks while we are gone. This will keep the tires in shape and the oil running. He is leaving for the summer this year. We need to find someone else.

We stopped at Home Depot, then stopped at Barro Queen for lunch.  It is a new restaurant, with good ratings. We ate outside on the patio. We each had tacos. I had the grilled shrimp and Bob had a chicken and a beef. Neither of us were impressed.

We stopped at Sams Club on the way back to pick up a printer cartridge. ‘Unfortunately, we wanted colors, and it was black, but I did not realize that was what we needed. Bob took it back and then had to go to Costco for one with colors.

Thursday- Bob went to Costco to pick up the dogs prescriptions. I went across the alley to join the gals coffee group. We packed some items for cold weather into a box to go into the rig.  We had a quiet day up until 4, when we went to the Condo social hour. We had a nice time. When we returned home, we had to get stickers off the dogs. Koda had a few, but Roxie had 27! She was not a happy dog with me pulling them out of her fur.

Friday- We went to Ace Hardware, on the corner, as Bob needed some items. Then to True Value, as Ace was out of plastic scrapers. We continued on to the RV, and I made various labels for boxes and Bob put on caulking in various places.

We returned, ate lunch, and then went to the Posse to turn in our volunteer time slips and to sign up for the 10 AM Mtg. on Tuesday.

I was sitting out on the patio, when there was a lot of noise in the alley. I got up to look, just as an ambulance took off out of the driveway. We think they went to the wrong address, as we then we saw them on 99th Ave, followed by a fire engine and the Posse car. We were glad it was not for anyone in our condos.

Our neighbor Lee, across the alley, just returned home from the hospital. Our neighbor Rosie has been in the hospital most of the month. She has an abscess on her spine and now she is being placed on dialysis. Then one of the gals, in another building, had 3 strokes and died. That gal sat next to me when we did the ballot counting for the condo election in January. Time to get out of here!

Real estate in Sun City is going really fast. A condo across the street from us, similar to ours, sold this month for 94K more than what we paid for ours, a little less than 1 year ago! Whew! Glad we bought when we did!

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