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Sat. Apr. 17 to Fri. Apr. 23- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were busy doing laundry and trying to remember what we forgot to move from the RV to the condo. It was a pretty busy day, and we were tired. We took a nap in the afternoon and watched TV in the evening.

Sunday- We did our usual grocery shopping. We did not have our Zoom this week, as some of our friends were off in their RV. It was basically a quiet day.

Monday- We had Posse vacation watches today, so we arrived at 5:45, AM. Only Tina was there. David came in, but no one showed for the Division 3 morning shift. So Tina ended up splitting up our vacation watches, while she took Division 3 patrol. We had started with 33 vacation watches, but gave David the south section. We did the northern Division one watches and the southern Division 3 watches. Basically,we did the center of Sun City. We ended up with 30 vacation watches.

We found a house where the owner said that the pick up truck would be in the driveway. It was not, so Bob called him. He said it was in the garage, so we noted that on the form so that the next Posse members would know. At another house the car was missing. When Bob called, it turned out that they had to leave for a family emergency, and the car was at the airport. The neightbor had completed the card for them, and did not realize that they had taken the car. The lady was very happy that she knew we were checking the house and she was grateful. At another house, we found a UPS package, so we reported that to the person with the key to the house.

Finally, we were flagged down by two women. They said that there was a strange man going door to door. So we chased him down. He was a homeless guy, with a back pack We offered him bottled water, but he said he did not need it. He was trying to make money painting the address numbers on the curb. He had the tape to mark the curb and the spray paint, so we decided that he was telling the truth. There is nothing we can do about the homeless, but at least, we can move them along if necessary. This guy was at least trying to earn some money. We reported this all back to the two ladies, so they were happy.

We completed all of our shift and returned home to happy dogs. I had my Lymphnode Mapping in Scotsdale at 1:30, so we went to Scotsdale. We stopped at Daily Queen for cones on the way back.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were quiet. We started binging Billions on Amazon Prime.

Tuesday- We had Posse Patrol today. We had 8 vacation watches to do and did our patrol duties. We finished at 11:20, cleaned the car, reported in and went home. We ate lunch and took a nap.

Wednesday- Bob took the Toyota for its scheduled service at 8:30. They did the oil change (free) and did an Toyota authorized replacement of the fuel pump which had been recalled. They also cleaned the air conditioner. The dealership had a Lyft bring Bob home and take him back, all paid for by them!

Meanwhile, I went across the alley and sat outside with the girls. Todd, Mary Ann, Bonnie, and Carol. Todd is so creative! Here is what she has done over the last few weeks.

Aren’t they beautiful. She make each piece in the metal shop and sells them.

After Bob came home, we ate lunch and had a quiet afternoon and evening, reading and watching TV.

Thursday- We went to the grocery store and bought fixings. I made baked beans for the get together this afternoon, outside. The Canadians grilled hot dogs. Bonnie brought chips, Nikki brought brownies, Todd brought cake, and Mary Ann brought the rolls and fixings. There were 13 of us there. The baked beans were a hit! We were outside and properly distanced. Everyone has had their vaccinations. Today was our two weeks, post second shot! Whaoo!

Friday- I had the Posse at Grand Avenue this morning, so I left at about 8:15. I arrived, picked up my radio, and car keys. I went out to car 8. The volunteer who does the maintance on the cars, came to me and said that he needed the car today. If he could not get it done, then every car would be backed up. So he switched me to car 7. Made no difference to me, as they were both just alike. I arrived at Grand at 9 AM. I had a problem with the radio in the car, so I ended up using my portable to check in.

It was quiet there. I left at noon, and returned the car. I ran home, ate lunch. Bob took the car and went to pick up the RV. He had an appointment to have a valve stem changed, as the stem was crooked. They did not have the valve stem we needed, so Bob had to order it and have it sent to wherever we will be at the time. It is out of stock. so they will call us. Hopefully, we can get it sent to Georgia, where we will be for almost 2 weeks.

Bob returned home and we had a quiet evening.

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