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Sat. Mar. 20 to Fri. Mar. 26- Sun City

Saturday-  We left after my bike ride, and went to several garage sales. We picked up a few items. Then we went to El Mirage, west of us, to pick up some vegetables from POWWOW. That is the vegetable and fruits for $12 for 70 lbs. The top layer of the box was green peppers, but there was only the one row. There were eggplants, cucumbers, squash, some Opo Squash. We did not know what it was. MaryAnne did.  I will have to try it.

Oho Squash

We had lots and lots of tomatoes. So I texted Bonnie and François, and they came over and took some of the items, including all the green peppers! MaryAnne will take the eggplant, as she makes “baba ghanoush”. We do not like eggplant. Any left overs we will take to the Posse.

Bob chopped up the tomatoes and put them into the InstaPot. We made spaghetti sauces with a lot of them, and froze it. Turns out, next time we will cook on the stove. The spices did not have time to cook into the sauce, so for dinner, we threw in some Rao’s and it was really good with whole wheat spaghettis and turkey meatballs!

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday. Off to Fry’s then Walmart. The fire in the Walmart last week, caused them to have only the grocery section open.

Walmart fire

So we were unable to get Milkbones for the dogs, as they are in the pet section. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon.

Monday-  It was Bob’s day to do a Posse confidence ride with David. They had a fairly busy day with the 24 vacation watches and 4 emergency calls. We had a quiet afternoon after he arrived home.  I have been diligently working on my next diamond painting and on a 500 piece puzzle.

Tuesday- It was my third confidence ride; I was with Tina again. It was pretty boring. We had 17 vacation watches. There were no emergencies in our division the entire shift. So we just drove around. There were 4 in the other division.  Just one of those days! We ride around when not on calls to show a presence in the area.

We had another quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- I had a hair appointment at 9. I dropped Bob off at the RV storage, and he drove the RV over to the condo. I ran by the Posse, to drop off the Oho squash and cucumbers, on my way back to the condo. I worked on putting items into the rig. Bob worked on the netting and the drawer where we have placed the Ninja.

We returned the rig to storage, and we had our Roadrunner Zoom at 3. With the time change, it changed over to an hour earlier. We missed it last week.

Thursday- I had a 7:30 virtual Doctor appt. We discussed my foot, which is still painful. She is guessing that it may actually be a back issue, rather than a foot issue. She is not concerned about the Rheumatoid Arthritis value in the blood work. She thinks that may be a false positive, because the other inflammation values are not elevated. That was good news. She is sending me to the Neurologist in the practice for a EMG, which will show if the pain is from my back. The bad news, is that she is changing offices, and is moving to Scottsdale, 5 minutes from her home. We both had tears in our eyes, as this is a Doc I really like! So I am moving to the Doc at the Village Medical 4 blocks from us. He was the Doc who helped us with the Covid.

At 9, I had my dental appt. to put in a cap, as I have a bad filling. Normally, we would go to Mexico for this to be done, but not this time. We don’t want to go to Mexico until the pandemic is under control. Here $989, Mexico $150…big difference for the same dental treatment!

The installation of the cap went well until he went to glue it in. The one in front popped out! So he had to re-glue that one in. He thinks there was a problem with the glue, as he had installed that one also. My jaw was a little bit sore when the numbing shot wore off.

The rest of the day was quiet, other than Bob running to the library to pick up a book. The weather was pretty wild this afternoon, with wind gusts up to 40 mph. So we skipped the social on the green, if they even had it!

Friday-  Wow, I beat my record for time for my bike ride! Now I need to beat that record. We were off to Costco during the senior hours. We stopped at Dollar Tree, to pick up a noodle, to split and put on the wood across the entrance to the front of the RV. Without it we might hit our heads( of course we will !), so we bought a noodle to protect us. We also stopped at Best Buy, to purchase a HDMI cord which will connect to the TV and the cell phone so that we can stream on our cell phones, instead of on the internet. We will see how this works!

We ran to Sams Club for a few items, and returned home. We ate lunch, and I took a short nap. I dressed in uniform and went to the Posse at 3:30, for a 4 pm shift. This was my 4th confidence ride. I went with Larry Holms, who was a hoot. We had a good time. The first 2 emergency calls were taken by the duty officer, as he was closer to the scenes. Our third one was a kitchen fire. We arrived to find the fire department just cleaning up. The guys were getting out of their hazard suits. They must not have checked the attic, if there was one. Suddenly the fire shot up from the roof. I unfortunately, missed the flames in my pictures.

House fire 1

House fire 2

It was hysterical, watching the firefighters trying to quickly get back into their hazard suits. Shoes were flying! My post was to go to the other end of the street to direct traffic. Yeah, people wanted to drive over the hoses! One lady was really upset, as she was not good at turning her car around, and this was the only way she knew where she was going…. After about an hour, we were released, as MCSO, was on the scene. This ended up being a 4 alarm fire. Two SC fire companies, Peoria, and Glendale were all there! Yes, ladies, there were firefighters who could have posed for calendars!

We continued our very busy schedule. On the evening shift, we check a bunch of churches, to make sure all the doors are locked and that the golf courses are closed up. We check on water wells to make sure there is no leaking water and that the gates are closed and locked. Larry drove, as he had a regular route. It was very busy!

We picked up dinner at a Subway and went back to base for dinner. We continued our route. When we drove thru the north golf course, there was a huge party going on, inside, without social distancing and no masks. Governor Dumbass( excuse my language) has opened the state, and lifted all the mask requirements. A lady behind us in Best Buy this morning had tried to walk in without a mask. The employees made her mask up. She told me that the pandemic was over and she thought masks were no longer required. She was surprised when I told her that AZ University had found 2 cased of the British variant, and it was in todays newspaper. She did not know what a variant was or that the CDC is still saying mask up! It was a polite conversation.

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