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Sat. Mar 12 to Fri. Mar. 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  The weather forecast for today is cooler, windy, and rain. We are going to be outside assisting with traffic control for the Sun City pop up vaccination clinic. We were originally, going to drive straight to the Sundial Recreation Center, for the clinic, but with the rain coming, we went to the Posse office to pick up raincoats. Our shift started at 8.

We drove our car to the facility. This was day 5 of the clinic. You would think that they would have their act together. They were 45 minutes late starting. You can imagine the build up of cars waiting. It took about 5 minutes per shot.  Dave Powers, the Posse leader for the clinic, had 56 hours to get the Posse volunteers organized. He managed to do it! The hold up was Embry, the medical service whose folks were giving the shots.

Dave brought sweets from the NY Bakery, for us. That was a bad thing, as their baked goods are out of this world! We stay away from them most of the time!

We finished at 12, and stopped at McDonalds drive thru to grab some lunch. We returned home and took a nap! We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday-  We woke up early and ran to Frys and Walmart. We stopped at Costco, but they did not open until 10. We purchased gas for $2.93/gal. We took the rest of the groceries home, and returned to Costco. We went to Chompies which is a NY deli/bakery in the mall. We ordered sandwiches for lunch, and checked on their St, Patrick’s Day dinner. We are going to pick up the corned beef etc, rather than cook our own. We found out we can order via phone, and pick up.

We returned home, put the Costco stuff away, and ate lunch. After lunch, we did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob started working on the plywood for the bunk bed that we are converting to storage.

I started trying to get appts. for our vaccinations. No luck at all, online. So I called a phone number that Mary Ann had given me. I got through, and we are set up for St. Patrick’s Day, for the 1st PFIZER shot. It still a little early, but it was take it or leave it.  How fast are they moving, my number ends in 006, Bob’s number ends in 0061. That was all during the phone call!

Monday- It was my day for a confidence ride with the Posse. I was riding with David Jordan, who Bob rode with last Monday. After Bob’s Monday last week, I was expecting a super busy day. Nope, it was pretty quiet, up until 10:45. We had 7 Vacation Watches and 2 medical calls. The rest of the day, we did “drive byes”. At one house, I found the bubblers running. Bubblers are the sprinkler system. I checked with David and he said that some of the folks leave their sprinkler systems working.  We definitely, will be turning off our water when we leave for the summer!

At 10:45, Tina ( who was the Duty Officer) called us all. There was a missing person, who had dementia, and had wandered off.  The person had on a tracking device, but it was not working. The person had been missing for 2 hours at this point.  The family had been looking for him. So they finally had called the Sheriffs office, who contacted us. We all headed for the house, meeting up with everyone else, including the police. Everyone started looking for the person. Change of shift is at 11:30, so now there were twice as many cars out,  looking for the person. We were asked it we needed to leave or could stay. We chose to continue looking for the person. The person was found a noon. So our shift was released to return to base, and do our end of shift check out.

Bob picked me up, as he had needed the car. He had taken the car over to the storage unit, and picked up the rig. He brought the rig over and installed the plywood in the bunk area. He thinks he is going to need to make some adjustments. He also worked on some other RV tasks.

He returned the rig to the storage unit, and waited for me to contact him to pick me up. When we were released to return to base, I had given Bob a time to pick me up. He and the dogs arrived. We have been taking the dogs for a lot of rides with us, to get them used to traveling about. The dogs think every time we take them in the car, we are either going to the Vet or the groomer. Roxie is okay, but Koda has needed this….. She gave Bob a hard time when he let me off at base at 5:45 am, and drove off.

She was super excited when Bob picked me up. We had a quiet afternoon, up until 4, when we went to the last Condo social of the season. There was a lot of joking and laughing, after we all got the scoop on the EMS people who had been at one of the condos, while I was eating lunch at 12:40.

There is a couple, who live up near Bonnie, in the north section of the condo’s. He had been in the hospital with Covid, since early December. She had too, but had returned home. He had finally gone to rehab, and spend 2 weeks. He was sent home, a week ago last Saturday, and went back to the hospital early Sunday. He is on 100% oxygen and not doing well. Mean time, she had a fall and went to the hospital last week, and then again today, for another fall. The daughter says that neither are coming home again. They are going to have an estate sale and sell the condo, moving the mother closer to the daughters, there are 3 of them. It sounded to me, like the husband had developed Covid related pulmonary fibrosis. He will have to go to a nursing home, if he does not pass, before leaving the hospital. The wife is also on oxygen, and it sounded like she would be remaining on it for the rest of her life. Sigh, it is so sad…

Once that story was told, the group brightened up and there was a lot of discussion on the vaccine appointments and then a lot of teasing and laughing. There was a lot of picking on the Canadian folks, but they have a good sense of humor. Evidently, their refrigerator went out while they were gone, this past summer, and they lost their Baileys Irish Cream and some other alcohol, in addition to the items in their freezer.

We had taken the dogs with us, as they know all the other dogs. Roxie was ready to return home after about 1/2 an hour. Koda was having a good time. Roxie had to wait until we were ready to leave at 5.

We returned, ate leftovers for dinner, and watched some TV.

Tuesday- We were up very early again today. I dropped Bob off at the Posse base, and returned home. We had taken the dogs with us. Today, Koda seemed to understand, and she did not give me any back talk with I dropped Bob off. ( Yes, dogs do talk, this is not barking, it is talking!). I returned home and did some tasks around the condo. At 9:10, I left for the Posse for the Operation Meeting. Bob met up with me there. There were several new people there and one of the gals who had been in the hospital for over 30 days with Covid was there. It was nice to see her back, and feeling well enough to attend.

I stopped by the Library on the way home. I returned, with the dogs, and picked up Bob at 11:30. He had a pretty quiet day, for his confidence ride.

Bob had a Doc appt. in the afternoon, which was in the office. I went along and we went to Brusters for ice cream afterwards. The rest of the day was quiet, although, the Walmart near Costco, had a fire. It was intentionally set, and is closed indefinitely. We don’t use that one very often, as we don’t like that store.

Wednesday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We were scheduled for our Pfizer vaccinations at 11:30 this morning. So we left at 10:30, as they are at the college campus in downtown Phoenix. The only hitch, was that we both have medication allergies, and after the shot, they directed us into the 15 minute line, instead of the 30 minute line. We ended up having to back the car up, and go into the other lane, so that we did not block traffic.

We stopped at In ‘n Out burger for lunch, then at Michaels for frames. We returned home. I fell asleep in the recliner for a short nap. We had our dental cleanings at 3, so we were off to the dental office.

On the way home, we took a detour to Chompies to pick up corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish soda bread, and dessert. They brought it out to the car for us.

When we returned home, we had a small happy hour with Todd, Carol, Mary Ann, and Bonnie, all of whom are in our bubble. Bob attended and we had too much Bailey’s Irish Cream!

I only ate a small part of our dinner, and we will have more tomorrow. Both of our arms are sore from the vaccination.

Thursday- Bob did not sleep well and woke up with a mild fever of 100.3. He took some Tylenol, and that took care of it. He felt better during the day. We both took it easy today with no bike riding. We took a nice nap in the afternoon. At 4, we went to the social on the green. There were 15 socially distance folks there. Everyone, including us, has at least had their first vaccination. Several are waiting for the second. There was a lot of laughter. Vi brought peppermint brownies, fresh out of the oven, and still warm! This is a neat recipe. It was, put 1/2 brownie batter put into the pan, then peppermint patties across the brownie batter, then covered with the rest of the batter, and bake. There went the diet, but they were delicious!

We returned and had leftover corned beef and cabbage for dinner. We have enough left for tomorrow night also! Our arms are still sore, but less than last evening. Our Walmart had a fire today, no injuries in either fire. Arson again, but this time they caught the guy. The idiot had locked his keys in his car! We also found out there had been other arsons, at Walmart’s in the area, so hopefully this idiot is going to jail for a long time!

Friday- I rode my bike in the morning. We ran over to the Posse office and I cancelled my tour of duty on April 9, which is the day after our next vaccine shot. We have heard that the second shot is worse than the first, so I was not taking any chances.

We stopped at Macy’s on the way home and I purchased a new top to go with my new skimmers.

We ate lunch, had a quiet afternoon and evening. The weather has been beautiful, with temps in the low 80’s and bright blue skies. So at 3, we took the dogs out into our courtyard to play. Mary Ann and her service dog, Vic( a large black lab) and Carol with her two Chihuahua’s, Mini and Rosie, joined us.  We were out there for an hour and 20 minutes. The dogs had a blast. They chased the ball and chased each other, at least Vic and Koda did! They all napped afterwards.   We finished off the corned beef and cabbage for dinner.. Next time I will try to get more pictures.

Dogs play 1

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