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Sat. Mar. 6 to Fri. Mar. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- In the newspaper yesterday there was a notice that the fruits/veggies 70lb for $12, was at the Methodist Church up the road, starting at 8. We were going to pick up veggies. Nope, they were not there! Darn!

We continued up the road to Fry’s and Walmart for groceries. We returned home and did tasks around the condo. Laundry for me and Bob cleaned the patio. It was beautiful out, so I sat out on the patio reading my book.

Bob ran over to the rig. He had an epiphany about  his side of the dual recliner. There are little trays that you can put over your seat. Bob’s side hits the wall on the side. His idea will not work. My side is okay. Even making the tray smaller will not work.

It was a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We went to the Litchfield Park Art and Wine Festival. We met up with Jim and Diane there. Everyone was required to wear masks, but it was difficult to 6ft distance, but we did the best that we could. We are not worried, as it was outside. and people were moving along. There was a beer and wine garden, but we passed, as it was very crowded. The art was beautiful. Diane and Jim had a late breakfast, so they left. We grabbed some Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches, which we ate sitting on a couple of chairs, out of the way. They were really good.

We left and stopped at Jim and Diane’s where we were able to distance. We spent another hour with them. Bob had a beer there!

We returned home, walked the dogs, and went to Freddies for some frozen custard.
We went thru the drive-thru.

We returned home, cooked dinner, and watched TV.

Monday- Bob’s first confidence ride with David Jordan, who is a member of the Executive Board. They wore masks the entire time in and outside the car. They were extremely busy the entire time. They had 24 vacation watches and a lot of the medical calls.  They were driving up one street and they saw a what they assumed was a homeless guy sitting on a concrete bench. A woman flagged them down and said that the guy was intoxicated, as he had been weaving when walking. The woman moved on. They talked to the guy, who said he was okay, but, he wanted them to move along so he could rape the lady. They called 911.  The guy figured out that they had called 911, so he took off with them following him. He ran between two houses, one of which was empty, so they sat for a long time, waiting to see if he would come back. The Police never arrived. Glad this guy is on the other side of Sun City.

Bob arrived home and we ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- My first confidence ride, with Tina. We had a quiet day, with just 3 calls. and 2 Vacation Watches. There was also a missing woman, but she was found before we finished the medical call we were on.

After my shift, I returned home, we ate lunch, then took a nap. Both of us were really tired.Getting up at 4:45 in the morning, we went to bed early and slept in until almost 6 AM on Wed. morning.

At a little after 3, we ran over to Alan and Donna’s. They want our cushions from the rig. We brought them the table and the cushions. Allan is going to work with them, and they are gong to add them to their fold out couch, when their sons come to visit, at Easter.

Wednesday-  After bike rides, we brought the rig over to the condo to continue to work on it. Bob put the bike rack on the rig. It makes us 2ft longer. Hmm, some of the places that we are staying only want rigs that are 25 ft or less. Will have to look at that!

Francoise, who lives nearby, stopped by since she saw the rig in front of our garage. She has really wanted to see it, but had missed it when we have had it over. She, and her husband, had a Class C rig many years ago and she says she really misses it, but does not want to travel alone, since her husband passed.

After lunch, we returned the rig to the storage facility. Bob had been concerned that we would be in trouble with them, since we are 2 ft. longer, but we fit in the site perfectly.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. The weather has been cooler, so no sitting outside right now.

Thursday- We had a quiet day. After lunch, I ran to the Library and to Fed EX with a package to return. We went to the afternoon social time. Only 9 people present, because it was chilly with a strong wind. It’s always social distancing.

Friday- Another quiet day for us. I finished this puzzle. It is #6 of the 10 Thomas Kincaid puzzles. This is the last of the 300 piece puzzles. Next, we are on to the 500 pieces.

Puzzle #6

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