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Sat. Feb 27 to Fri. Mar.5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day. I rode my bike early in the morning and Bob rode his bike later. I worked on the puzzle, my diamond painting, and read my book. Bob worked on the wood for the rig.

At 2:30, Donna texted that they had veggies. Did we want any? Yes, so we ran over to Paradise to their rig. We picked up Roma tomatoes and zucchini. We also, sat and talked with them. MaryAnne and Ray showed up and a little bit later Mike and Linda arrived. We all sat outside, over 6 ft distanced, with masks on. It was so nice to sit and chat with our friends. Everyone,except MaryAnne (and us)  has had the vaccine. MaryAnne cannot take it due to her Sjogren’s Syndrome(it is an autoimmune disease which, if she took the vaccination, would put her in bed for months, if not in the hospital. She can’t take the flu vaccine either.)

We returned, ate dinner and had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- I discovered, the hard way, that the tubing for our hand held shower head had developed a leak. It squirted right into my ear! Bob looked at it, and could not repair it, so our first stop this morning was at Lowe’s for a new shower head.

Then we were off to Fry’s and Walmart. It took us a little longer today for some reason. We arrived home, ate lunch at 11:45 ,and had our 12:00 Zoom.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. No bike rides today, as we had 30 mph winds in the valley.

Monday-  We did a lot of tasks in the morning. At 12:30, we had our Posse, Grand Avenue training. Tina showed us around the facility. Once we get our tags to be able to unlock the door and our name plates, we will be able to work in the Grand Ave Posse office. There is not much to it.

At 4, we had our condo social. There were 14 people, all social distancing. This social is out in the parking lot, and everyone sits in a huge circle.

We ate dinner and had another quiet evening.

Tuesday- At 10 we had the Posse General mtg. We have never been to a full General Mtg, due to the pandemic. The meeting is divided into two groups. We signed up for the second group at 10. The first one is at 9. Everyone sits, socially distanced, with masks on. I had 2 masks on, Bob only one, because of his hearing aide and the BAHA.

We were welcomed  back by everyone, and Dave Miller, the Commander include us in the meeting. There was a round of applause that we were back. That was nice!

After, we returned home. Bob received a text that one of his medications was ready at Walgreens. I had received an email from Walgreens saying that it was Senior Week. We had a 30%discount on regular priced items. So we purchased a few items, getting a nice discount.

We ordered lunch from Café Zupas, and went to pick it up. We returned home. After lunch, I worked on the diamond painting. At 3:30, Bob left for his last training session, with Tina. I had been very specific with them, that when we returned, we would only go with people who take the virus seriously! Tina is one of them.

Bob said that they were very, very busy. On the training runs, you do not normally attend the actual calls. They were so busy, they were called off of the other duties to do the medical calls. At least Bob got his last training run completed. Next week, we both start the “confidence” runs.

I was at home, ate dinner, and walked the dogs.

Wednesday- It was Air Conditioning day. The Condo does this every year. They have a deal with an air conditioning company, and for $35, we get an inspection of our unit. Works for us! All we had to do is sign up and write a check. Its a really good deal!

The AC guy found that we had a loose connection for our battery in the thermostat. That was our only issue. After they left our condo, we went to Costco. Purchased lots of veggies and fruits. It was a little bit busier, as it was just after the senior hour which ends at 10; we arrived at 10. We also purchased gas, which was $2.99 /gal.

We returned home, put everything away and it was almost lunch time. We ate lunch, and at 1, I was supposed to play Maj with MaryAnne. Her computer went down, so she cancelled. I started to read my book and fell asleep, joining Bob who was already napping.

I finished my diamond painting.

Musical tree

The blue around the edge is just painters tape to keep the area clean.

We had high winds in the afternoon. I was glad that I rode my bike early in the morning. We had our usual 4 PM Roadrunner Zoom.

Thursday- Here is our patio after yesterdays winds. There are no trees with leaves near us!  The patio had been nice and clean!  I also had to ride around a lot of branches on the streets when I was riding my bike this morning. I was back up to my 5 miles, but slower time than I used to do, so I need to still work on that.


At 11:45, we had a Posse meeting of the “Website Membership Focus Group”. Ann, the leader, and the two of us were the only ones who showed up. Some folks had sent in suggestions. We made suggestions and met a new person, as we had not met Ann before. This gave us 2 more hours.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon until 4, when we went to the social hour on the green. There was on only 1 person there, besides us, who had not had their vaccination. She is 59, and is getting it next week.

I tried calling Paula. I also called Charlie and he called me back. I left messages for both of them. Charlies said that Paula’s phone battery may have died. She is doing better. She is still in the PACU, but is walking and her kidneys, are coming back. No discharge plans yet. I passed on the info to MaryAnne.

Friday- We brought the rig over to the condo. Bob did some tasks, the we put in the dual recliner into the rig. In the center is a seat, but there is also storage underneath and you can see where we have plugged in the two cords for the charging slots.The center cushion folds down, and there are two cup holders and the phone charging slots.  We did not choose an electric recliner, because we did not feel that we needed it. The electric is just for charging our phones.

RV dual sofa

Bob had to move the seatbelts from the left side to behind the sofa, as we need them to hook up the dogs and to keep the sofa from flying forward during turns. We do have some storage behind the sofa. Right now we have placed the cushions from the drivers/passenger seats, They lift the seats, so it is more comfortable when sitting in the seats to talk to anyone sitting on the sofa. We will see how much we can squeeze back there!

After lunch, we returned the rig to the storage facility. We had a quiet afternoon. Since we were tired, we ordered coconut shrimp form Georges, rather than cooking dinner.

2 Responses

  1. What kind of dog do you have?

  2. Glad to see you guys are up and back to “normal”.
    HUGS Sandra

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