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Sat. Feb. 13 to Fri. Feb. 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day. I worked on the diamond painting and a puzzle. We both read our books. Bob went to Lowes and picked up some plywood. He worked on designing and sawing the wood. We had  quiet evening. We watched a very strange movie on Netflix.

Sunday-  We were off early to Fry’s and Walmart for groceries. We returned home and did our usual tasks. In the afternoon, we went to Bruster’s for Double Fudge Brownie ice cream! It is so good!! It was a nice Valentines Day, up until 4:15, when Bob was cutting up sweet potatoes for Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie.  He took a divot out of his finger. After 45 minutes of pressure, we could not get it to stop bleeding. So we headed to the Urgent Care. Village Medical has an office in the Walgreens, so we stopped there. The NP looked at it and said that she could not do anything for it. We should go to the NextCare Urgent Care in the next shopping center. It closed at 4. So we continued to Sun City West, to the Banner Urgent Care, that was open until 9 pm. It was a good time to go to an urgent care, as there was only 1 person ahead of Bob.

The NP put on a small piece of gauze, which was infused with a blood clotting agent. Bob is to leave it on, as it will absorb on its own. The NP wrapped the finger, then added a band aid over the top, which is to stay on for 24 hours, before changing. Bob had to wait 15 minutes before he could leave, to make sure the bleeding stopped. By this time it was 6:45, so we stopped at Burger King and picked up dinner on the way home.

Monday-  I had my orthopedic Doctor appt at 8 AM. The MRI showed arthritis in a different part of my foot, than where it hurts. It also showed no stress fractures, and more importantly, no problems with muscles, ligaments, or tendons. He examined my foot, again, and his new theory is that it is an inflamed nerve. So he wanted blood work to see if I am having inflammation. He wanted me to get the blood drawn today or tomorrow, as it takes a few days for the neuro/orthopedic panel to get back. I have a follow up appointment next Monday. I am also starting on steroids tomorrow.

I returned home and worked on finding an appt. at the lab. All of the labs in Arizona, are appointment only. None of them had appts. for weeks. I tried calling Sonora Quest, as per instructed on the website. I stayed on hold for 7 minutes and they disconnected me! So I tried finding an appt. again. One popped up in Anthem. I think someone cancelled. Anthem is 30 miles away, up I-17. It was for 12:30 today, so I signed up for it. We left at 11, and drove over. We stopped at a Subway for lunch, and arrived at the lab at 12:20. I was out by 12:44. We drove back home.  We read our books and worked a puzzle. We made the casserole we had started yesterday.

Tuesday- I started a run of steroids today.  We ran over to the rig and did some measurements. Bob also wanted a picture of the color of the cabinets so that he can try to match the paint for the bunk cover.

We stopped at the library on the way back, and I dropped off  four books and picked up two new ones. I wanted to check to see if the craft room was open, to see if I could borrow some items, but it has not been open since last March. Odd, since jewelry, silver, quilting and lapidary were open.

We returned home, ate lunch, and the steroids hit. I suddenly felt awful, so I laid down in the recliner and took an hour nap. I felt better afterwards. I worked on my diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob worked on preparing the boards for over the bunk. We both read our books.

I called the company that is making our double recliner, as I had not heard from them. The recliner was supposed to have been shipped a week ago. Lynn, the gal I spoke with, said that that one part was on back order. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow or Thursday. It is rescheduled for shipping on Monday the 22nd, and I should receive an email when it is shipped. We will see!

Our free Disney+ stops next week, so I went into Verizon to cancel Disney +. When we return in the fall, it will go into the rotation of the various streaming services. Right now we still have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I will cancel Netflix and Hulu when we leave for the summer.

Wednesday- When Bob walked the dogs this morning he ran into Smitty, one of our neighbors. Smitty said that when he walked his dog at 5:30, there was a pack of 7 coyotes at the street entrance to our court. EEEEK!

Today is termite inspection day! One of the condos, in another court, on the other end of the development, found termites when remodeling their kitchen, so the condo association is having inspections of all the units. We have to open up, when instructed, and let the guy in the garage and condo.

It turned out, they only found the termites in that one building, in two condos. One of them had put in a wood floor, which is not good to do in Arizona. Ground termites are a real problem in Arizona, so its an issue we have to watch closely. The condo association has a company on call for bugs, as we have the palmettos, so they are adding the termites to the contract. 

So far, everyone around us is getting their vaccinations. We cannot get them until after March 27th, which will be 3 months since we tested positive. We were able to register with the state, and will be working on setting up the appointments as soon as we can.

I felt much better today. I was able to work on my diamond painting and the current puzzle. I was even able to finish it and get ready to start the next one.

Old SF puzzle

This is the 3rd Thomas Kincaid in the 10 puzzle box I brought home from the library.It is a 300 piece puzzle.

Thursday- It was another quiet day for us. We have not been able to to download from a computer program for awhile, so I was on the phone with two different companies working on that. The second company fixed the issue.

I had slept better last night, but then the steroids hit again, so it was nap time after lunch. I missed the Mars landing, but Bob was able to watch, and really enjoyed watching.

When I woke up,  I worked on the diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob has been working on making the wood planking for the bunk in the rig. In the evening, more reading, playing games on our iPads, and watching TV.

Friday- Bad night sleeping again. I had another bad day, sleeping in the afternoon. I worked on the diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob went to Lowes and worked on the board for the rig. The last Condo Association meeting, until the fall, was today, at 1, outside. I missed it because I felt so awful. Bob had a Doctors appointment, so he missed it also. He arrived back, just in time for the Garden meeting,. I was still napping…

I received the email from the recliner company and the recliner has been shipped! We will hear from the freight company next.

We had a quiet evening.

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