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Sat. Jan. 30 to Fri. Feb. 5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Bob is still having the fatigue, so we have been having quiet days. I work on my diamond painting and puzzles. Bob naps, as needed, and plays games on his iPad. We stay home and watch some TV.

Todd, our neighbor is a really creative person. She asked if I wanted to see the table she made for someone, before she delivered it. So on came the two masks, and I ran over to her condo to look at it. Isn’t this beautiful? She is so talented!!Todd table

She had also done this, at the metal shop, and she put it us this week. We see this each time we leave our garage. She makes these in the Sun City metal shop.

Todd Eagle 3

Sunday-  Another quiet day. Bob seems to have less and less fatigue. Some times he is light headed, but other than that, he is doing well. I am back to normal. We had our usual Zoom in the afternoon, and watched TV in the evening.

Monday-  I had a virtual appointment with my PCP for this morning at 9. At 7:45, they called and asked if I could do it early. This was to get the paperwork to return to the Posse, since I was over the virus. It turned out, I spoke with the NP at the Urgent Care close to us. I had sent the required form over via the portal, so she signed it and left it at the front desk. We ran over there later in the day and I picked it up. While at Walgreens, I purchased some better tape for my foot.

Tuesday- More of the same. Bob had the West Valley Astronomy Club Zoom meeting in the evening. I watched some TV.

Wednesday-  Bug spray day! The condo sprays for bugs on the first Wednesday every other month. So we opened the gate to the back yard the the garage door. They spray inside the garage and outside in the front. We had our usual Roadrunner Zoom at 4 PM.

Thursday- More of the usual. My back had started bothering me, so I had a Chiropractic appt. in the afternoon. He moved fast, getting people in and out. I miss the other Doc who used to be there. I picked up a copy of my films, for when we travel.

Friday- We ran to Costco for gas and a few items. It seems, we are always running out of tomatoes! We returned and had a quiet day.

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