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Sat. Feb. 6 to Fri. Feb. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a quiet day for us. Bob is doing so much better! No more fatigue. He is no longer taking several naps a day.  I worked on the diamond painting that I have been working on for weeks. I am getting close to the end and I want to get it done by Monday when I hope to spray it with coating.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping. We walked thru Fry’s and Walmart and my foot, in a shoe, tied normally, did not hurt until I returned to the car.That was a surprise and hard to understand. Normally it hurt most of the time. I have only been wearing slippers or sandals, and if I wear a shoe, I keep it very loose.. We pre-cooked dinner, so we did not have to cook during the Super Bowl.  I finished the diamond painting!

We had our usual Sunday Zoom. In the late afternoon, we started watching the Super Bowl. I read my book during most of the game, just stopping to watch the commercials. We were rooting for Kansas ( Bob is from Kansas) so it was sad…

The dogs were a hoot! At 5:30, Roxie started lobbying for us to start cooking dinner. We usually start preparing dinner around 5:30 to 5:45. Roxie and Koda started ‘telepathing’ their wanting us to start preparing dinner. When that did not work, Roxie moved on to tapping my knee with her paw. Then she moved on to Bob’s knee. Then she would tap, then walk towards the kitchen. This went on for awhile.  Then Koda was walking back and forth across our laps, as it got closer to 6. After 6, they started getting frantic, with Roxie running to the door and back, tapping our knees with her paw. They really had us laughing. We kept telling them that we were waiting  for half time, and that they would get fed. Finally, half time arrived and the dogs, if they could wipe their brows, with their front paws, they would have, after all that hard work! LOL

Monday-  On Monday morning, I took both of my completed diamond painting over to Todd’s and she sprayed them for me. I brought them home and put them into the garage to air them, so that I did not bring the chemical smell into the house. Here they are:

Happy Camper DP

4 leaf clover DP

The colors do not show as well in the pictures, which is a shame, as the 4 leaf clover is awesome! I pulled out my next diamond painting and placed books on top to get it to flatten out so that I can start it tomorrow.

Tuesday- The Sun City weather has been really great. Sunny, warm and just beautiful. The temps have been in the 40’s to 50’s at night, but in the  high 70’s to low 80’s during the day. We had a quiet morning. At 2 I had to leave for the MRI of my foot. I drove over to Sun City West and had the MRI at the Banner facility. I have been to this facility several times.

The MRI went well, and I asked for a copy of the MRI for my Doc. The gal gave it to me and I returned home,. When I took it out of my purse, to put it with the Dexascan report, I found that my name was on it, but the date was 11/17/2019. Huh? I do not have a CD player in my computer, but Bob has one in his. He put it in and it was an X-ray of some woman’s neck. Drat, I will need to go back over tomorrow and get the correct CD.

I started to set up my diamond painting, and found that one of the colors was missing and they did not send me the supplies to do the painting. That is not an issue, because I have the supplies from other kits, but the missing color was an issue. So I checked with Bonnie, Todd, and Mary Ann. Bonnie had some leftover diamonds, so she gave them to me! She actually have 4 small bags of that color, so no problem.

We have been binge watching Homeland on Hulu. We only needed to see Season 6-8, as we had seen the previous seasons.

Wednesday-  Since the double recliner was supposed to be shipped yesterday, we decided to bring the rig over to the condo to start preparing the rig for installation. We first went to JoAnne’s to look for a frame for the diamond paintings. We decided to purchase some fiberboard for the one for the RV, as it is going in a spot where a frame will not fit. We did not find a frame for the shamrock.

We went to Sun City West and I walked in and gave the guy at the counter the CD and asked for the correct one. It took about 5 minutes for him to run one off. Then we went to the storage center. Bob drove the RV and I drove the car back to the condo. I parked the car in the back parking lot, and Bob parked the car in front of the garage. He got right to work, taking out the dining table and bench seats. I posted on the View/Navion FB group asking if anyone in the Phoenix area wanted any of the cushions or the table top. You never know, someone might!

View table

It took Bob a lot less time to take this out than he thought it would. So right after lunch, we took the rig back to the storage facility. Bob is really back to normal, as this did not tire him out.

Thursday- We ran over and picked up the rig again. Bob wanted to do some more in the rig. The original mattress on the Murphy Bed was very hard, so we had replaced it with a different mattress. We had noticed it was sliding down, when we put the bed up, so Bob ( the engineer) had designed a fix. So he installed that. It works really well!

The 2019 Views and Navion’s, all come with a bunk over the top of the cab. We knew we were going to use the area for storage, so we threw ideas back and forth, and finally decided to take out the mattress up there. Bob is going to put plywood up there, and then a shelf for some items. We took out the mattress and put it on top of the spare bed in the condo, which is also the temporary home to the original mattress from the rig.

Donna and Allen came by to pick up the keys to their rig, which we had watched over the summer. We also gave them the pump for our old sleep number bed. They have that same model as we had in the Alfa, so this gives them a spare.

I also worked on labeling switches and put the new Ninja Air Fryer etc. into a drawer. It fit, but we will need straps to pull it out of the drawer. We had a space for the new, small, 3 qt. Instapot, under the sink. The grill is under the rig in the storage compartment, and in another we found space for the new Lynx leveling blocks. With a smaller rig, we have to be very conscious of what we take with us! The Alfa had so much storage!

Again, after lunch, we took the rig back over to the storage unit.  We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- We ran to Costco this morning. I rode one of the carts around, as I am still supposed to stay off my foot as much as possible. We returned and had a quiet morning. Bob looked for some items online and ordered them. I started working on our trip for April, so that we can see how we do in the rig and to find out what we are missing.

I had been trying to find places to boondock in the Adirondacks for this summer. I had not found any information, and had posted on FB. Only one questionable answer. So I found the phone number of the Ranger, and called. I spoke with a great gal, who gave me directions to a spot where we can stay when visiting the Lake Placid Olympic Park. The gal was very nice, and her brother works at the brew pub in Lake Placid!

Because Valentines Day is on Sunday, we ordered our Valentine dinner from Black Angus for this evening. Bob went and picked it up. The specials are not good on Valentines day, but they were good for today!  We finished Homeland!

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