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Sat. Dec. 5 to Fri. Dec. 11- Sun City

Saturday- We were off to the Posse office to help decorate for Christmas. Bob helped outside, decorating the building. I helped inside, with moving toys to the front of the room. Then we had a brunch. Most of the folks went into the training room, across from the lunch room. We went to the main meeting room, where there were only 6 of us in the entire room. We were able to socially distance while eating!  Of course the food was delicious!

Below is the lobby. The Santa is huge, and moves.

Posse Christmas 2

This is working with moving the toys from the hallway AND the conference room to the meeting room.

Posse christmas 1

Finally, these are all the toys. I am not sure how many there are, as we did not count them, but we think there are 125 kids, so the kids will get more than one toy. The school picks them up and does the sorting and delivery.

Posse Christmas 3

On the left there are 25 African American dolls, someone, from Sun City, donated.

We stopped at the library and returned the Stuart Woods book, earlier than the 7 day limit. We went to Michaels for a frame, then to Walmart for groceries. Since by this time it was almost 3, we went to Bruster’s for ice cream.  I had my regular Double Fudge Browne, but Bob was adventurous, and had the Peppermint Oreo. He liked it, but said it would have been better with brownies!

We returned home and there was a package for me. Surprise, it was from my Editor. They had sent me a Harry and David gift basket. ( They have never done this before!). We ate a bit from it, note that, we put it up on top of the cabinet, so we would not eat it all….it contains some excellent fattening items!

Harry and David box

We had our usual Saturday afternoon Zoom. We ate dinner and watched more of The Handmaidens Tale on Hulu.

Sunday- We completed our usual Sunday tasks. We had received the bill for the RV storage for 2021, so, Bob ran to the rig and brought back the insurance and registration. We had to put a copy in with the check.

We went to Joanne’s looking at frames for the diamond painting. None of the 12×12 will work, because you have to fold over the edges, and we can’t with  frames they have. Sigh, I think I am going to need to do a custom frame.

We stopped at Target and bought a gift card, as they are the 10% off. We will use they for the low fat cheddar we purchase, because that is the only place we can find low fat cheddar.

We returned home and had a quiet rest of the evening. Okay, putting the box up on the top shelf did not work. It kept calling to us! LOL

Monday- Today was Bob’s first Patrol training. So he had to get up at 4:45. Ugh, of course this meant all of us had to get up! Here is he is…

Bob uniform

He took the car and I worked  on Christmas cards. He arrive home at 12:15, which was late. The Posse was very busy this morning and he had done more than his training exercises. He had gone on medical calls. He only was directing traffic, and had no exposure. He passed all of his tests also. He also had an excellent report for noticing a woman dressing funny and standing outside in the cold. They made a U-turn and returned to check on her, but she must have just been getting her newspaper. There are a lot of calls in Sun City for missing persons.

We went out and walked with Mary Ann in the condos, doing a Community Service project of going door to door to up date the condo and Posse emergency information and to make sure that folks have the correct key in the Fire Department key box. It does not do a lot of good to have an old key in the box, if the Fire Department needs to get into your condo. That was an hour.

We returned home and I fell asleep on the recliner. Bob started watching the Washington/ Steelers game and that woke me up. Washington won!! They beat the unbeaten Steelers….

We ate dinner and watched more of The Handmaidens Tale on Hulu. Oh, and Starz wants us back for $25 for 6 months. Not yet. Don;t need them again until the next Outlander premiers.

Tuesday-  It was warmer today, so I was able to ride my bike. I played Maj with MaryAnne, online, and Bob went to return the insurance card and the registration to the RV. He dropped off our check for the $150 for the entire year of storage! Hopefully, we will get to use the RV this summer, if we can get the Covid vaccine and hit the road.

Bob returned with two 6 packs of beer. He took picture of all of them and sent the pictures to his beer bro, Lavern. After lunch, I worked on more Christmas cards. We read our books and had a quiet afternoon. After dinner, we watched some recorded TV.

Wednesday- I rode my bike again this morning, a little later, when it was warmer. Bob ran some errands. After lunch I tried to take a nap, but failed. I went to the evening shift at the Posse for my second evening patrol training. It was a busy evening with us doing the training and taking two medical calls. All we did at both of them was stand outside, guarding the fire truck and the ambulance. The first one was at a house, and the person declined to go to the hospital. The second one was at a life care facility and the patient went to the hospital. I passed all my tests.

We were also doing some “drive byes” when we smelled smoke. We drove around looking for a fire. We finally decided it was in one of the courts; so we got out and walked through, finding a covered smoking fire pit. It was an unattended fire, but it did not appear to be a hazard, as there were no trees or grass around. The condo folks must have had a social, earlier, as this was around 8:30 and dark.

Arlene asked how comfortable I was feeling and I feel comfortable with everything but knowing all the codes. There is a learning curve with that task.

Thursday- Bob had his second morning shift, so we were up at 4:45 again. Ugh! I drove Bob to the Posse and returned home. I had my pants in the washing machine and got them into the dryer and hung up. I also worked on an article I needed to update.

I left and went to Sun City West to see the Orthopedic doctor. About 3.5 to 4 weeks ago, I had developed sudden, sharp pain in my left foot. This is the same foot I had the surgery on in January. I thought that I might have torn the mesh that the Doc had put in to re-build my ankle. The pain has improved, but was still there.

He ordered X-rays to look for a stress fracture. None showed up on the x-ray, but he said that can occur. So he placed me in a boot for 3 weeks. Since I had donated the high boot from January, he ordered me a low boot this time. It was pouring rain, so I did not wear the boot home in the car. This is the first rain in 110 days! We really needed this rain, and a lot more!  The Native American tribes use well water and springs and are starting to run dry….

I was pretty depressed when I arrived home, since this is my third time in a boot, for this same foot, and I thought it was going to interfere with my Posse training. I immediately called Tina and told her what was happening. She said that she would speak with Arlene and see if it was okay if I did not do any walking. I told her it was my left foot, so I could drive. She said that she could do my morning training, as she would do the vacation walks, and I could stay in the car and watch.

Bob called and I went to pick him up. He had a busy morning. He did not go to any medical issues, but did four vacation watches. He realized that the exterior water knob was turned on, at one home,  so he guessed that the folks had returned home. He rang the door bell, and they answered. There was a lag between when the folks called to let the Posse know they were home and when the information was given to the Posse morning shift. Bob passed all of his tests and is exceeding expectations.

Arlene agreed with Tina, so I went for my evening training. We had a quiet evening. I passed all my tests again. I feel confident about talking on the radio, but I still am cautious about what I am saying. I practice what I am saying before I speak.  I also need some more work with the local map. Sun City is built so crazy, that I need more work on quickly finding homes. It is not your typical map!  I am also listed as exceeding expectations.  

Friday- We had the Condo Association meeting, which we attended this time.  There were a total of 18 people there, in the big room at the Posse. We were the last people to enter and the first to leave. Nothing special about the meeting. No raise in the condo fees. Lots of money in the bank for the big items, like the roofs.

We returned home for lunch. we were tired from getting up so early yesterday, and me from working last evening, so we took a nice nap.

We had a quiet evening watching Mandalorian on Disney + .

4 Responses

  1. There is something about a guy in a Cowboy Hat.!! Sandra

  2. Denise I do LOTS of diamond paintings and get ALL my frames at Michael’s. I cut the edges off and use colored construction paper as a frame it works well.

    Sorry to hear about your foot. Are you and Bob becoming EMTs on fire department calls?

  3. We are Posse volunteers. We assist the fire dept and Sheriffs dept. its kind of a neighborhood watch, upgraded. We do vacation watches of homes, watch the fire truck and ambulance so that no one steals the medications on board. We check for open garage doors. We look for lost people. Thats just an over view, lots of Sherriff assistance tasks.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy.

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