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Sat. Nov. 28 to Fri. Dec. 4- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I worked on Diamond Painting and some other projects. Meanwhile, Bob went over to the RV and ran the generator. He found that the engine battery was dead, so he jump started it, and ran the engine at the same time. He thinks he is going to need to drive the rig around to get the battery really charged up….

I did an online order at Café Zupas and  Bob stopped by and picked up our salads for lunch. We worked on projects at home in the afternoon. We had our usual Saturday afternoon Zoom.  We, of course, had leftovers for dinner.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. I did a bit of cleaning and we put more of the Christmas decorations around. I worked on the Diamond Painting. We both read our books. We had carryout  lobster rolls from a local restaurant for lunch and leftovers for dinner. We watched 60 minutes, then a movie on Netflix.

Monday- After exercise, we did tasks at home. Then we went to Walgreens, which was supposed to have some toys on sale. They did not have anything we thought appropriate, so we went to Walmart.  We purchased 2 soccer balls for 12 year old boys and 2 Candyland games for  7 year old girls. These are for the Posse’s donations to one of the local schools, where the kids are very poor. We were instructed not to provide educational toys, but to give them a regular toy, as it will be the only item that they will receive for Christmas. How sad…

Bob went for an MRI and I stayed home and worked on the Diamond Painting. I am 3/4 of the way through, and am excited to complete the picture. I will post it when I am done!

I am back on my diet and Bob continues to watch what he eats. We had signed up for the Hulu special rate of $23 for a year, so we started watching The Handmaidens Tale. Our Stars special rate expires this month, so we will stop that subscription. We still have the free Disney until January.

Tuesday-  We had the Posse General Meeting. The first meeting of the month has visitors, so we were told to dress business casual. Again, the meetings were separated into two groups. We had signed up for the 10 AM meeting, which had less people present.

The meeting only lasted 15 minutes. After that, we worked with Tina to set up our training. The gal who was supposed to do my morning training was not available, so Tina is going to train me. We each signed up for our three days. Bob found the guy he needed to train with and and is waiting for him to call Bob.

We went to In Home for wreath storage container. We purchased 2 for $12.99 each. We also found this clock and sign.

New clock     1

Kitchen signWe stopped at the tailor and picked up our completed uniforms. Then we stopped at the library to return books. WAHOO! The new Stuart Woods book was on the 7 day loan shelf. I grabbed it and checked it out.  I had been on the request list, at 46 out of 110 requests. The Library software immediately removes you from the request list when you check out one of your requests.

When I returned home I started reading the book. We ate lunch,  I worked on the diamond painting. I rode my bike this afternoon, as I had not been able to ride this morning. Whew,  a driver of a car, cut me off at a corner. Usually, most people drive on the other side of the lane, when there is a biker on the side. This idiot, pulled right up to me( I could have touched the car), made a right turn in front of me, almost hitting my bike! The driver did not stop at the stop sign OR have the turn signal on. It happened so fast, I had not time to even not what type of car or who was driving. I suspect it was not a senior. The car sped away in the 25 mph zone. I had stopped and jumped off the bike so fast, I pulled a side muscle. I bothered me for a couple of hours and then went away.

Bob hung the clock and the sign. We ate dinner and watched some TV.

Wednesday-  It was so cold and windy, so no bike ride today. The temps are going to drop into the 30’s this week or next, so Bob decided it was time to do the winter prep of the new rig. I had a 9 AM haircut, so I dropped him off on the way. He also wanted to drive the rig to charge the battery. Since he was going to take awhile, after my haircut I went to Costco for gas. I also picked up a few items, since I was there. I arrived at the door, right at 10 AM. Darn, I missed the the 9-10 senior hour, so I had to go to the back of the line.

The young gal in front of me, asked the employee “Why are all these people leaving? “ The employee said to her, 60 +…

I moved quickly through Costco, and returned to pick up Bob. Right when I arrived, a text came from him that he needed an extension cord. So I left, returned home, dropped off the Costco items, picked up a heavy electrical cord, and returned to the storage unit.

By this time, Kent at the gate was laughing at my in and out. When I arrived at the rig, Bob had decided he needed a few other items, so he closed up the rig and returned home with me. We ate lunch, and Bob returned to the rig.

I started on making a few Christmas cards, that I send to my elderly cousins who are not on the internet. I quickly realized I was out of tape. So when Bob returned, I ran to JoAnne’s for the tape refills for my tape runner. Surprise, the tape was not on sale. Yippy, this is a rare event at JoAnne’s, so I used a 50% off coupon, good only on a regular prices item.

I returned home and worked on the diamond painting picture. I was almost finished, but it was time for our Roadrunner Zoom at 4. So I stopped and went on the Zoom. We had 18 people. We voted to have a Zoom on Christmas, so that people do not feel lonely on the holiday, if they are alone or just a couple like us.

When the Zoom was over, I went back to the diamond picture and had it completed by 5:30. Its a Lotus.

diamond painting 1 We ate dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Thursday- It was cold and very windy, so I exercised with my video. Bob came back shivering, from walking the dogs. I worked on the blog, then when taking the pictures, I texted Bonnie, asking what kind of spray I should put on the diamond painting She said come over to Todd’s patio. So I went over. Bonnie, Mary Ann and Todd were all there. Todd took the picture and sprayed it in a box out in the alley. She let it dry, then sprayed it again. Now I just need a 12×12 frame.

I cleaned up the desk and put all the leftover “diamonds” into bags. I also had placed the painting in the garage so that the smell from the spray did not come into the house. After being in the box in the driveway, it had wrinkled at bit, so I put books on top to flatten it again.

We ate lunch, we read a bit and at 3 I had to leave for my first patrol training run.

20201203_145357 (2)

It was 7 hours. I passed all the tests. The dispatcher would radio an issue and we would go to do whatever it was. Since it was training, it was fake issues. One was that there was a road hazard at the corner of two streets. Arlene, who was my trainer, had me tell the tale of a man losing his  Christmas tree, and we helped him to put it back on top of his car. Needless to say, we got razzed for that at dinner. We picked up food at Subway, and went to “base” to eat dinner at 7. There were only 5 of us on, plus the dispatcher. The hard part of this is learning all the codes.

We were fortunate that the wind had died down, and it was not as cold as it was in the morning. We checked doors at Churches and drove through one of the apartment complexes. We also drove around the Posse building, in the south, which was not open.

Friday- We ran to a couple of Estate and Garage sales. There was even a driveway craft fair. I purchased several of the die cuts and the embossing cuts for my new Big Sizzix machine, dirt cheap! . 

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

2 Responses

  1. Love how official you look in your uniform. Sandra

  2. What are you a police officer? Looking good. Diamond painting I 💖 it. I have done about 20 pictures. Really enjoy it.

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