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Sat. Nov. 21 to Fri. Nov. 27- Sun City AZ- Thanksgiving

Saturday-  We ran to JoAnne’s for a Christmas Wreath, then stopped at some garage sales. We picked up a few items.  The new cartridge arrived for the toilet, and Bob put it in…..

Toilet cartridge

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday-  We cleaned the condo and did our usual Sunday tasks. We read and I worked on the Diamond Painting. We went to Walmart for groceries.

Monday-  Bob took out the Christmas items that we have so that I could see what we needed. We went to Michaels and purchased a 7 ft. “pencil”  pre-lit Christmas tree. It is very thin. I pulled out a table cover and found that at some point there had been a water leak on it. I tried washing it out, but nope, that did not work. I trashed it…. I have some ironing to do on other items.

We need a few items for the tree, but we had picked up some ornaments at some estate sales. I do still have the tree skirt that I had made years ago, and the ceramic Nativity scene my mother made. Plus some little items and two quilt hangings that friend, Nikki Huffstutler, gave us.

I gave up on the puzzle that I was doing. The pieces were too flimsy, and they were hard to put together. I actually don’t like the puzzles from the Library. They are not as nice as the ones from Paradise. So at some estate sales, we have been picking up some of the brands that I like.

I work a few lines every day on the Diamond Painting. In the continuing saga of our second toilet, it was still leaking with the new cartridge, so Bob called the company again. They decided that it is a faulty insert, so they are shipping us the entire insides, free of charge. About time!

Tuesday- I had labs scheduled at 7:15. I arrived at 7 and was the only person there. It turned out, that my Doc office had not forwarded the lab slip to Sonora Quest, after my September appointment. It took this long for me to get a fasting appointment. So I called the Doc office. The gal who answered was more interested in getting my insurance information ( which they already have) than in getting me to the Doc’s assistant or PA. After 20 minutes on hold, I hung up and returned home to eat breakfast.

I sent an email to my Doc telling them that since it takes so long to get a fasting appointment, that I will wait until after my April appointment. I received an apology email and see ya in April!

We had a quiet rest of the day. I played Maj with MaryAnne, online. We set up the Christmas tree and decorated.

. Christmas tree 2020

Wednesday-  We ran to Joanne’s for the sale and purchased a number of items. Then We stopped at Dollar Tree for a few items. We went to Kneaders to pick up a dozen rolls for Thanksgiving.  Our next stop was at Fry’s to pick up their delicious Cranberry sauce. We had discovered it in Breckenridge, at the Market there, years ago.I also found my second favorite wine, the Tropical Mango Moscato. It is very hard to find, so we purchased 3 bottles. That was a surprise! We stopped at Walgreens to pick up one of Bob’s prescriptions. Our last stop was at MaryAnne and Ray’s Alfa at Paradise to drop off half of the rolls and collect her half of the cost of the rolls.

We returned home and ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. Bob tested to make sure that our oven actually worked, as we have never used it!  We use our Breville.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! We started cooking our 7 lb. turkey in the oven. I made up the sides and we started reading our books.  I had called the Butterball hotline last week, to see how long it would take to defrost the 7 lb. turkey. The gal said 4 to 5 days, in the refrigerator. So we had taken it out of the freezer on Saturday. It was nicely defrosted. We always cook our bird in one of the oven bags. The bag said 2.5 hours. It was done in 1.45 hours. So we were off on our timing. We took the stuffing, yam bake, and green bean casserole and started them cooking, at their various times.

We ate our yummy Thanksgiving dinner at about 12:15. Then of course we took a nice nap, on the recliners, waking up in time to watch Washington beat the Cowboys! Yea team! Each of the two teams were in second place, in the Eastern Division, with horrible records of 3/7. So our win put us ahead of Dallas in the rankings. I really don’t think they will make the Super Bowl, LOL!  If we even have one….

We ate supper, of leftovers, at 6, then watched The Christmas Chronicles 2, on Netflix.  We enjoyed Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn as the Clauses. We had seen the first movie in 2018.

When that was over, we watched half of a Bruce Willis movie on Netflix.

Friday- Today was our CPR/First Aid class with the Posse. This is our last class. It was interesting. The instructor is a retired PA and teaches the Red Cross version. When the Posse was still a part of MCSO( Maricopa County Sheriffs Office), they did the usual class with the MCSO. Since they broke off with them, they do an abbreviated version, with their own manikins and supplies. They do have instructional AED machines. It was a really easy course for both Bob and I, since both of us had been through classes in the past although, there were a  lot of changes since our last certifications. All of them simplifications.

Then we were kept behind, as the other three students left. They are not in the Patrol division. We set up times for our driving sessions. My instructor is the PA gal, Arlene, and Bob is going with one of the male Duty Officers. I was able to set up the 3 evenings with Arlene and Bob set up 3 mornings with his trainer. We both are waiting for phone calls from the other two trainers. We have 3 morning sessions and 3 evening sessions, each. So we are going to try to fit those times in ASAP so we can start out on patrol. We can’t do this until we retrieve our uniforms from the tailor shop. They are due to be finished by Dec. 1.

We were impressed that someone in the Posse had been exposed to a neighbor with Covid. He reported it immediately, and was tested. He was negative and is in quarantine for 2 weeks. We are really glad that the Posse members do take the virus seriously!

We stopped at the Habit for burgers for lunch, just picking them up and bringing them home to eat. We had a quiet afternoon. I worked on the Diamond Painting and Bob read his book.

After leftover turkey for dinner, we watched the rest of the Bruce Willis movie, then started watching a mini-series on Netflix.

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