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Sat. Nov. 14 to Fri. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had the garage sale from 8 to 12. We sold a few small items, but not enough of what we wanted to sell. Oh well! Our rule is nothing goes back into the condo, so we loaded the car and took everything to Good Will. At Good Will, we had to wait in the Starbucks line, before we could pull into the parking space. Fortunately, after the GW workers unloaded the back of the car, the next people in line had left room for us to back up.

We returned home and had a quiet rest of the day.

Sunday- I rode my bike this morning and it was beautiful out. Bright blue skies and warmer temperatures.  I cleaned a bit. At 11, I went over to Bonnies condo, and she showed me the tips and tricks of the Diamond Painting. I returned and worked on it a bit, after eating lunch. I played Maj with MaryAnne for about an hour.

Bob continued to work on the toilet. He cannot get it to stop leaking. He turned off the water to it and is going to call the company, again.

I went grocery shopping, as Bob still does not feel well. He found the results of his Chest X-Ray, and he has walking pneumonia. So he is taking it easy as much as he can. The Codeine makes him sleep. I have no symptoms.  Bob has no Covid-19  symptoms.

We watched TV in the evening.

Monday-  The antibiotic seems to have kicked in for Bob, as he is feeling better, but still trying to take it easy. He continued to work on the toilet. He called the company. It turns out the” toilet pressure assist tank vessel” is a knock off and will never stop leaking. The only part on it that can be replaced is the cartridge, and he replaced that. In fact, he tightened it so tight I could not flush the toilet and it still leaked!  Obviously, this is not the toilet  “innards” that I had ever seen before!  Bob ordered a new one from the company; it should arrive later this week.

Toilet 1

I worked on the Diamond Painting. I am also still working on a puzzle. Anything to combat the boredom of staying home.

At 1, I played Maj with MaryAnne, Donna, and Allen. We did a conference call at the same time and it was much more fun that way. More like being in the same room. When we finished playing, we talked for about a 1/2 hour with them. They are still in Ohio and both have been having some health issues. We are hoping that they fly back soon.

Bob napped for awhile. At 4, we went to the Condo social. It is outside with everyone social distancing and wearing masks. There were 14 people there, including us, and 3 dogs. We did not take our dogs. It lasted until 5 pm. It is a way for us to meet some new people.

We ate dinner and started watching The Crown , season 4, on Netflix.

Tuesday- I rode my bike, Bob walked the dogs. We had the Posse Operations Meeting at 9:30. We were in a large room, socially distanced, with everyone in masks. They went over the long range plans. It was interesting to see that they used to have 110 volunteers, now they have 55. Their goal is to get back to 110 by 2024.

We returned home, ate lunch and Bob had a Doctors appt. at 2. He asked me to go with him, so of course I did. We stopped at Brusters for ice cream after the appointment.

We returned home, ate dinner and continued watching The Crown on Netflix.

Wednesday- Our usual mornings. I am having an issue with a medical bill. So I called the insurance company. Then called the Urgent Care billing. Then the insurance company again. Then the Urgent Care billing. Obviously, I am stuck in the middle. I finally did an appeal to the Insurance Company and called to let the Urgent Care billing know that I had appealed the decision.

By that time I was very frustrated. I sat outside reading my book. Bob got on the Roadrunner Zoom. He found out two more of our friends had the virus.

At 5 we had the Condo social, with our small group. We socially distance and all face forward. The dogs attended this one.

We watched some regular TV that we had recorded.

Thursday- We had our Posse class at 8 am. It was Vacation Watch and Map Reading.  Sun City is a little crazy. Streets are not in order and there are a lot of lanes, streets, roads etc. Plus the house numbers are the same.

We also went outside to one of the cars, and looked at the check list that we have to complete each time we leave.

We stopped at the Library and returned home for lunch. We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nap.

We continued to watch The Crown on Netflix.

Friday- We had our 3rd class. Since we had done the outside in the car yesterday, Bob had asked if we could start a little later. So we started at 9. Today was Communications and Vehicle Services.

Now I really have to learn the darn codes! There is a cheat sheet in each vehicle, but I really need to know therm. Bob knows them, since he was on the Indian Head Vol. Fire Dept. for almost 15 years.

We finished The Crown on Netflix this evening…

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