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Sat. Nov. 7 to Fri. Nov. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I was able to ride my bike this morning. A front moved in and the wind picked up and the temp dropped. We started with the windows open, but soon had to close up,  as it became too cold.

We did tasks around the condo, then went grocery shopping at Fry’s and Walmart. We started at Fry’s and it was pretty open. Then went on to Walmart, where it was busier. We returned back home, on the way, I saw on my phone that the Presidential race had been called. We were happy with the results! Whew we arrived everyone was out in the alley behind the condos. Some happy and some not so happy. It is what it is… We spent the rest of the day doing laundry, reading, working on our puzzle.

At 5, we had our usual Saturday afternoon Zoom with our Virginia and Georgia friends. We are changing it to earlier, as it interferes with our cooking dinner, due to the time change last Sunday.

After dinner, we watched President-elect Biden’s speech. We then continued watching Agatha Christies ABC murders on Amazon Prime.

I had noticed that the second bathroom’s toilet was adding water to the bowl. Not the usual fix, as it was only in one spot. I called Bob and he came in and took a look at it. Problem to fix tomorrow.

Sunday-  We did out usual Sunday morning tasks.  I cleaned the master bath while Bob was working on the toilet. It needed a new cartridge/valve. None of the hardware stores have the part, so Bob ordered it online. Nice to have two bathrooms! The hardware stores wanted to sell us the whole apparatus, for $150! He paid $19.99 plus tax! We expect it to arrive by Wednesday.

We worked on a puzzle and read. It was cold for  AZ, with temps in the high 50’s low 60’s with a fierce wind.

After dinner, we watched some TV.

Monday– Bob felt worse today for some reason. He still walked the dogs and I rode my bike. I ran to Walmart to pick up some distilled water and a new basket for our Instapot.

I stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a new pillow. I have a displaced disk in my neck, and if I sleep wrong, the nerve makes one arm or both arms go to sleep. The pins/needles wakes me up. It happened five times last night, so I decided that I needed a better pillow. I found this out from the Chiropractor, when I went to him because my right hand was going numb when I was riding my bike. He told me not to look down when I ride my bike. That stopped it! So that is why I think it is the pillow.

I found a nice new pillow, with the assistance of one of the workers. Not even the most expensive one; and not from the pillow guy! LOL

When I returned home, I worked on the puzzle and Bob has been napping. His sinuses are still clogged.

At 1 I played Maj with MaryAnne, until 3. We swear that the computer cheats! We play against 2 computers. MaryAnne won one time and should have won a second time, but the computer would not let her put up a tile, which would have given her Maj. It took her awhile to get over that! We also decided to talk to the phone while playing. We miss the socialization we have when we play in person.

Bob continued to nap; then he made a spaghetti squash casserole for dinner. We finished the Agatha Christie  ABC Murders and watched The Pilots Wife, both on Amazon Prime.

Tuesday- Bob is feeling better, which is good, as we have our 2 hours with Dispatch, at the Posse. We arrived at 8 AM. We chose Tuesday morning, as Mary Ann is the dispatcher. She is excellent, as she can work in chaos. The phones were ringing and the radios were going off. The printer, connected to the fire dept. was printing. Very busy, then quiet. At 9, another gal came in, just to answer the phones. The main problem turned out to be a women, who calls frequently, saw a pile of blankets and coats against a wall. She was afraid that someone, was under them, dead. She called, then she got her neighbor to call. We do not pick up trash, which basically what it was, but Mary Ann, did a reverse address and sent the Patrol commander there. The woman was very impressed and hopefully will stop calling.

The uniform room is open from 9 to 11, Tues, Wed, Thur, so we stopped in and picked up our uniforms. What a pain that was! They only have men’s pants and tops. They do not have women’s sizes, so they pay for alterations. Bob found pants and shirt that fit him perfectly. With my hips and chest, I had to go big! Do I need to tell you that the uniform room is run by men?

We left and returned home for lunch. After lunch, we took all the clothing to the tailor’s shop, who deals with this. The gals there were great. When I requested that she alter the shirt, she said it would be expensive. I asked how much? Just $25, so I had her pin the shoulders. She said to me, that I am going to end up being the envy of the other women at the Posse, as I will have a shirt (and pants) that fit! 

We returned home and I rode my bike my usual route. We ate dinner and watched TV.

Wednesday-  Today was our first class. We arrived at 8. The first part of the class was basically orientation to the Posse. Then we had a break. The second part was more about the services offered. Another break then a tour of the building. The third part was who is who and defensive driving. Our next class is next week.

Tina, the gal teaching, was wearing a polo shirt. I asked about it and she said I could buy one. They have used ones for $10. So during a break, I trotted into the uniform room and bought one. Of course, they guys yesterday never mentioned that! I have to have the usual uniform, but I can wear the polo on days that I am working. When it is cold, I am allowed to wear a black long sleeve shirt underneath. YES!

We were told to sign up for one of the General Meeting times. They have split the times due to the virus. so that there are less people attending the meetings. We were also told to sign up for the Christmas Party. Again, split, so that there are less people attending. It is held at a Golf Club, and is catered by them. Big tables, only a few people. IF  the state is not closed down by then.

Our pictures are on the bulletin board. Great Pic’s! I hope to be able to keep mine!

After class, we returned home for lunch. Bob went to the various hardware stores and I rode my bike and worked on a puzzle. We went to the Condo social. We found out that Rosie had been exposed to Covid-19, and is in self quarantine. She  is waiting for her results. Bonnie, Todd and Mary Ann were talking about Diamond Painting. I asked what it was, as I had never heard of it. It is basically like a counted cross stitch canvas that you glue small pieces to, at the holes, to make a painting. So I returned home and ordered a kit for $12.99. It has all the pieces.

We ate dinner and finished the movie Einstein on Amazon Prime.

Thursday- Bob woke up not feeling well this morning. The temp was 43 degrees, so I did not ride my bike, I did my Cardio workout DVD. We went to Costco, early, and I was first in line at the Optical Center. I have a bit of trouble with distance, watching the TV in the living room, so I was choosing glasses and dropping off the new prescription.

We stopped at the Tailor’s to drop off the polo shirt, as I need the previous owners name covered with an embroidered cover, with my name. The gal said she hopes to have them all done by Dec. 1.

We returned home and Bob settled in. He had called the Doc office, as this has been going on since Nov.1. He had an appt. at 2:30, with a PA. He was sent for a Chest X-ray.

I spent time talking to Rosie and MaryAnne. Rosie tested negative, thank goodness!  A little before 11, I took off for Macy’s. I need a black top to go under the polo shirt. They have re-arranged Macy’s since the last time I was there. I finally found what I was looking for, $14.99. Of course, I had to guess at the size, as all the dressing rooms are closed. I guessed right, as I tried it on, when I returned home.

We ate lunch, and my computer decided to do a Microsoft update. Grrrr! I was scheduled to play Maj at 1. It took until 3:15 to complete the up date! I was not happy! We are going to try to play tomorrow.

Friday- The Condo General Meeting was at 9:30 today. We decided not to attend. It is held at the Posse, and in a big room. but why take the chance. We already are out more than we like.  We were also not sure that everyone would be wearing a mask, although they were supposed to be….

Bob still feels lousy. He is on an antibiotic and the Phenergan with codeine. So he is sleeping a lot.  I worked on the puzzle. My Diamond Painting kit arrived. Now I need to learn how to do the painting. We did prepare for the garage sale tomorrow.

In the morning we priced everything. In the afternoon we worked on the signs. Bob rested in between.

We watched some recorded new shows on TV.

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