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Sat. Oct. 31 to Fri. Nov. 6- Sun City AZ.

Saturday-  We had a quiet day. Nothing special. We did not go anywhere. I did a lot of laundry.  We had our Zoom at 4 pm AZ time.

Sunday-  Another quiet day. More laundry. It was and Redskins bi-week. We read our books, watched some TV, and worked on a puzzle. Basically pretty boring. Time changed everywhere except Arizona. That is always a treat!

Monday-  Our usual mornings with me bike riding and Bob walking the dogs.  We went to meet up with Paula and Charlie, who were down from the TT in Valley Verde for a doctor appointment at 2. We met up with them at Paradise, at MaryAnne and Ray’s site. We each brought our lunches and socially distanced.

We had a great time visiting with our old friends until about 1:45. Charlie had a Doc appt. at 2.

We returned home and at 4, we went to the Condo Social. This is a social for the entire condo association. The other social is for people on our courts.  It was nice to meet some new people. We all socially distanced.

We returned, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Tuesday- Bob woke up not feeling well. He had a low grade fever and his head felt heavy. We ruled out Covid, as his only symptom was his sinuses and his  fever. We decided he had a sinus infection. I kept a close watch on him.

I went to Costco and Walmart. I picked up some Naprosyn (an anti-inflammatory)for Bob’s sinuses.

I played Maj online with our usual group from 1 to 3. Bob basically slept on the sofa. The Tylenol brought down his fever. He felt a little better in the evening.

I finished this puzzle.

Balloons 2

Wednesday- Bob’s fever  was down all day. He still stayed home. I went to the meeting at 2 PM for the Posse. We have four classes to take, then we start our Patrol Car  training. By then it will be early December.

We had the Roadrunner Zoom at 4, although we forgot about the time change. It was really at 4, but others had the same issue. Arizona does not change times. 

Thursday- Bob coughed up something disgusting. He has no fever and his sinuses are no longer bothering him. He feels back to normal; so he is back to his usual routine

I played Maj for an hour with MaryAnne, on line. While walking the dogs, Bob ran into Diane and Jim riding their electric bikes. They stopped and talked for 10 minutes and we were invited to their home at 6 PM for a chat.

At 6 we went to their home and visited, socially distancing. It was nice to catch up with them.

Friday-  Bob cleaned up the patio after I had trimmed his hair. I cleaned the bathroom drawers. Bob worked on his ax, which needed a new handle. We ate lunch, and Bob spotted that the fire truck went thru our alley. We went outside, along with everyone else. Shirley, who lives two condos east of us, on the other side of the alley, had fallen. She was on the phone with her son when she fell. We are not sure who called 911. She did hit her head, and she was bandaged by the EMT’s when they arrived with the ambulance. They packed her up and took her to the hospital. This is her second fall. She does have a Lifeline, but no one was sure that she was wearing it. She tends to forget to wear it.Each condo has a lock box, which is only able to be opened by the fire department, and the key to the condo is in it.

Mary Anne lives across from her, and she texted Shirley’s grandson, who lives in Phoenix. The son, who she was on the phone with,  either lives in Michigan or Oregon. as she has two.  The Posse also arrived, but they had nothing to do, as we all stayed away from the area, just being nosey watching the excitement.

We left and went to the Container store and purchased new boxes for the refrigerator.

I worked on a puzzle and read my book. Bob had his Posse ride-along today.

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  1. Beware of COVID-19. I just spent 5 days hospitalized with respiratory distress. Fortunately did not need a vent. So proud of the nurses who took care of me in the ICU. Very professional, proficient and personable. Truly amazing nursing care. Stay safe Sandra

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