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Sat. Oct. 24 to Fri. Oct. 30- Sun City

Saturday-  We were slow getting up this morning, as both of us were tired. I did a lot of laundry. I did more Biden/Kelly phone calls. We took a nap in the afternoon. No Zoom this week.

Sunday-  It was another quiet day. I continued doing laundry and cleaned up the condo a bit. The Washington/Dallas game was today, and surprisingly, Washington won! We went to Bruster’s for some ice cream. We ate dinner at home and watched the 60 Minutes , Trump/Biden interviews.

Monday-  The weather was very windy and the temp was in the low 60’s. I had tried to ride my bike, but only made about a mile. sue to the wind. I returned home and did an aerobics video. Bob was cold while walking the dogs.

I quickly finished a puzzle.

Welcome puzzlee

We ran over to the library and picked up books. Then we stopped at the Post Office to drop off a package, then we went to the rig. There were a few items that we had forgotten to remove when unpacking the rig.  

We had a quiet afternoon. We did not go to the condo social, as it was too cold and windy.

Tuesday-  It was still cold and windy, so I did my aerobics video again. We had a quiet morning, ate lunch, and went for our Ophthalmologist appointments. We were both taken into the room and eyes were tested by the techs, then dilation eye drops were put in. We sat for an hour and a half. I was ready to walk out! We were sitting in a waiting room with other people. The chairs were separated, but not 6 ft. We were not happy! We were finally taken in to see the Doc. My eyes become very tired when I read and I have trouble seeing the TV in the living room, due to the distance. He checked my eyes, and I have a film starting on the right eye. I had the left eye lasered for that years ago. This is a post cataract surgery issue, which happens to some folks. It is not a big deal. The Doc gave me a distance prescription. Bob’s eyes are unchanged which is great, as they are watching him for glaucoma! We returned home and ate leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday-  The weather was still cold, 49 degrees this morning. I did my aerobics video again this morning. I had my hair appointment at 9. I stopped at the library on the way home, then I had my 2 hour ride along at 10:45 with the Posse. I checked in with the gal at the desk. Dan came and got me and we went to the morning meeting. There were 4 of us. Dan is the Patrol Commander. He gave them their assignments. We checked in with  communications, then went out to the car for the ride along. We both wore masks the entire time and had the windows open. The car is cleaned before and after each shift. Dan had already cleaned the car.

The first call was for a homeless man sleeping on the side of the road on 107th drive. Dan had me stay in the car. He told the guy to move on. There is nothing that he can really do, as they guy was not on private property. The guy kept asking for a ride. Dan explained that the Posse is not doing rides right now. The guy moved along, but I am sure that they will find him somewhere else asleep on the ground.

It ended up being pretty boring. We just checked various banks, driving thru the parking lots and checking the folks at the drive up windows. They wave that they are okay.

We stopped in at the new satellite office that the Posse has opened on Grand Ave., Hwy. 60, which separates north and south Sun City. Dan asked me if I had ever seen the Ranchettes. No I had not. So he took me thru that area. What a surprise! It is a bump out in the south area. The homes are built on larger plots of land, so that they could have horses. There were a few that still did, but most of the homes are in the million dollar range. Big houses, with big lots. There were a lot of RV’s stored on their property. We had thought that Sun City does not allow RV’s on property, but in this area they are grandfathered in. Then Dan returned me back to the  our car. I stopped at McDonalds for lunch, as it was after 1, I returned home. We finished this puzzle.

Christmas kittly puzzle 

Thursday-  Bob had his cardiologist appointment this morning. This is a new doctor, as his previous doctor left the practice. He liked the new guy. His EKG was perfect, so he returns in a year. Bob has not had any A-fib since the second ablation.

At 11:30 we went to see Bob’s PCP. Bob wanted me to go along, so I did. They let me in with him.  The Doc had asked for an in person visit this time, as we had requested that Bob’s B12 injections be increased, as we noted that he was having symptoms at 3 weeks.  

At 1:45 I had a Zoom mtg. with my PCP. Nothing new for me. Time to schedule Mamogram and Bone Density tests.

We had a quiet evening. We finished up the Worst Witch on Netflix. We had a movie from the library to watch.

Friday- Roxie had her yearly Vet visit. Much to her dismay, she is going to have to stay on the eye medication for the rest of her life. We put it in each evening. She doesn’t run away, because she gets a treat afterwards, but she does let us know that she hates to have it done. I hold her and Bob puts it on her eyelid.

I cooked Devil eggs and decorated them. I wore a mask and gloves while preparing them. That was a pain, but better safe than sorry…

Halloween devil eggs

At 3:30 Bob went over to assist with setting up for the party. It was already done when he arrived. So he returned. We put on our costumes, such as they were. We still have our chicken hats and we put on yellow boas. There were some really good outfits. We socially distanced, but some others did not, but we had a nice time.

Condo Halloween party 1

Condo Halloween party 2

Halloween party 3

We went as chickens…

Halloween party 4

Below is Mary Anne  in the chair, Todd is standing, and Bonnie who was pretending to be pregnant/

Halloween party 5

Below is the other Denise. She is a “cereal killer”.

Halloweend party 6

We went home taking our stuff with us. We returned to help with clean up.

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