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Sat Sep. 20 to Fri. Oct. 2- Sun City

Saturday-  We had a quiet day, staying at home all day. At 4, we had a Zoom with Jackie, Bob, and Mary. Jackie is doing better and better.

Sunday- We ran to the grocery store. At 10, we settled in to watch the Washington game. Hmmm, they wanted to charge us $2.99 for the game! Huh! We had an email last year, at the end of the year, from Direct TV, that we had the rest of the year and the full next season for free. Hmmm, so Bob called Direct. He was on hold for an hour. He was told that it was a fake email. Well, since we were given the last games of last season.  We are upset with Direct, so we chose not to purchase the package. We know they are lying to us, but we cannot prove it, as we no longer have the email. So we listened to the game on Bob’s iPad.

Other than that, it was a normal Sunday. This is the puzzle we finished.  This one was very hard!

Middle east puzzle

This was the last puzzle from Paradise. The next ones are from the library.

Monday-  We ran over to the rig to do some tasks. Then we went to Sam’s Club. We purchased gas, $1.99/gal. I get the light Baby Bell’s there, in the large packages, and they did not have any. The employee said that they are just out of them. They are still carrying them.

We returned home and ate lunch. Bob had a virtual appointment with his primary doctor at 1:15. At 3:30, I went to pick up his prescription while he set up the crock pot. The temp today was in the high 90’s, so I was able to sit outside. We finished Haven and started  the Enola Holmes movie on Netflix.

Tuesday- I called Paradise to check us out over the phone. The gal I needed to speak with had to call me back.  We will still need to return the mailbox key and the puzzles.

Bob went over the rig and put in a shelf in the bathroom, under the sink and tried to put on the hub cab. We lost a hubcap somewhere. We think it had it when we purchased the rig. Bob had ordered one, and it was too big. He could not get this second one on because of the position of the valve stem. He is going to need to take it back to the tire store.

Bob added air to my bike tires. At 11 we went to our first appointment at the Sun City Posse. The Posse is a volunteer organization which does a lot for the community. I used them a lot when I was a Case Manager at Del Webb hospital, for transportation of patients home. They also patrol the city, do block watch, welfare checks, vacation watches, funeral watch, traffic control, community events and other tasks. Its an awesome group. Our neighbor Mary Ann is a dispatcher. We met with two of the folks for about 1/2 hour. One was the recruiter and the second one was the watch commander for the day. We could not tour the building, due to the virus. We brought home the applications and we will return them tomorrow.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I made more calls for Biden/Kelly. At 3:30, we left and went to an MVA contractor, Quick Title, to purchase the tittle for the rig. Last Friday, we finally received the paperwork we needed. Every time we drive past this place, we have seen long lines. They close at 4, so we got there just before closing. We had a short wait, and then paid almost 7K in taxes and licensing fees. Whew, that was a dent in our savings! Good thing we were prepared for that. We knew basically what we were going to have to pay, before we purchased the rig.

We returned home, ate dinner, and watched the crazy debate. After the debate, we started watching Away on Netflix.

Wednesday- What a difference having air in my bike tires made. Bob also tried to fix my blinking red light, but I need to replace that. I went so much faster on my ride today! We went to Walmart and I purchased new bike lights. I made more calls for Biden/Kelly.

At 2, Bob took Koda to the Vet. She has been licking her self terribly. Its her allergies. So the tech gave her an allergy shot. Meanwhile, Roxie stayed home with me. She was not happy. She whimpered most of the time. She would only sit on my lap for a few minutes, then she would go stand at the garage door whimpering. 

When Bob and Koda came home, she raced over to check Koda, then greeted Bob. I had kept telling her that Koda was going to the Vets, and that Roxie did not really want to go to the Vet! Koda slept most of the evening.

At 3, we had our Roadrunner Zoom. That was fun, with a lot of laughter. We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner and watched Away on Netflix.

Thursday- I ran to the library to pick up a book. Then I returned and picked up Bob. I had noticed several garage sale signs, and so we went to those. We did not find anything we needed.

We ate lunch, then Bob left and took the rig over to the tire place for them to put on the hub cap. I played Maj, online, with Allen, Donna, and MaryAnne. Bob texted me that they had to move the valve stem, and it would take longer. It turned out, that they still could not get the hub cap on the tire. They think that we need to purchase a hub cap directly from either Sprinter, Mercedes, or Winnebago. Bob is going to research where we can find one.

We BBQ’d a pork loin for dinner and finished watching Away on Netflix. Then we started the original Mulan on Disney+. We still have Disney+ until January, for free because we have Amazon Prime. I refuse to watch the new Mulan movie  and pay $30 to do so. It will eventually be free on Disney+.

Friday-  I moved up to riding over 5 miles on my bike again today. That felt really good. The morning temps are dropping, it was 70 this morning. Bob had put our problem with the hub cap on the FB group and found that it is an issue that continues. They have a poor design and fall off. So we are not going to replace the hub cap. There is no sense wasting the money. We have been refunded for the other two, when we returned them.

It was cool enough for us to go to the condo social. This is outside, social distancing.

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