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Sat. Sep. 19 to Fri. Sep 25- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did laundry and basically relaxed most of the day. The hurricane had hit Gulf Shores AL, where my elderly cousins live. I am the youngest of my generation, and the next oldest family member ( fathers side) is 5 years older, then 10, then old enough to be my parents. So I had contacted my 1st cousin, 1x removed, by IM. She said that her parents were okay. They had stayed in their condo, and it was a mess. Her sister was moving them to her house. They were supposed to have left the condo, but refused to do so. No electric, no water, in their late 80’s and he is not well. My cousin Gloria is his full time caregiver. She did not know about my 90 year old cousin,Claire. So I IM’d again, asking about Claire. Debbie told me she would check on Claire. She did and Claire called me. I was very relieved. Claire had only minor damage. When the tornado alert came, she took pillows and a quilt and hid in her bathtub! She is a spunky lady! This is my cousin who was in the Foreign Service and traveled all over the world.

We have been watching binge watching Haven on Netflix. Finally getting to season 5, the last season! This is based on a Stephen King novel.

I finished this puzzle today. I started taking it apart before I took the picture….oops! It was actually easier than it looks!

Fruit puzzle 1

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks and had our zoom with Mary, Jackie and Bob. They are doing okay. Jackie is much better.

Monday- I had a doctors appt. at 9. I returned and we had a zoom type meeting ( different name, same format)  with the Maricopa County librarian. We showed her our drivers licenses and gave her our address. We received Maricopa County Library card numbers. We have to pick up the cards when they arrive at the Sun City library. The library is not open, except for morning hours and some evening hours, just for pick ups. You order online. They also have puzzles!

Here is our next puzzle.

Vegetable puzzle 1

Tuesday-  We had an 8:15 appointment at the Sun City RV Storage. We ran to Paradise, then took the rig over to be measured, again! We signed in, paid the $50 set up fee, then the $90 for the rest of the year. Then we parked the rig. We are very pleased with this storage. It is a non-profit. They have water, a dump, and covered wash bay areas we can use to wash the rig.

We went grocery shopping, then I dropped Bob off with the groceries, and went to my Dermatologist appt. Everything was good. No spraying!

Wednesday-  I had a 9 AM hair appointment. Other than that a normal, quiet day. The temps have been in the low100’s. Much better than over 110! I made more phone calls for Biden/Kelly.

Next puzzle…

Amish puzzle 1

Thursday- We have been running over to the rig and doing more tasks. We purchased the recliners and a new mattress. I did some cleaning of the condo.

Friday-  Basically a quiet day. We are still working on the RV. We are still binging Haven.

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