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Sat. Sept. 12 to Fri. Sept. 18- Sun City to Camp Verde AZ

Saturday-  We had a busy day. We were off to the rig in the morning.  Then we stopped at Best Buy. We have a CD player we used in the old rig for listening to books on CD. The new rig does not have a place to plug the CD player in. We cannot figure out how to listen to them. So we went to Best Buy. Fortunately, the employee was a guy about our age. He actually knew what a CD player was! Unfortunately, he could not help us. We need a CD player with Bluetooth. So we left and returned home. We need to go to Costco, but the line was way too  long, just to get into the parking lot.

We ate lunch and Bob finished the door to the linen closet. Here is the finished product. We still need a door handle for it.


Today was a sad and frustrating day for me. Both of my BFF’s, from high school, who we Zoom with on Sunday, are having issues. Jackie has the virus, which she caught from her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law is still ill, and is going to need to go to a long term care facility.

Then Mary, was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. This is her second time. The first time was many years ago. It’s pretty frustrating to be so far from them when they are ill. There is nothing I could do anyway, but still….

We had gone to Costco in the afternoon. We picked up one of their delicious chickens for dinner.

Here is a puzzle I finished.

Flower puzzle

Sunday- We completed our usual Sunday tasks. We also prepared to leave tomorrow on our first trip in our “new to us” RV. We ran to the RV and set up some items. We return and took the dogs with us to the RV for the first time. As you can imagine, they were confused. Roxie seemed to do better than Koda. I guess its that Roxie has been through a lot of changes with us. I had placed the “tennis ball thrower” on the booth style bed which we had put down for the dogs. Roxie grabbed the tennis ball and started play. That seemed to calm Koda down. Roxie seems to understand when Koda needs to play and she gets her started.

We turned on the refrigerator and the air conditioner to get the rig cool for tomorrow.

We returned, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon and evening. We watched some TV.

We did this puzzle very quickly.

Star wars puzzle 2

Monday-  We ran over to Paradise, to the rig. We put items away, and I drove the rig over to the condo, with Bob following in the car.  We packed up the food, clothing and medicines. We packed up the dog items, and the dogs. Since we do not have recliners to secure the dogs, we had lowered the booth table, making a bed. We put an old quilt on the bed, and secured the dogs with the seatbelts, which are located at one end of the bed. The dogs were very comfortable. They even have a large window to look out at the scenery.

Around 9:30, we took off for the Thousand Trails Camp Verde campground in Cottonwood AZ. It is located at about 85 miles, north, from us, and at  3,300 ft.

We stopped on the way at a Shell station for diesel at $2.38/gal. So much better than having to stop for diesel at the truck stops, where the diesel is much more expensive. We also were not towing a car. This was our first trip not towing. We are giving it a try to see how we like not towing.

The trip is up over the mountains, climbing to almost 5000 ft. ,then dropping down into the valley. The View did great! So much easier than the Alfa, which would sometimes overheat.

We arrived and checked in. We only need a 30 amp site, and the guard told us we could choose any site we wanted. We knew where we did not want to stay, but they had added 62, new 50 amp sites, which were really nice. We had not liked to stay there in the Alfa, as the sites were small and not level. At this TT, you pay extra for the 50 amp service, and it depends on the site, as to how much. Some of the new sites have magnificent views!

We chose a site in the “B” section. We were on a corner, with some shade and a nice grassy area for the dogs. We of course had a picnic table, but no fire put. No fires allowed, due to the chance of starting a forest fire. That was okay with us!

We settled in for the rest of the day. The temps during the day went up to the low 100’s, but at night the temps went into the 50’s. Nice and cool! Yes!!

We had left over chicken, from Costco for dinner. We were able to sit outside in the evening, until we could not read anymore. We had minimal internet. I was able to text, but most of the time, I could not receive emails or look on line at anything. We did have great satellite.

Our couch is not that comfortable, when sitting on it to watch TV. Bob had brought our Direct TV receiver, and we learned that was an issue. The receiver is placed behind the TV, and the metal in the wall mount, prevented us from being able to turn it on/off or change channels. We had to put the remote in a position to work, with the door open to behind the TV.  This is why we are doing this “shake down” trip, so that we can learn these problems.

We also discovered that the air conditioner did not cool off the rig that well. Bob’s solution was to hang a quilt, that we had packed, to block the front of the rig. We had figured this out at Paradise. So we did that during the day. We have taken the curtains for the bunk over the drivers cab and covered that area. Then we took the quilt and put it below. This worked perfectly, immediately lowering the temp in the rig and not over taxing the air conditioner. We have since learned that all Class C’s have this issue. Its like the front sucks the air forward, raising the temp in all the Class C’s. Okay, issue, temporarily solved. Now we needed a better solution.

We sat outside reading after dinner, until it became to dark to read. The murphy bed is really high. I have to use a step stool to get into it, so we pick up Roxie and put her on the bed. Koda has discovered, she can walk up on her bed, and jump over to the murphy bed.

Tuesday-  Bob about froze, walking the dogs. I did my morning stretch video. We took showers. We can flap our wings in the shower, which we had checked, before we bought the rig. The bathroom is small, but doable.

Having the murphy bed gives us a lot more room and we really like that. Last evening, we had set up the booth table and ate there. Unfortunately, that did not work for the dogs. They had really enjoyed the area. Roxie let us know! So we set the table back down, covered the cushions with the old quit, and the dogs promptly jumped up and settled back in. They think is a nice, big, dog bed!

We decided definitely to purchase a dual recliner for the booth area. We have looked at them. This was not an option on the View or the Navion.  It was an opting on the Wayfarer, by Tiffin, BUT, the Wayfarer is over weight.  You could only put 90 lbs. into the rig. With clothes, food, supplies, etc., the rig is easily overweight. Other View/Navion owners have been changing them out, and I would imagine that Winnebago will eventually offer this as an option.

Around 9:30, we packed up and drove thru Cottonwood and on to Jerome. The town of Jerome is a very interesting place. Our first stop in town, was at Jerome State Historic Park. There we learned we could park in a regular parking space. The rig fit! There was RV parking, but we did not find it until we were parked, so we did not bother to move.

Rig parking space

Can you imagine the poor mules that had to drag this wagon up the mountain we were on? We had driven a really steep, zig-zagging road up to the museum!

Heavy wagon

This picture below is of what was a school, and is now a private home. The views must be fantastic. It is located above the museum.

Jerome house

We walked and watered the dogs. The temp was low 80’s., so we opened our sun roof in the rig, and the back vent fan to keep the rig cool. We unhooked the dogs, so they could move around, but they took a nap on their “bed”.

We were there to take the tour of the Douglas Mansion. The former home is a museum, devoted to the history of the Jerome area and the Douglas family. Entry was $7 each, no senior discount. Below is the mansion from a distance, while driving.

Douglas Mansion

The mansion features exhibits of photographs, artifacts, and minerals. There was a 3D- model of the town and its underground mines. There were a few pieces of furniture,  but not a lot of the family items. The views from outside were spectacular, but of course, there is still some smoke in the air from the California fires.

Mansion view

The Douglas Mansion has been a landmark in Jerome since 1916, when James S. Douglas built it on the hill just above his Little Daisy Mine. The house featured a wine cellar, billiard room, marble shower, steam heat, library, and much ahead of its time, a central vacuum system. The house was built of adobe bricks that we made onsite.

Below is a rare flat piano.

Flat piano

Below is the mansion library.

Mansion library

The best part, was the 28 minutes video about Jerome. Jerome was the first town in Arizona. That was due to the mining in the area. The movie was very interesting. It was done through the eyes of a ghost. The ghost played his guitar at the beginning and the end, singing a song about mining and Jerome. The actor was quite good.

The history begins in 1876, when three prospectors staked claims on rick copper deposits. They sold out to a group, that formed the United Verde Copper Company in 1883.The town was named for Eugene Jerome, who was the primary ventures principle backer.  The cost of transportation of the copper, killed the company, which folded in less than two years.

The new owner, William A. Clark, brought a narrow gage railroad and reduced the freight costs. By the 20th century, it was the largest producing copper mine in the Arizona Territory. The town grew.  There were churches, restaurants, hotels, bars, an Opera House, a school and  lots of prostitutes. The Madam became very wealthy!

In 1912, James S. Douglas purchase and began development of the Little Daisy Mine.  Bu 1916, Jerome had two bonanza miles. Copper production peaked in 1929, then the Depression hit the town hard. The Little Daisy Mine closed in 1938. The mining days ended in 1953.

Below is outside the house.

Outside mansion

There were two more sites to see, but by this time, the little town was bumper to bumper traffic, so we left. We returned to Cottonwood and picked up lunch at Violette’s Café. It was actually in a railway car on the corner of two streets. We both had Croque Monsieur’s, ( a French ham and cheese, and a favorite of ours). We were disappointed, as the bread was crunchy. They were almost at closing time ( 1 PM) when we arrived, so that might have been the reason.

We stopped at Walmart and Home Depot. We did not find what we wanted at  Home Depot, so we went to Ace Hardware.

We returned to our site, and set back up. So far, this has been pretty easy. It takes less than 10 minutes, since we leave our chairs at the site to mark it as occupied, as well as the TT sign on the electric box.

By this time it was about 2 pm, and the temp was in the low 100’s. We stayed in the rig until dinner time.  We used our BBQ on the picnic table, ate dinner, and read our books until it became dark.

We decided to turn around the driver and passengers chairs, once the weather was cooler. We were able to open the door and the windows. The two chairs have “booster seats” that came with the coach. Since the drivers area is lower than the back of the rig, there are these “ booster seats”, which match the seats. They made the chairs pretty comfortable. We turned the TV in our direction, and watched  the last hour of the Davinci Code and then, Angels and Demons, both of which we had seen, a long time ago.

We missed our recliners as did the dogs, as the chairs were not as comfortable as the recliners, for them to sit in our laps. Instead, they lay on their “bed” and napped.

Wednesday-  Again we went to Cottonwood, to Home Depot. We returned some items and tried, again, to get what we needed. We had decided to put up a bungee cord ( suggested by the employee at Ace) to support the curtain, which would cover the entrance to the drivers part of the rig. Bob needed better, bigger eyebolts.

We stopped at the Hog Wild BBQ. We picked up carryout and returned home. The food was very good. They have a very high Yelp rating.

We returned, set up and worked on the inside of the rig, in the air conditioning. I put shelf liners in and we set up the curtain closing the front area.

We read our books, grilled dinner, and sat outside for awhile reading until dark .Tonight we watched Galaxy Quest. It was a cute movie about some Sci Fi stars who were contacted by aliens, to help save them. It was silly but fun.

Thursday-After sitting outside reading our books in the nice cool morning, at 10 we left and went back to Cottonwood. We stopped at Fry’s and Home Depot. We ordered lunch at the Red Rooster Restaurant in Old Town Cottonwood. Oh, were those sandwiches good! Bob had a turkey Ruben and I had the turkey cranberry wrap. Both came with decent potato chips.

We worked some more on the inside of the rig, read for awhile, grilled dinner, read some more.  We watched some more TV, siting in our turned around chairs.

Friday-  We packed up and left at 8:02. We stopped for diesel on the way back at the Circle K. Diesel had gone up. It was $2.43 today. We arrived at the condo and unloaded the rig. We took it back to Paradise, and settled in for a cool afternoon in the condo.

We ordered dinner from George’s and ate dinner. We watched Netflix in the evening and read our newspapers, which the neighbors had put through our mail slot. We had received a document explaining some of the items on the ballot for November. I started a puzzle.

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