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Sat Sep. 5 to Fri. Sep. 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bob had put our air conditioner issue up on the FB page. He had several replies. One was to run the hot air to clean out a filter that is in the line; so he did that. Another suggestion was to put a blanket up, to cover the drivers area, to put less stress on the air conditioner. He also did that.

Bob cleaned the BBQ grill table. Yesterday, I had taken the cloth off and the tape. Bob cleaned off the glue that was still sticking to the table. Then he walked the dogs. When he returned, I asked if he was ready to go. He said not yet. Evidently, when he was cleaning the glue, off the table, some had dripped onto his foot and two of his toes were glued together. We were both laughing! Thank goodness for Goo Gone!

We took a lot of items over to the rig. The air conditioner was working well with all the tasks, that Bob had done.

We stopped at Walmart and shopped, then returned to the condo for lunch. I did laundry and fell asleep in the recliner for a short nap. We worked on a puzzle and read our books. We watched Game of Thrones, season 8.

Sunday- We cleaned the condo and I did more laundry. We took more items over to the rig. The air conditioner was working well. We were just putting too much of a strain on it, due to the 115 heat. We are really hoping this is the end of the high heat and humidity!

We had a quiet afternoon, completing this puzzle.

Cal del sol

We ate dinner at home and watched the rest of Game of Thrones. I understand why people were disappointed in the ending. We were too, the third DVD in the package was just fighting. Ugh! It became pretty boring, with all the blood and gore. Then they moved on to the ending, OMG, they they dragged it on and on…. We kept thinking, well that is the end, and there would be more and more…anyway we had watched the whole show.

Monday- Happy Labor Day-  Again, we had a quiet day. Bob ran over to the rig and stopped at Walmart and tried to drop a book and the DVD off at the library. The return box is closed on Sun and holidays. So it will need to go back tomorrow. I had finished another book, so one more to go back.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. It remains very hot.

Tuesday- Bob dropped off the items at the library. He also did some tasks at the RV. It is a busy time, trying to get the new RV like we want it. Bob spent time on the phone, finding a place which will install the metal tire valve stems. We need those for our tire monitoring system.  He has them, he just needs a tire place to put them on. He has an appointment for tomorrow.

Wednesday- The weather turned! Wow, we work up to temps in the 60’s and less humidity. What a great birthday present for me! I was able to ride my bike this morning.  It’s been a long time since I was able to ride. Bob checked the tires, to make sure they had not deflated. The ride to the west was nice, but turning back to the east was tough. The wind was pretty strong. I could really feel my legs burning.

We went to the rig and did more measurements. We took the rig to the tire place. I followed behind in the car. Then we went to the Container Store, again, to find the right boxes. Bob purchased three more for items underneath the rig. I bought several for the bathroom.

We stopped at Jersey Mikes for lunch, as I had a free sub form my birthday. We returned home, ate lunch and I fell asleep on the couch.  They called at 2, that the rig was ready, so I dropped Bob off , and we took the rig back to Paradise.

We went to Cold Stone for some ice cream for my birthday. We missed the Zoom with the Roadrunners. We had a nice dinner at home.

Here was the next puzzle we finished.

Kitten puzzle

Thursday-  The weather remains great , with daytime temps in the low 90’s. We are getting a  lot of smoke from the California fires, but the smoke seems high up, not low to the ground. That makes breathing easier.  I rode my bike again.

We ran back and forth to the rig. We had one of my favorite meals for dinner. This is so easy. Just brats and pineapple on the grill. Then you put BBQ sauce on them. They are so good!

Pineapple brats

Here is today’s puzzle.

Tea party puzzle

Every time we go over to the rig, we take back and pick up puzzles.

Friday-  More back and forth to Paradise. Today, Bob emptied the water tank and put in the cleaner. He also, did the de-calcification, which takes 3 hours. That took time. I stayed home in the afternoon when he went back to the rig to finish the water cycles. We ordered dinner from George’s Café, the little Sun City Café. We both ordered the coconut shrimp dinners.

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