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Sat Aug 29 to Fri. Sept. 4- Gallop NM to Sun City AZ.

Saturday- We left the Walmart in Gallop NM and continued into Arizona. In NM, all the state parks, (which we love), were closed. When they open, they will not be open to anyone from out of state, until the Pandemic is under control.

While traveling we received a notice that Jackie’s MIL was in the ER. She was positive for Covid and had pneumonia. No Zoom tomorrow. Joe is doing well, and is out of the ICU. He might go home next week.

The entrance rest area, in AZ, was closed. We continued on to the Petrified Forest NP entrance, where there is a parking lot outside the the park. The park was still closed. We used our own bathroom, a real plus of traveling in an RV, and changed drivers. We continued on to Winslow. We have been there before, but I thought it would be a good place for a picture of the rig.

Winslow Rig

What you can’t see in the picture, is there were three old, gray haired men, sitting on a bench to the left, watching the traffic. I am sure they got a laugh out of me racing to the corner, and taking the picture.

We continued to Flagstaff, where we stopped for diesel, at the Sam’s Club. We switched drivers and turned onto I-17 south. Wow! Its Saturday, a week before Labor Day. the traffic north bound, was bumper to bumper, all the way south, until we turned onto the 303 by-pass!  We had heard on the news that the Saturday traffic, northbound was bad, but this was really something!

We arrived home and unloaded the rig. The temp was in the 90’s! Wow, did we luck out. We ate lunch, then took the rig to Paradise. We parked and Bob hooked up the rig.

We returned to the Condo, and I texted Tammy about the dogs. She was working doing deliveries for Edible, so we needed to wait until she gets home from work. She will text then.

Both of us read the newspapers, that the neighbors had thrown over the wall. We both fell asleep on the couch.

At 5, we went to pick up the ecstatic dogs!  We packed them up, and drove away. Tammy texted that she forgot to give us the container of pumpkin. So we turned around to go back, as we were not that far away. Koda instantly started talking to us! It was really funny. We kept telling her, we were not taking her back. Once we got the container and started going home again, she stopped talking to us again.

We ate dinner and watched a movie.

Sunday-  We did our usual tasks. We ran to the RV and left some items in it. Bob emptied the tanks. We returned to the condo and had a quiet afternoon. We were both really tired, and we ended up falling asleep in the recliners.

Monday- We were still tired.I have been working on laundry, yesterday and today. I worked on a puzzle and we read our books. Bob took the rig to the emissions testing. Diesel engines in Arizona have to be tested yearly. It passed, of course. I went for a Covid test at 10 AM. I did the test myself at CVS. It was interesting. I never went into the store. The testing was done through the drive thru. I should get the results in 5 to 6 days, through Quest. The test is free, but they did take my insurance info.

Tuesday- Scott came over and dropped off some items we had left in the rig. There was more than we thought we had left, including my really good camera, which had fallen behind a shelf in the Alfa

Bob went over to the rig to do some measurements. I read sitting outside, as the weather was in the low 90’s. I also worked on a puzzle. Bob picked up lunch on the way back. After lunch, we worked on the puzzle and read our books.

Joe is now home and Bob was able to talk to him on the phone this evening. We were happy to hear his voice. He did not sound short of breath and is on 2 L of O2. 

Wednesday- We left at 8 AM and went to the rig. We did a few tasks, then took the rig over to the Sun City RV storage area for the rig to be measured. With the ladder on the back, it is 25 ft 10”. That keeps us on the list for a parking spot. We are impressed with the storage area. They have a dump, a place to take on water, and a covered area where you can wash the rig.

We returned and parked the rig. We did inside measurements. Then we stopped at a garage sale. The lady had some plain white Corelle ware. Just 4 large and 4 medium plates, but that is perfect for us. I had been looking online for some dishes for the new rig. The Melamine ones had bad ratings, as they stain easily. The Corelle set were outrageously expensive, and had 6, 8 or 12 of each. The sets of 4 dishes are perfect. We still need to find some bowls, but we don’t have to match with them. I also picked up a tray.

Then we went to the Container Store. To purchase some small containers and a trash can. We ran home and I had a Google talk scheduled. I am doing phone calls for Biden and Mark Kelly.

After the training, I made 30 phone calls. Only 2 were home and answered the phone.

We finished this puzzle and started a new one.

Lighthouse 2

We had dinner at home. A lot of packages arrived from Amazon Prime. Items that we had ordered for the new rig.

Thursday-  We ran over to the rig with items and put them away. We decided that the trash can we purchased was too big. It has to go under the sink, in the cabinet, otherwise Koda will get her self in trouble!  She looks so innocent!

Koda 2

I cut the sink mat that I had purchased. It was not big enough to get two out of it. I also cut down some of the shelf covers we had in the Alfa, and placed them between the new plates. We took the silverware  tray, which had come with the silverware, and found that it fit. The silverware is washing in the dish washer.  When they were done, I split them. We don’t need more than 4 of everything in the rig.

We had taken one of our fans to the rig and we put it under the seat in the rig. That is where the Instapot will go also.

We returned, relaxed and ate dinner at home.

Friday-  Several of our packages arrived via UPS. Bob still needed tools, so we went to an Estate Sale that started yesterday in El Mirage. The tools were much too expensive, plus they did not have what Bob needed. I purchased a few items, including 4 Corelle small plates. They will go in the dish washer when we get home!

We stopped at a garage sale, which turned out to be an Estate Sale, done by the family. Bob bought a BBQ spatula. Then we went to the next Estate Sale. We found two chairs. It was a shame that they only had two, but we bought them and are using them at the desk. We have been using the dining room chairs.

We returned home for lunch. We started reading and both fell asleep in the recliners. When we woke up, we went to the library. I dropped off a book and picked up  the Game of Thrones, Season 8 DVD. I had requested this months ago! We finally came to the top of the list, right before we were traveling to Iowa, of course! I had gone to the library and asked the Librarian to help us. We did not want to end up on the bottom of the list again. She fixed it, so that we were on hold, until we returned home. So we were next on the list. Of course, the people who had the DVD, were overdue returning it….but we finally get to watch it.

We stopped at Bruster’s for ice cream, as I had $3 off for my birthday.  Then we stopped at the Container Store. We returned the trash can and Bob purchased two weather proof boxes for the rig. I also purchased another sink cover.

Then we were off to Total Wine and Beverage. Bob was almost out of beer. He was going to purchase a few of the Octoberfest beers. He ended up with 11 of them!  They had singles of the beers he could try.

Beer 1

Beer 2

We returned home and baked some chicken for dinner. The heat is back. All week it had been in the 90’s. Today it bumped up to 115. We are hoping this is the end of the high heat! it will be really hot all the way through Labor Day.

We finished another puzzle.

Airplanes puzzle

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