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Sat. Aug. 15 to Fri. Aug. 21- Sun City

Saturday- We met Julie and Scott over at the RV. We arrived before they did and checked the air conditioner. We sat with them, in the rig, going through the manuals and answering questions. We are really impressed with them, Scott had read the manual and they both asked intelligent questions. We both did another walk around with them, pointing out various things. Julie and I went through the inside and Bob and Scott the outside.

Bob had taken off the license plates and they had none, yet, but Scott asked Bob to get the rig out of the park, as they have been doing construction at the entrance. Bob drove it onto 107th street, and pulled over on the side. Julie and I had followed in our cars.

We said our farewells, safely distanced. Here is a picture of the happy new owners.

Scott and Julie

While we were driving there, the guy who is purchasing a TV, we are selling on Craig’s List,  texted. I returned the text, and we raced home. Bob took the TV to the ACE Hardware on the corner, handing over the TV and collecting $20. Then he stopped at McDonalds for lunch. He returned and we ate a late lunch.

I worked on the puzzle and Julie texted Bob. The generator stopped working. Bob thinks it is just too hot. When they turned on all 3 air conditioners, it over heated. He told Scott to check the coolant and to allow it to cool off.

We ordered dinner from Nick’s Italian Restaurant. We are still using the gift certificates AJ had given to us…..

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks and cleaned the condo. At 11, we had our weekly Zoom with Jackie, Mary, Bob and I. Bob is using his new iPad in the living room, so that we do not have issues with sound.

We ate lunch and worked on the puzzle. At 2, we went to Mighty Moo’s for some ice cream. You have to take a number at the door, and only your party can enter. Masks required. We returned, and Julie texted again. Any suggestions? Scott had changed the oil in the generator  and changed the coolant. It worked for 1/2 hour, then they turned on the extra air and it shut off. Bob told them he just thinks it gets too hot in AZ. They have placed a call to Bulls Eye RV Repair. Bob had also said to check with Dale Prichard, our Alfa friend.

Bob called and cancelled our RV insurance, giving us a nice little refund to put towards the next RV’s insurance.

We finished this puzzle.

Fruit and bird puzzle

Leftovers for dinner. We have been binge watching Chuck, on Amazon Prime.  We had a dust storm, no rain. The air is still full of dust.

Monday- I got out of bed to go to the bathroom around 5 AM and fortunately, I could see in the dark, a black area. Glad I did not trip over her! It was Roxie, on the floor. Bob was awake also. This was odd. We told her to get up on the bed. When she did, we noticed that her tummy was making noises. So Bob got up to take her outside. He found that she had vomited in the living room and the Arizona room. He cleaned them up, then I sprayed them, and worked the stuff into the carpeting. This stuff really works! I vacuumed it once it dried.


I could not go to sleep last night for a long time. So I woke up feeling awful. Bob was okay. I did my cardio exercises,  but was exhausted once I finished, so I only did them, and not the strengthening exercises. My shoulder and ankle both hurt. Not sure why. This fatigue was strange. Yes, I can taste food….

Anyway, so we had a quiet morning at home. I finished the laundry, as it had been so hot the last few days, I did not get everything washed on Saturday and Sunday. I also drank a1/2  bottle of Propel, thinking low electrolytes might be my problem, it must have been!.

Every morning I check on whether there are any of the rigs we want for sale. Nope, none today. We ate lunch and worked on a puzzle. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap, and felt much better afterwards.

We finished this puzzle in a couple of hours. It is really a different one.

Scott and Julie’s problem with the generator was that he had wired the electric wrong on their electrical box at their home…

Ice cream puzzle


Tuesday- I checked RV Trader and bingo, there was a 2019 Winnebago View 24 D. Exactly what we want. So I showed it to Bob. It was more than we had wanted to pay, but they go so fast! So we checked our budget and decided to call the guy. He said  was not sold yet….We requested the VIN, and Bob checked that. It has a clean record. He also said he had a guy at the dealership, Lichtsinn, in Forest City, IA who could work with us on financing. We had already been approved by Good Sam, but they were going to take 20-30 days to complete everything. Interesting, our credit union’s interest rate was almost twice, what we had found with Good Sam and the dealership.

We had an appointment with a sales guy at La Mesa RV, in Phoenix. He had contacted me yesterday, as there was a 2021 that had come in. We arrived when they opened at 9. We had to wait a few minutes, as Jeff was in a sales meeting. Then he went to take us to the rig. It was already gone. There was a second one, but it was out on a test drive already!

So he brought out the one he had tried to take us too, which had been taken into the back. It was already sold! That is how fast they are going….We are not interested in purchasing a new RV, as you watch 50K fall off it, right as you drive it off the lot. Plus it was way out of our budget. Interesting, it was less expensive than the ones we have seen online.

We wanted to tour it, because we have not even seen any of these in person. We had seen a great video, on YouTube,(“ 2019 Navion: Tour our Home on Wheels", View’s and Navion’s are identical) about the 2019, so we knew the differences. We did not like the 2021 version, as we did not like the changes that they have made. It did give us the opportunity to feel the size and the basic floor plan.

We stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Costco.  We returned home, and called the guy, Greg, and  told him we did want to purchase the rig. He did not even want a deposit! Strange….Bob looked up his address on Google Satellite and online and he is legitimate.

He gave us the name of his friend at the Lichtsinn( pronounced like Nixon, with an L), dealership, Brandon. So we called him about financing. He came in with the same percent, and we were approved in 2 hours. When he called us back to let us know, he also let us know a new purchase plan. To do the financing, the dealership is purchasing the rig from Greg, and we are buying it from the dealership. That made us feel a lot better!  It is not some scam. We are buying the rig for the same price. This helps with wiring money, insurance, financing, license plates, etc. They have to be making money somehow on this deal, so they must be making money on the financing. The rate was the same, so we are happy….

Our plan was to drive to Iowa. We decided to board the dogs, so we quickly found a gal, Tammy, in Sun City, who was available to take the dogs. So we took the dogs over to her house and checked her out. We had found her on Rover and she had good reviews and repeat customers.  We toured her house and yard. She has a doggy door which is too small for Koda,but that is okay, with the coyotes, we don’t want the dogs outside without Tammy.

We returned and I played Maj with Donna and Allen, online. Not as fun, as it is not as social, but whatever. At least we’re playing!

We decided on the way back home, that it would be easier to fly to Iowa. So Bob checked flights on Southwest. They have the center seats open, require masks, and we can each take two suitcases. That is great since we need to take RV stuff with us.

Bob started working on the hamper. When we moved in, the space below had a hamper, which tilted out. I could not reach the bottom. So I asked him to please take it out and put in shelves. Here he is starting to work on it. It is so blasted hot, he can only work on it a little at a time!

Bob hamper

Bob hamper 2

More storms with no rain. Lots of wind and damage in other areas. We had some wind. Maricopa county is so large, we had to turn off the weather radio, as the storm was primarily in Mesa, on the other side of the valley, and the radio was driving us nuts!

Wednesday- Bob started working on insurance. We thought about purchasing a warranty, but decided on the Extended Warranty. It is a lot cheaper for the 2019, than the 2004! We also need the regular collision insurance. Bob talked to our agent, and set up us going to his office in the morning, at 8, to sign paperwork. It is also a lot less expensive.

We had changed Roxie’s appointment with the Vet from next Tuesday, to today. Bob told Brandon the change in our plans. For $100, the dealership will pick us up at the airport in Minneapolis, and take us to the dealership. Then we get to use the car the entire time we are there!  Bob purchased our two plane tickets. Airfare is really down! $308 for both tickets. I quickly made a grooming appointment for tomorrow.

We ran to the Credit Union and wired the money to Lichtsinn. We sign the paperwork when we arrive on Monday.

Bob took Roxie to the Vet at 2:40. I worked on a puzzle, and started on the weekly Roadrunner Zoom at about 3:15. A little late!

When Bob returned, he said that Roxie had lost 7 oz., which is good, she was gaining weight. She still has the limp, and she is not allowed to jump. That is an issue, trying to get her to stop jumping up and down off our laps and on the bed. She has a strained muscle. She has also been licking her bottom, so they did a urinalysis. She originally went for her eyes. She still has the dry eyes, but the Doc dropped her to ointment 1x a day.

We finished this puzzle.

Lakefront puzzle

Thursday-  We were off to the insurance agents office for our 8 AM appointment. We stopped at the Post Office and had our mail held. We will have our neighbor pick up the newspaper.

We stopped at Costco, right as they opened. We wanted a wall mount for the bedroom TV. Bob had measured this morning, so we purchased one. We also bought some printer cartridges.

We returned home and Bob started putting up the wall mount for the TV. We took the dogs for their grooming appointment at 11 AM. We stopped at Paradise,  and I returned 3 puzzles. We checked the mail, as we need to sign a new registration form for the new RV.  Then we drove  past our site, to check on the weeds. We also drove by Allen and Donna’s rig to check on it. We also had to pick up something that Allan wants us to send to Ohio.  We stopped at the Elks Lodge to pick up lunch. They were very slow, and I did not think my grilled cheese sandwich was very good. Bob had a club, which was okay.

Bob continued working on the wall mount. We returned and picked up the dogs at 1:25. We returned home, sat and read our books. I also worked on a puzzle.

Wall mount

We finished this puzzle.

Light house puzzle 2

We  ordered from Mercers for dinner. The last of those gift certificates.

We had thunderstorms with lightening and rain. We got 4/10 inch of rain. The first in months! Just enough to dirty everything up and not to clear out the air…

Friday-  I had my haircut this morning at 8:30. They open at 9, but Kathy takes me early. Unfortunately, it is Friday, and there were more people there…

I returned home and we had a quiet rest of the morning with leftovers for lunch. We finished the puzzle below.

Pot of Gold puzzle

This puzzle was easy, with oddly shaped pieces. It is pretty bad shape. The left lower corner must have gotten wet at some point, as the pieces are warped and some of the paper has fallen off. I glued them back on, and will return it, with a big note on the front.

We just baked some chicken for dinner. More thunderstorms, with no rain. The temp was lower today. 102 was the high!

Julie texted Bob, asking where the fuse was for the tire senor extender in the back. It is under the front dash.

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