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Sat. Aug 8 to Fri. Aug. 14 – Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I did two of the cardio exercises today. That is an hour… I am trying to do 1-6, but missed 5 yesterday, so I did 5 and 6.  Bob ran to Ace Hardware, which is close by to pick up some items. He then worked on putting the screen door back in. He had ordered one from Home Depot, but it was too small. The next size is too big, so he took the other screen door to Ace and they are going to make one. He returned the, too  small one to Home Depot.

He then worked on cleaning up the patio and hanging his bike from the ceiling. He does not use his bike all that much, so he thought putting it up was a great idea. We had purchased the supplies at the Container Store two weeks ago.

Hanging bike

We had a quiet afternoon, reading,and then we went to Dairy Queen for $1 off mini blizzards. We ran to Paradise and traded in 3 puzzles and picked up 3 new ones. They have about 50-60 puzzles, in the laundry room. We returned, ate dinner, and started another fairly easy puzzle.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. The we had our Sunday Zoom with Mary, Jackie, Dr. Bob, and Becca, Mary’s granddaughter.  We had not seen Becca for a long time. It was really great to see her.

The rest of the day was very quiet, reading, working on the puzzle, and doing laundry.

Monday-  Bob went to Paradise and pulled the weeds at our site and Allan and Donna’s site. I worked on articles.  Sue arrived to finish the mural. Unfortunately, the saw she had, was not doing a good job, on the glass tiles. So she left and is returning tomorrow. The rest of the day was pretty quiet.

Tuesday-  Basically the same as Monday. Sue and Dave arrived to finish the mural. Bob had run, early, to Tile and Home Décor, to purchase more tiles. They worked on the mural until around 12. It turned out pretty well…

Mural back splash 2

We worked a puzzle, read our books, watched TV, exercised and had a quiet afternoon. This puzzle was a strange one. It is a dog giving the seated dog at tattoo….

Tatoo Dogs

Wednesday- Another boring day. Exercise, puzzle, articles, reading, taking a nap. We ran to the library to pick up books. We ordered salads from Café Zupas.

This puzzle was easy. We did a similar one before.

pussle cow

Thursday-  We did all of the same, except we went grocery shopping today. Everyone at Walmart were wearing masks! That was nice to see.

Friday-  Articles, puzzle, reading, exercise in the morning. I took a short nap after lunch, which we had picked up at The Habit. They have really good burgers! We left just before 2, to go to Mesa to pick up the rig. It looked great. Unfortunately, it was 120 degrees out! Wow, was it hot.  We usually stay home, when it is this hot. Poor Bob, he could not get the rig cooled off on the drive,with all the air conditioners running.  It was cooler with the driver window open!

We arrived safely back at Paradise. There was a new guard at the gate. I told him that we were annuals and told him our site number. He asked Bob if he was okay with backing up. Bob said yes. I went to the site. Bob showed up with the rig. Strange, no guard to assist with back in. So I helped Bob with backing in. We did it perfectly, 1st time! So much easier than with the guards who have never backed up a large motor home!

A different guard arrived to ream us out for parking without a guard. He of course, said you know you have to have a guard with you. Bob told him the guard told him to go ahead. He checked the concrete, and of course, we had not hit either it or the neighbors cactus. He finally calmed down, and told us not to do it again. Bob told him, we won’t, we have sold the RV, but still have the site until October 1. If we can get the new rig, we will put it on the site to check out everything, with air conditioning on!

We returned home and guzzled electrolytes!

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