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Sat Aug. 1 to Fri. Aug. 7- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Bob went to the rig to do the batteries; he needed to add water. He met Scott, the buyer there, and showed him how to do this. I worked on an article and cleaned. When he returned, we went to the Farmers Market. It was more busy this week. I prefer going earlier, when there are less people. From there, we went to the tile store, that the tile gal had recommended. We found some tiles. We purchased two of them, in different colors. We stopped at Café Zupas on the way home, and they delivered our order to the car.

We returned home, and I ran to the third day of an estate sale. There was no one there, as it was the third day, and 50% off. I purchased some pictures I had been watching.

Sunday- Bob was going to go over to the rig to spray the weeds, but it was too windy. We had our Sunday morning Zoom with Jackie and Mary. After lunch, we went to the tile store and purchased the tile. We had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening. We decided to order out. The Mexican restaurant was closed, so we ordered Italian from The Streets of New York. That was good for two nights, as they are large servings.

Monday- We were up our usual early time. I had enough time to do my exercises. I do cardio every morning, M-S. We took the rig over to Gene’s in Mesa, arriving at 9 AM. We dropped off the rig, then returned to our side of the valley. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. We are working on another difficult puzzle.

In the afternoon, Mike, the guy at Gene’s called to tell us the price, it is our deductible,, plus a few hundred dollars, which we do not pay. It is to replace the ‘board”, which they have in stock.  He also told us, that he had ‘dinged” the rig, when moving it. He had accidently hit the scare light. He needed the paint color number. Bob called Julie to let her know. She is to check when she gets home and call Bob back.

Tuesday-I had done my cardio workout and decided to do a strengthening workout also. Whew, then the energy arrived, and I cleaned the condo.  Bob went over to Paradise and sprayed our weeds and also did Donna and Allen’s. If there are too many weeds, the park charges you to spray the weeds. Since the area is so small, it is a real waste of money. They charge a lot…we had to pay last year, and do not want to pay again.

Bob had gotten the information from Julie, and called Mike with the information.

I went to my doctor’s appointment at 1:45. She checked the seroma, deciding that was what it was, although, she covered her bases and said it could also be scar tissue. Since it is round and hard, she is pretty sure it is the seroma. It should absorb in about 2 months.

After dinner, Bob did a Zoom, with the Astronomy Club.  I started watching TV, and the doorbell rang. Two of our neighbors, Denise and Mary Ann, came by with a petition. They want to have the landscape company do a better job. We have  roof rats. Roof rats are common in Arizona, as they cannot live on the ground here. They are at Paradise, also. 

Denise had been cutting the bushes in our block, and she has been told that she is no longer allowed to do that. It is for the landscape company to do it! The problem, is that they do not do it…So the petition, is to get the landscape company to do their job, or to change companies. Evidently, the board has a deal with this company, or at least the President of the board does. I signed and took it to Bob who also signed.

Wednesday- Today, I did the cardio and a yoga session. Whew! The bug sprayer came this morning. That is included in our condo fee; he comes every 60 days. We can pay the guy, $5, and he will come into the condo and do the whole condo, which we asked for. We have had the palmetto roaches. The condo had been empty for a year before we moved in, so the roaches moved in…Bob set roach bait, so we have not seen them for awhile, but we did not want to take a chance. Bob took the dogs for a walk, and I sat outside while he sprayed and it dried.

I had called JoAnne’s to check on our puzzle picture. The gal said she had called on July 23rd. Well she did not call me, as there was no call on my phone. We went to JoAnne’s to pick up the puzzle picture. While waiting for the gal, we ran around getting three frames for the pictures, that I bought last week. When the gal waited on me, she swore she had called me and had the correct number. Right….

Anyway, when Bob went to change the frame on one of the larger pictures, he found a piece of paper, with information about the artist. She evidently is famous! He went and checked her website and found pictures for sale. The larger two are worth $225 and the smaller ones are worth $100 each. Darn, had I known, I would have bought more and sold them on eBay! I paid $3.50 for the large pictures and $2.50 for the small ones!

Bath pic 1

Bath pic 2

He hung the pictures and we moved on! We are still working on the hard puzzle. One of the picture was too blurry and I had not taken a pic of the puzzle. I will do both next week.

Thursday-  We needed a few items at Costco, so we ran there. We went during the senior hours at 9, so the place was almost empty. A quick in and out.

We had a quiet day. We finally finished that tough puzzle.

Arizona 2

Friday– It was 76 degrees this morning. Wahoo! I rode my bike 6 miles this morning. Even the dogs were happy! We sat outside for awhile, till it became too hot. The cool is leaving rapidly, and the humidity is returning. We ordered dinner from George’s, the Sun City restaurant. It was pretty good, and the price is right!  We finished an easy puzzle.

Paris puzzle

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