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Sat. July 25 to Fri. July 31 Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the outside Farmers Market at Arrowhead Mall. We bought too may calories! Then we went to the motor home to teach the buyers about the rig. When we arrived, we found that the air conditioner was not working, again! Bob did everything he could think of, but nothing worked. So we used the roof air, while there. We were all pretty hot.

We discussed the issue, and we are not turning the title over to them until the rig is fixed, as we want to make sure that whatever the repair is, it will be done on our warranty. Our warranty ends in August, so we might as well use it. Bob is taking the rig for the emission test on Monday.

We returned home and Bob called Allen to see if he had any suggestions. Allan and Donna are in Ohio, so it was not like he could come over and look at the air conditioner. Bob had already done everything that Allen suggested. So on Monday, Bob is making ANOTHER appointment at Gene’s in Apache Junction. This is the third this year!

We are so glad we are in the condo, with good air conditioning. Bob checked our electric bill for both the condo and the rig. We now know that the air stopped working between 6 and 7 pm last Thursday. Also, our bill for the rig is almost double what it is for the condo.

Sunday- Early in the morning, Bob ran over to the motor home to see if the air conditioner would start when it was cooler. Nope, it did not start. So he is still going to call Gene’s on Monday. Why, after going to Gene’s twice before are we going again? Its the only place anywhere around who works on Alfa air conditioners. Sigh….

While he was gone, I worked on laundry and house cleaning. When he returned, he walked the dogs and we updated our banking accounts. At 11, we had our weekly Zoom with Dr. Bob, Jackie and Mary. We really do enjoy them…

We ate lunch, and then went to Walmart shopping. We returned and had a quiet afternoon. Both of us fell asleep in the recliners, reading our books. We also worked on the next puzzle.

Monday-  I worked on  an article for my Editor. Bob went to the rig and met up with the buyers. He drove the rig to the Emission testing facility. The rig  passed the emission testing. Bob said it was really tricky, getting the rig into the facility, as they were doing construction. There is also construction in front of the RV park, so the whole trip was tricky.

The gal from the tile company arrived at the same time as Bob returned. She looked at our mural tiles and gave us a price to install them. She is returning on Thursday morning to install them. We also have the Sun City fire department volunteer coming at the same time to put the new key into the emergency access box. We finally got around to getting that scheduled.

We went to Costco to pick up the dogs flea/tick medication. It is a lot cheaper at Costco.

We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nice nap.

Tuesday-  We went to Home Depot, as we needed several items. We returned and worked on various projects. I worked on the puzzle and we both read our books.

Wednesday- We had success at the MVD today! We arrived to a line, with everyone who had problems like we did. An African American woman arrived, with no appointment, as she was unable to get through on the phone. The gal, who checked us in, told her too bad, she needed to just keep trying.  One poor man had gone to get his CDL physical, and they refused to do it, as his license is expired and he could not get an appointment, also. The gal did get him a paper, which said that his license was extended, and he was eligible for the physicals.

We only waited about 15 minutes and Bob was called in. The gal had checked off my name, for 9:34, so I went with him, at 8:30.( we finished at 9:30). Then we waited inside for about 20 minutes. The guy we got at the counter was great. He worked on both of our licenses, then took us for the pictures and eye exams.

Then he took us back to his window and finished our “temporary” licenses and “temporary tags”. Every state, that either of us have lived in, gives you the licenses and the tags right there. Not AZ! He gave us back our SD licenses, and gave us temporary, paper licenses, with our pictures and the numbers. He also gave us a temporary license plate, on paper, which we can put in the back window of the Highlander.  We will receive our permanent licenses and tag, in the mail, in 2 to 6 weeks! No wonder they are so slow, they add manpower and costs to their system. Stupid!  Bob checked, and no refund from SD on our tags.

The really nice task, was that he also gave us our voter registration, PLUS we were able to sign up, right there, for early voting by mail! Cool! No other line to stand in….no hours on the phone!!  Unfortunately, we cannot vote in he Primary, but we are now officially, Arizona residents.

We returned home, and Bob took off the SD license plates and put the temporary tag into the back window.

The buyers called and asked for the title. We think they are getting nervous. We understand, as it is a lot of money. So Julie is coming over tomorrow morning. We told them we would give it to them, but not to register it until the repair is completed. We do not want to be accused of insurance fraud.

We finished the puzzle.  This was a difficult one.

Moose puzzle

Thursday- We have a busy morning. The volunteer from the fire department is coming to change the emergency key. The key box came with the condo, but since we changed the locks ( our real estate agent paid for it), we needed to change the key in the box for the 911 personnel, so that they do not have to break into the condo in an emergency.  It is located outside, near the garage, so that was an easy change out.

Julie, the buyer, came over and we all signed the Alfa title. We have a form that we have to send to South Dakota, so we are waiting until after the rig is repaired.

The tile lady is coming to place the mural backsplash.  We had started another puzzle, and here it is,  it was too easy. It took less 1/2 an hour to complete.

star wars puzzle

Here is the mural. It is a little bit small, so we need to add to it….

Mural back splash 1

Once we get the border, I will re-post.

Friday- It was a quiet day for us. I had developed a lump at the surgical site.  I called the surgeons office. The guy who answered the phone was useless. He finally said, he was not medical, so he did not know what I was talking about. He said he would give a message to the PA and she would call me back. Oaky..

In the afternoon, the PA, had still not called. I called again, and the same guy answered. He said he is not medical, I said well, I am and I think I need to be seen. So he put me on hold, and spoke with the PA. She would call me back. So called about an hour later. She asked me questions, and decided that I had a seroma. That is a blood filled lump. She said it is common, after a cyst removal. The surgeon is not back in the office until Tuesday, so they changed my appt. from Wednesday to Tuesday at 1:45. Okay…

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