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Sat. July 18 to Fri. July 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day today.  We grilled some chicken for dinner And we worked on a hard puzzle.

Sunday- We had two couples who wanted to see the RV. The first couple were scheduled for 8:30, so we ran over to clean up the rig a bit. They arrived and asked great questions. They gave us a check to hold the rig. Bob went into his phone to check on the other folks and they had not responded. We were very happy to sell the rig after, a very short 13 days on the market. They had found the rig on Craig’s List. The buyers had found the Alfa brand and had looked at several rigs before ours. They fell in love with our rig. The sale is pending their mechanic looking at the rig.

We had our usual Zoom at 11, with Jackie, Dr. Bob, and Mary. We really look forward to our Zoom’s!

Bob and I worked on this hard puzzle. It has 2 missing pieces!

Jaws puzzle

Monday-  We had appointments at the MVA for our drivers licenses. We arrived at 8:15 and got into line. The facility was supposed to open at 8. We waited, until someone walked up from the other direction. He saw the sign on the other door that said that the facility was closed for a staffing shortage. No signs on the door that we use to go into the facility.

We returned to the car and I started calling the phone number, which is a state appointment number. We left and headed to the Credit Union to deposit the check from the RV buyers.  I finally got thru on the phone to the scheduler at the MVA. She said that they were open and for us to return to the facility and knock on the door.

So we turned around and went back. We arrived to find a gal outside taking names. I walked up and said to her that we were the ones who contacted the state and were told to return that they were open. The gal said no, they were not open. This disrupted long haul truck drivers who were going to lose their jobs, one lady had just won a car on “The Price is Right” and needed to register it and get tags so that she could take it home.

Anyway, the gal went and got her manager. He stated to us, that we had received a call on Friday cancelling the appointments. Right, that was why we were all standing there? Of course, he was lying and there was no phone call.  The gal took our name and phone number and she would call us with a date and time to reschedule. Right, still waiting for that call….

Bob got on the phone and after hours of trying to get through, he managed to get into the que. Then he waited, on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes before someone answered. He then made our two appointments. They were supposed to be one right after the other, but by the time they got to me, it was at 9:45 and his was 8:30. I received my confirmation, but he never did…uh oh!

I spent a lot of time on the phone with the nurses at the surgery center. They called me several times. They also let me know that the virus test was negative, as was the antibody test.

Bob and I did this puzzle today. It was pretty easy.

Donkey puzzle 2

Tuesday- Bob went over to the rig and took off the tire pressure monitors, which we are keeping and were not included in the sale. When he did, he lost air pressure in some tires, so he called Good Sam and set up for them to come and add air.

My surgery was scheduled for 2, but I had to be there at 1. I do not have to be fasting, but the nurse wanted me to eat early. So we did not play Maj and Alan and Donna were let and I had to leave early.

Since the buyers are newbies to RV’ing, we started writing up some guidance for them.  Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

Bob had to drop me off for my surgery. The nurses were great. The surgery was not fun, as you can imagine. I was out of there by 3:15, and we went for ice cream at Mighty Moo, which had re-opened, after their virus scare. The owner tested negative, she only had a cold.

I never had any post-op pain. Bob had picked up pain medication but I never had to use it. The dressing stays on for 24 hours, then I can take it off and shower.

Wednesday- Bob went over to the rig to meet with the RV Inspector and the buyer. They went over the rig, making sure that everything was working. No problems!  The Good Sam person arrived and put air in the tires. Bob is going to check them again in the morning, and they are going to take the test drive at that point. Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

I had a quiet day. I was feeling pretty tired. I finished the puzzle below.  I did this one by myself.

Balloon puzzle

Thursday- I went back to doing my Cardio exercise video. It is still to hot, and more humid, to ride my bike. Bob went to the rig and took them on a test drive. No issues, and the buyer gave us cashiers check for the rest of the purchase money. Wahoo!

We left and went to the credit union to deposit the check. We had the gal make sure that it was a real check. There are so many scammers out there, but we really did not feel like this was a scam. She thought it look okay. We also went to the insurance agent and turned in our updated insurance information. Since we had moved to AZ, we made the insurance change. We will be cancelling the rig insurance, when we give them the title and keys to the rig. Our warranty runs out in August, so we will not get much of a refund on that policy. Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

I worked had been working on the puzzle below, and finished it….

Fish puzzle

Friday- We took the dogs to the dog park. Koda was so excited, she talked to us, during the drive to the park. She just loves to go… As we were returning, we saw an un-advertised Estate Sale. There were only a few cars,  so we stopped by. Bob stayed in the car, and I ran in. There were two end tables and an outside lawn art which I liked. I went and got Bob. Since the dogs were with us, we left the car running, due to the heat. So we went in fast, purchased them, and took them back to the car.

Bob still had not received an email confirming his MVA appointment for next Wednesday.  So he called several times, before he got through to the que. There were 300 calls ahead of him, but he was able to slip into the que. So he stayed on hold, doing things around the condo. He waited about 45 minutes, which was less than the other day. The gal could not get in to see if he actually had the Wednesday appointment. So they made another appointment, for August 4th, and he is to go to the original one, on Wednesday. He also, did not get a confirmation for the second appointment. Grrrr!  Who knows if he has either one!

We worked on another puzzle and set up our time for tomorrow to go over the rig with the buyers. Since they are newbies, we have a lot to teach them!

Roxie had a vet appointment at 4:30. Neither of us wanted to go with her, so we settled on us both going. We took Koda along. Previously, the vet office would not let anyone in, but since the heat has gone up, they are letting one person go in. So I went in with Roxie.

She is having a lot of gook in her eyes. The vet thought it was dry eyes, so she did a dry eye test. She started on a medication for the dry eyes. Its Arizona, everyone had dry eyes! So she has to have an eye ointment 2x a day, and return for an appointment in a month. It takes both of us to put the ointment in.

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