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Sat July 11 to Fri. July 17- Sun City AZ

I am just going to condense our week. Nothing much on Saturday, other than using Mod Podge on our Arizona puzzle. Sunday we had our weekly Zoom with friends Jackie and Bob Hoell in Georgia and Mary Nachman in Virginia. Sundays are exciting day when our Sharp Ninja vacuums the condo! We also have it set to vacuum on Thursdays. It’s name is Rover….we named it after the pool cleaner in Maryland!

Monday I had an ultrasound appointment in Sun City West. Several weeks ago, I had noted a lump in my abdomen. I saw the Nurse Practitioner for this. It is on a surgical scar, so I was not worried about it until…it started as the size of a pea, then increased in size to a marble. I had to be fasting, which was stupid, but since it was in my lower abdomen, they wanted me fasting. When I arrived for my 7 AM appointment, the staff were all standing around waiting. It turned out that the electric had gone out, and when it came back on, the alarm system had locked them out. I hung around until 7:45, then left and went to McD’s for an Egg McMuffin. I remade the appointment later in the day for 7 A on Thursday morning.

We took our Arizona puzzle to Joanne’s to be framed.  As you can tell, this was a very difficult puzzle!Arizona puzzle

We delivered it on Monday, as I had a 68% off coupon. Good thing, it cost a fortune to frame! That evening the lump burst, and drained blood then other fluid… Actually, as I think about it, this had occurred the previous Monday!

Tuesday I had a hair cut. I wear my mask, as does the stylist.  I was the first person there, and no one else was there. Then next gals waited outside until I was gone. I also do not let her dry my hair. No hairdryer!

I returned home and played Mahjongg, online with Alan and Donna Vore in Ohio. The three of us really look forward to our weekly game! Meanwhile, Bob is still doing tasks around the condo.

I had a 1:30 surgeon appointment. The surgeon said because the lump was draining, it had to come out. Pretty much what the NP said, but it was not draining when I saw her. The surgeon said it is a cyst. She would pop it out in the office, but due to the Covid, she is not allowed to do office procedures.

Wednesday we had out Alfa Roadrunners Zoom meeting at 3 PM. That is always good for some laughter. This is just a social meeting for about an hour. We also completed a very easy puzzle.

Donkey puzzle

Thursday- We started another puzzle that we thought was going to be easy. It is not, and it is not finished. We had another Alfa Roadrunner Zoom in the afternoon. This was our quarterly meeting. More people attended this Zoom. Now we know the dates for the next Rally’s, if the vaccine is available. Even though we are selling our rig, we will still remain members of our Alfa Family. We will be SOB’s ( some other brand!).

The rig is listed in various places. We had gone this morning to the rig and did a Google Duo with a couple in Alabama who wanted to look at the rig. They decided not to purchase it. We had friends who were interested, but their financial person told them they could not afford to upgrade  this year. We were all disappointed, as we knew it would have gone to some awesome people!

Friday we went to Walmart, then I had an appointment for the Covid test, for pre-op. I have no symptoms. The surgery is on Tuesday, but I do not even have to be fasting for it. The surgeon is just going to pop it out, as long as it is not infected, which it does not appear to be…..

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  1. Best for the surgery. Stay safe. Sandra J

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